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How Can we Enter Living Relations with the Elemental and Ancestral Energies of the Earth?
And, Why Is It Important?
                                                                                                                                    ~ Zacciah Blackburn, PhD  

 It is important, if not critical, that we understand the incredible benefits of entering sacred, living relations with the Living Energies of the Earth and Cosmos.
They are part of each other.  This practice will focus on the elements of the Earth.

Indigenous traditions across the globe recognize and honor all things of the Earth, and Cosmos, as living.
When we come to recognize this in our own values, belief systems, and understandings, it will increase manifold, our likelihood to experience and truly recognize this as a Living Reality.
If we do not understand, or value, the aspects of the Earth as Living, it will be much more difficult to enter a Living Relationship with her, her keepers, the elemental energies, and so forth.

The Qero Indians of Central Peru, direct descendants of the Inkan peoples of South America, hold specific wisdom around prophecies of this time we are in, what they call the Taripay Pacha, the Time of Meeting Ourselves Again, this time of Great Transformation and Awakening.  They have specific practices they call the Hatun Karpay, which bring us to honor and recognize, to grow and nourish the "Seed of Our Potential", which we carry within us.  This is also called the Inka Seed, or Seed of Our Enlightenment.  "Inka," or "Inca," actually, literally, means, "the Enlightened One."
They nourish this seed much as you would a seed in one's own garden, with the elements of the Earth, with fire and light from the sun, with moisture and nourishment from the water, from the soil itself, and air, or wind, from the atmosphere.  Without these key elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, nothing on this planet would flourish.  Indeed, all manifest creation is composed of varying forms of these Elements of All Life.  All wisdom schools of the Earth, fundamentally understand this, and teach its principals.
By coming into direct contact, and relationship, with these Living Elements of the Earth, we have the potential of nourishing our Seed of Enlightenment, Seed of Awakening, into being.
The Qero do this, also, with key understandings of the inherent nature of our own psyche, or psychology, as well as Ancestral Roots.  They use explicit practices to activate this Seed of Our Potential with elements of self healing and ancestral connection and wisdom.

The practices go much deeper than this.  But, I wanted to use the Qero Hatun Karpay practices as an example of how indigenous people value, honor, and relate to these living energies of the Earth.
Indeed, the Qero state that we cannot make passage through this time of Taripay Pacha, this time of Great Awakening, globally, until enough people understand these key components of entering Living Relationship with the Elements and other aspects of Earth Wisdom.  They are quick to point out, it does not have to be their method used, but that a substantial number of people must have and use these key understandings, to create the catalyst that will create the movement of human consciousness into this next higher plane of existence, of which, we stand in the threshold.

By entering awakened, living relations, with the Living Energies of the Earth, we activate a harmonious balance, rhythm, and awareness, of the fundamental nature of our own existence, in Harmony with All Life.
It is an incredible component of human consciousness, to truly understand, and experience, that we are part of something far greater than ourselves.  And, that we are interconnected with All Life around us, planetarily.
We, then, realize, far greater, how we, and All Life, is connected to the Cosmos.

This is something greatly lacking in our culture, and most modern societies.  That the Earth and all Elements of the Earth are Conscious, Living, Sentient Beings.  And, that we can create active, conscious, living relations with aspects of these Earth Energies.
Whether it is the flowers and trees, the Living Waters, the Clouds and Sky, the Earth and nutrient enriching worms within her body, All Life is alive and intertwining in this plane of human existence. 
We simply have neglected and ignored it.  This is, fundamentally, why, we do not experience it.
But, by just stepping outside, especially, in a natural region of the world (at least a park, or farmer's field, the expressway downtown may be a little more difficult to comprehend it,) we feel the expansive, uplifting, potent qualities of Life on this great planet!