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Hope for Humanity

Article 02/15/2022

As we prepare for our March World Healing Service, Hope for Humanity, we come upon these reflections.
Dorothy shared with me this morning that the Dalai Lama has said, that where there is no hope, there is no self-forgiveness.

Reflecting on this, I realize that as we forgive ourselves, and re-establish that sense of hope, we can enable or easily empower our imagination. Hope allows our imagination to unfold. It allows the possibility of something we did not imagine before.

Imagination is an incredible tool of creative manifestation. We have heard, that if we can imagine it, we can create or manifest it. It is true. And, the opposite, it is much harder to manifest what we cannot imagine. Imagination is part of the process of setting intention, of opening to and allowing possibility. We imagine what it is we want to create or accomplish, and set our sights upon it. We focus our energy and awareness on it. And where awareness fixes itself, energy follows, fills it, and can then manifest, if we have a clear enough intention that allows the seed to unfold and blossom.

So, through self-forgiveness, we enable and empower our imagination.
Our imagination allows the possibility of this to unfold, to become imaginable, to become manifest, to become real. Our society has an intense stranglehold on imagination and possibility, trying to fixate only on what is already ‘real,’ giving little room for new ideas, new possibilities. But it is not they we need to focus upon. We only need to focus on our own intent, our own imagination, our own possibilities.
By giving room for our possibility to unfold, we give it permission to become probable.

We give energy and idea to the possibility until it has room to grow into more, into probability. As it emerges, the more we fix our intention and awareness upon it, the more able and likely it is to manifest. We give more and more energy, action, intention, awareness to his new idea, and it blossoms. Jesus said “If you have enough faith in your heart, you can move mountains, if there is no doubt in your heart.” Buddha says doubt is the greatest obstacle to self-realization, to understanding, realizing, and manifesting our true essence, which is luminous in nature, and connected to all life. He also says that lack of self-realization, lack of understanding, allowing and experiencing this profound innate connection to all life is the source of why we feel disconnected, disillusioned, and thus without hope. But, that this itself is an illusion, is not real. As, in essence, we are connected to All Life, we are realized and Luminous. It is simply where we fix our attention.

So one can see how this all ties together.

The world may appear hopeless, dark, not in a state of grace. It may seem lost, in chaos, without hope. But there is our lack of self-forgiveness. Wherever we do not see a state of Luminous Grace, there, we are not standing in our own Luminosity. This is our inherent state. And we only need get out of the way, get our own doubt, confusion, chaos, darkness, dissatisfaction out of the way, to allow our own innate Grace and Luminosity to arise.
It is where we fix our attention that we build our beliefs and manifest our reality.

Let us forgive ourselves every moment we do this.
I stand in Grace.
I forgive myself every moment I do not do this.

Without judgment, hardship, or self ridicule.
And, I come back to myself, to All Life, every moment I can, to stand here, ready to collaborate with All Life, in this state of Luminous Being, this state of Hope and Grace for All Life (including myself.)

If we are not in this moment, luminous and Grace-filled, we cannot blame others for their darkness or chaos, as we are not in the Light Principle ourselves, in this moment; we are not radiating or luminating it.

Once we have that, let us forgive others and be or become a guidepost of Luminosity for the world.

Let us sing a song of Grace for the world, of the World, in the World.

If we think or feel we cannot sing, let us speak a prayer of Hope for All Humanity, for All Life, that All Beings may return to their inherent Grace, reclaim it, and live again as we were always intended to.