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                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD




Reflections on the Greater Work


Perhaps more than ever it is clear that we have an imperative responsibility to invoke healing for all humanity.
Whether we speak of the severe suffering we see from natural disasters and weather upheavals, in the US, in Nepal and so many other regions of the world, the dysfunction we see in our societies world wide, the innumerable refugees seeking asylum from poverty, injustice, tyranny and terror, or the atrocities we witness in the Middle East, France, Sub-Sahara Africa, or on the streets of our own cities, it is clear that we must come forward with our healing prayers and actions, and our own individual stand in luminous being, in appreciation for all we have been given, and kind generosity and compassion for those still suffering.
That healing must come from within.  But, once we understand, honor, and stand upright in that healing posture within our own essence, in alignment with the principles of all Creation and the Unique Self, it is time to enter into service to the greater community.
I shared with you recently, news of the incredible revelations which occurred to those of us in retreat in Tunisia.  Though there were many remarkable revelations in the field of self generation and self realization, what stood out for me, was the revelations and gifts given, through the wisdom and our alliance with the Great Mother and the Crystalline Matrix of Life, awakening great new hope, understanding and empowerment around the whole construct of World Healing.  How, why, and what is to come forward in our World at this time!  It is time, and it is happening!  
Those revelations have grown exponentially out of the work we have done, collectively in our last community gatherings in Vermont and elsewhere.  The potential arising from the union and the igniting of the "Twin Stars" in our February practice would have been enough for many.  Yet, it continues to go deeper and deeper into revelational states, such as in our "Honoring the Mother of Us All" practice, in May.  What is occurring, which is effecting every one planetarily, is making available to every one of us paying attention to the inner wisdom arising, greater and greater doses of healing, awakening, infusion and luminosity.
Very recently, in a gathering with our advanced students, what occurred, was an even more profound level of awakening and awareness of how to work with these principles, in real, and cohesive ways for access, alignment, and healing.
Even since then, my partner and I have had countless hours of infusion and heightening awareness building from the Council of Holy Ones who accompany us, as we have been preparing for this ongoing work.
They make clear to us, more and more, it is time we (each) stand in our own power and luminosity as a bridge for others still suffering, to invoke healing and abundance for this planet.  While I mean to invoke abundance at all levels of our being, I am less concerned about materialistic abundance, than I am a state of perpetual good will and fulfillment, which is available to each and every one of us, and which will re-kindle that abundance in every aspect of our collective lives and being, no matter what level we choose to focus upon or manifest.
We continue to gather to invoke that very spirit of fulfillment, as well as a renewed Hope for Humanity, to remember and engage our Oneness, to bring forward this envisioned and prophesied New Earth.  We dedicate our selves more and more to that Hope.  We shall create and carry that Hope as a seed within our own luminous being, to share with others, and to spread and plant upon this planet wherever we see the wish, need, or opportunity to do so.

We all may do so.  And we encourage you to discover and turn toward that Hope, and project it into the Future World with every thought and breath you can dedicate towards that.  It is that Hope Eternal which inspires our future reality.  We cannot linger in thoughts of desolution, separation and despair, lest we bring those views to come into greater fruition.  Either path becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  What do you wish to make of the Future!?
I call upon each of you able, to join with us, this ever growing majority of peoples, who choose to focus on the positive potential of all Humanity, to awaken and align with that Hope through luminous resonance in harmony with the Spirit of the Earth and Cosmos.  Draw unto your self that seed essence, which is the goodness of Creation as evident through all Nature. 
As the Elders of so many cultures would guide us, we must also work to invoke the elemental consciousness of all Creation, the Heart of the Earth and Sky, and the luminous essence and wisdom of the Great Mother of All Life.  Where does she live, and how does she thrive?  Let us enter direct perceptual understanding of how to access that which pervades all life, utilize its essence for self generation and healing, then enter collective states of wisdom and creation to generate seeds of healing and Hope for all Humanity, for the benefit of All Life.
In our practices, we, also, regularly gather Waters of the World, which are a collection of waters gathered from sacred wells, and healing springs, ponds, rivers, lakes and oceans from around the world, from the springs at Lourdes, to Chalice Well, to the River Ganges, to special Arctic and Antarctic Waters charged with the collective intentions of our cetacean allies.   We charge these waters with a further collection of waters from our own wells, rivers, lakes, taps, and srpings, wherever we live, to add to these.  

We then pray and dance and sing over these waters, to vitalize them with our seeds of intention, then share them back with others gathered with us, to share as they choose with the World.  A la the magic seen in the work of Dr. Emoto, our collective thoughts, prayers and intentions are carried by the very essence of the waters.  It is but one of the collective prayers and practices we engage in through this work.
We call upon each of you able to join us, each in your own way, in invoking the Elements, the Great Mother and Creator of All Life.  Join in practices of self generation and realization, and our growing collective prayers for building and seeding the Hope for Humanity.  It is this which will bring collective realization of our true nature to the World.
Our articles and past newsletters are filled with understandings, meditations, and even sound practices and recordings, to help you come into alignment with such gifts, to receive, generate, and transmit into the world. 
I look forward to seeing many of you along this path, in this world, but also in the other dimensional expressions of our selves.  I, also, look forward to the collective and cohesive intention, even more of you will bring, through the ethers, into the atmosphere of our collective practices, for the benefit of All Life.
Thank you so much, and blessings to all of you, in your life and work.
Zacciah B
And those who walk with us.