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We are Holy Beings.  

We are sacred, great Luminous Beings of Light.


Is this part of your daily realization?

Celebrate this in each act, each thought.  It will bring great Illumination, Joy, Light.

Just, simply, by placing this realization in your heart, and thought.


Do we carry this resonance in our heart, in our lives?  Can we deepen this understanding, and our commitment to resonating in, emanating our Light, as a primary vehicle of our Being in our daily lives?


It is simple.  It is essential.


We are Holy and Luminous Beings of Great Magnitude and Light.  Rest in that.  We encourage you to act from that place of wonder, of awe, of True Knowing, of Being, of Beauty, of Joy, to be part of this Grand Creation.If you do not Know, may you enter the path of Illumination with great Joy, Awe, and Humor.  Below is a practice to assist in that pathway.


"I am Part of That."
"That is part of Who I Am."
May we honor that, as well as, this principal of Light in Each Other.  May we recognize that where we see Light in others, it is where we are emanating light within ourselves; and where we see Darkness in others, it is where we are withholding within ourselves.
It does not serve us to dwell in the places of shadow.  Yet, it is very beneficial, if not essential, to recognize and honor them as they arise, then simply choose to bring illumination to that part of our self.  If we feel that shadow, that darkness, is more present in others, it is likely we have more work to do within our self.  But the very light of illumination can resolve the places of darkness or shadow.  We do not have to dwell there, just bring Knowing and Understanding into those lower fields of resonance.  To do so with Compassion and Grace brings an even greater luminosity that reveals the ever deeper Knowing.  It is a process of self-revelation and self-liberation.
By simply choosing to step back into our own luminous form, we do so.  It is that simple.
The Solar Activations which are occurring can also assist us in this process.  We are seeing reports on line, from science, about the next wave of heightening solar flare activity occurring in the coming 1-2 years.  Some think this cycle of solar activity may instigate the great changes of 2012.  From the Elders, we are being told this will serve those of us who choose to enter Deeper Knowing through such solar activation practices.  
Lifting The Veils
Another simple practice, which can be of great benefit during These Times, to bring deeper inner awareness, connectivity to the other worlds, softening and Lifting of the Veils, and communion with the Holy Beings of the other realms, is a practice of Single Pointed Awareness.  This practice comes from direct experience with the Holy Beings who guide this work.  But, it, also, arises from the Yogic traditions, and other traditions of the world, as well.
This can be done in just a few moments of awareness, but is best done with practice over time until perfected.  As we develop the higher states of perfection, then a moment's awareness can more readily bring them back into form, into our visceral experience.
The Practice
Simply create a quiet and restful place for yourself.
You can put on quieting, non-vocal music in the background, light a candle; do what best suits you to prepare a quiet, sacred space.  Sit in an upright, relaxing posture (it can be done laying if you prefer, but we suggest upright.)  
Bring your awareness into the third eye center, back behind the bridge of the nose.
Rest your awareness here.
Allow each breath to filter into this place of Deep Knowing and Integration, a key point in integrating awareness of the inner and outer worlds, of knowing which comes via direct perception of the greater truths.
Imagine the breath literally entering the chamber surrounding the third eye, known as the Third Ventricle in modern medical terms, but, as the Cave of Brahma in Yogic traditions, the place from which our reality springs.  Imagine it infiltrating and vitalizing this center of knowing activity.
Release the breath from this point, also, allowing each breath to release all other energy, all information, all other thought and perception which arises, which does not allow you to sink ever deeper into the point of Knowing within the third eye center.  
You might take 5-10 minutes of time just in preparation to enter the practice in this manner.
Draw each breath in, knowing you are drawing it into the place of deep inner awareness, perception, and Knowing.  Release each breath out, releasing all non-tranquil, non-insightful, or non-restful thoughts, allowing yourself to deepen your perception into a very refined, single point of consciousness, or awareness.
Draw in, release out.
Then, begin, slowly, to refine that awareness to a single point of focus, within the Third Eye itself.  With each breath, allow that refinement to deepen, to enter an infinitely small single point of awareness in the Third Eye.  If you do not know the exact location of the Third Eye, trust your body's own perception and Knowing to guide into this infinite sanctuary.  As you get this feeling sense of awareness in the Third Eye, then allow the outbreath, also, to guide you further in, 'driving' your awareness deeper.  Guide your awareness deeper within, with each in breath, 'send' your awareness deeper within, with each outbreath.
Draw it ever deeper within on each in breath, send it ever deeper within, on each outbreath.
Continue this for at least several moments, or minutes.
You can continue in this practice as long as you wish, and end at any time from this point.
But to continue the fuller practice, we begin with this infinitely small Single Pointed Awareness.  Then, simply imagine an awareness of a soft glow of light around the third eye, or around the head, especially the inside of the head.  Deepen, or soften the awareness, perceiving, or imagining, this soft glow of light arising around the third eye, the space just around it, or  further out, within the cranium.  You can imagine it arising from further out, outside of the skull, or over the crown, if either of these works easier for you.
Continue this as long as you wish.  You can end here, or:
You can, from this Single Pointed Awareness, breathe out into this field of Light, and breathe back in from it.  Feel into the Light, and the Knowing that it contains.  Imagine a deeper sense of Knowing within the Light Itself, if you do not directly perceive this.  Just imagine this great source and resource of Infinite Light and Knowing.  Pay ever closer attention to every subtle sensation which arises, and let it self-guide you.
At some point, you may experience the SourcePoint of light as arising from within the Third Eye itself.  Go with this, if it occurs.  Simply rest in the infinite emanation of the Pure Light of Consciousness from within the third eye center.  Breathe it in, Breathe it out, or simply, emanate it from within.
Rest in this.
And, continue as long as you wish.  
You can end at any time, drawing this Light down through your breath, into your chest, into your heart, and allow it to resonate out, into the fullness of your body.
Slowly, through this method, bring your resonance back into the body, back into a full experience of your full body; then, slowly, back into the room, back into the space you are in; then, back into your life as you are ready to get up and move back into the world, the outer reality.
If you wish, you can take a few minutes during this time of transition, to 'call in' different life experiences, in relationships, in the workplace, etc., to witness what is occurring, from a perspective of this 'Greater Light of Illumination.'  This can bring a higher perspective, or Deeper Knowing, into your everyday environment.
But, know, either way, that you carry this Light within, and it can be recharged, reactivated, at any time, by a moment's awareness, should you lose sight of it during the day.Just recall the experience of that Light Within.
Come back, again, and again, if it serves you, to remember the Greater Luminosity and Being of Who you Truly Are, connected to the Greater Luminous Fields of Creation.
Breathe.  Feel.  Emanate this Field of Luminosity into the World:
"I am a Being of Light.
I am a Holy Being.
I am a Being of Great Luminosity,
connected to the Greater Vibrant Web of Life."
Find words and phrases that match your experience, which will assist you to instantaneously draw back into this spectrum of Greater Reality, connected to Source and the Oneness of Life.
Another Gift
Another beautiful gift of the practice is, through the illumination which occurs, the thinning, or lifting of the veils.
And this is interesting, since we are in a time of "The Lifting of the Veils."
Patanjali, Sun, Stars, and Moon
The great master Patanjali states in his Yoga Sutras, that this practice (single pointed awareness of the soft glow around the third eye,) will bring awareness of the Holy Beings of the subtle worlds (Lifting the Veils.)
He also states, that by focusing awareness on the Sun, the Stars, or the Moon, one gains universal knowledge.
I find this fascinating, as this is exactly what the Elders of Indigenous populations around the planet are sharing with us now.  It is the very foundation for the primary practices we are offering worldwide at this time, through the Three Hearts, and now, the Crown of Creation.
By placing awareness simultaneously in our own Heart, and the Heart of the Earth, The Sun, the Stars, the Galaxy, the Moon (we use each in different aspects of the practices,) we come into Harmony with All Life.  Participants are reporting remarkable awareness's and direct perception of other world experiences.   Direct Perception is the source of our own True Knowing.  ('Knowing' is 'that which is directly perceived', --D. Webster.)
And, they (the participants) are reporting more and more, through the subtle world experiences, the thinning, or Lifting of the Veils.  This is especially fascinating, since we are in the Times of the Lifting of the Veils.  What, in Christian Mysticism, is called the time of Revelations, or the Apocalypse.  What most folks don't know, is this Apocalypse, which has been interpreted with such fear and awe, literally means Revelations, which literally means, The Lifting of the Veils, the peering into the Greater Worlds of perception and Reality.  Why should this bring such fear or trauma?  Especially, when we know we create what we perceive?  Perhaps because it is the world of the Unknown, that which is beyond our current knowing or understanding, which is the source of all fear:  the unknown, or the Not Knowing.  
By developing one's own sense of direct perception, one develops one's own sense of True Knowing.  As we enter our Own True Knowing, not based in others' perceptions, Light prevails, and fear falls away.
Because we Know.
It empowers us.
And we are not afraid.
Try it.
We are in These Times.  Of piercing the Veils of Illusion.  Of entering the world of darkness, to  pass through the Gateway of Illumination.  We are in it at this "Holy" time of the year, the Holy days, holidays, based upon the time of passing through the Veils of Darkness into the Realm of Illumination, what we call the mid-Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year.  The Ancients call it many things, the mid-Winter Solstice, including the "Feast of Dreams," because it is considered the time the Veils are the thinnest, so we can peer most easily into the other worlds.  We can honor the Ancient Ones more readily, peer into their worlds, and integrate it into our own.
We are Luminous Beings.  
Just as they are.
But most of us don't recognize or honor this.
At least not in a daily practice.
Yet, those Ancient Ones, the Holy Ones we honor so much in the Other Worlds, come forward time and again, and say, "Do you not know this?  You are one of us, you are as we are; you, also are the Holy Ones, the Ancient Ones."  "We welcome you to the Table, to the Feast."
'We are the Ones we have been waiting for!'   -Hopi Elders.
We are also in the time of Darkness before the Coming Dawn.  That time of the golden crown upon the horizon before the New Light enters the world.  We are in this time each Solstice.  But we are also in this time in the great Cycles of Humanity.  This is what the Gateway we call "2012" signifies.  A passage through into the next Cycle of Time.  We are on the edge of that precipice.  Be mindful that it may appear darkest.  Do not despair that the world seems crumbling around you, whether it is your own personal world, or the greater world.  It is.  It is "The Time in which all things which no longer serve us, shall fall away."  (-also, from the Elders.)
But, it shall be re-built upon something greater, something in Greater Harmony with All Life.  And, as we each realize and CHOOSE this, it shall be so.
EVERY practice we take, every act we perform in that Rhythm, in that Greater Harmony, in support of All Life, no matter how small, serves to bring balance and restoration in Harmony with All Life.
The Maya Elders say it is not the End of Time, just because their calendar ends on Winter Solstice in two years.  (Just two years folks, are you prepared?)
It is because it is a Gateway into another Cycle of Time.
And, they say, it is not written beyond that time, because it is Not Yet Known.
That is because, It is Up To US, to CREATE that, which will appear beyond that Gateway.
We are in the Gateway, Dear Ones.And, we are the GateKeepers into the Next World.What we do now, is the source of Creation of what we experience in that next world.
It is time to prepare, time to practice, time to make choices in Balance and Rhythm with All Life.  It is the time we ARE piercing the veil of illusion, if we have not already done so, and the time that we enter into, and engage in acts of Creation and Illumination based on our True Being, not the fabric of our illusion.  This is an individual, as well as, a collective, reality.
We each are part of weaving the collective dream of reality together, the Threads of Creation, like Grandmother Spider.
Are you doing your part to bring forward a world of Illumination, founded in the Grace and Wellness, the Balance and Harmony, of the Greater Worlds of Perception, the Greater Worlds of Purity and Being?  In Harmony with All Life.
It becomes more and more simple.
Yet we are in the Doorways of Time which can make it appear more chaotic and stressful.
We are in the Threshold.
Have faith.
Build your worlds and perception of Light.
Not to dishonor the darkness.
But, to build from a place of True Knowing, and Perception.
The moon is, also, expanding into a time of fullness on December 21st, bringing its power of Illumination.  It is not every year we get the power of a full moon activating our work for Winter Solstice.  This is an excellent opportunity, as we approach this time, to take time for our self, time to receive, as we lead up to our Solstice time, whatever activity you will be engaging in.  This is not the time most of us take time for our self, we are so busy preparing for others, the Holidays....  Yet, this will bring the greatest benefit in relation to the cosmic energies allying with us at this time.  This moon is one of transforming, of releasing that not serving, to make room for the new.  So, it is participating in this 'rhythm of life', itself.  Once we take that time to receive the bounty and illumination of this moon as it approaches completion in its current cycle, then, we turn toward that energy and illumination gathered, and utilize it with choices of will and action, in Harmony with Life.  This will bring greater stability and clarity to those of us who are experiencing chaos in this cycle.  
This is true of the deeper cycles of nature as well, as we are in the depth of the winter cycle.  While our modern cultures believes 12/21 to be the time of entering the Winter cycle, the Ancients call this, the mid-Winter Solstice, because, energetically, it is the peak of winter energy.  Samhein, in early November was the threshold, and Feb 5-7, Imbolc, is, energetically, when the Earth begins so stir from hibernation, and enter the cycle of renewal of spring.   If you watch the cycles, you will see this.  We are in the depths of the cycle.
The cycle of receiving and giving, is visible throughout all nature, All Life.  We often are engaged more in one than the other, and lacking when we do not have balance in the two.  Indeed, 'the Rhythm of Taking and Giving in Harmony with All Life,' is one of the principals that come from the Elders, which we focus upon with both the Three Hearts and Crown of Creation practices.  It is a rich understanding which brings us, viscerally, into feeling the union, that bond with, and support of, the universe, as we come into that Rhythm.  While our Solstice practice is just a 2-3 hour event next Tuesday evening, the Feb 5-6 full weekend practice of the Crown of Creation, will allow us to dive fully into complete understanding and experience of each aspect of this body of work.  But, we shall share all we are able, and enter the primary practice of the Three Hearts next Tuesday, during our Winter Solstice Practice at the All Souls Gathering Sanctuary in Shelburne, VT, for those who wish to experience it.
We highly encourage you to join us in both of these practices.  They will be of great benefit to the deeper Knowing, Being, and Illumination that arises when we bring our awareness into the Greater Essence of Who We Are, in relation to the Greater Cosmos.  
It can come as easily as placing our awareness in the Heart, or Third Eye, with simple understanding of how to work energetically with the Greater Whole.
We hope you are enjoying the practices we have been sharing through our entire array of newsletters this year.
And we hope to see you in the near future in the community, in the practices, or wherever it may be.
Many blessings in your life, and work.
To each of you, and those precious ones in your life.
With, a most special and precious Holyday Greeting to you all.
Many blessings