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Free - Sound as a Catalyst of Awakening - Zacciah & Dorothy, Friday, July 1, 12 noon ET: Part of The Shift Network Sound Healing Summit - June 27 - July 1, 2022

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Sound Healing Summit - Free Online Event

Zacciah & Dorothy Present

Friday, July 1, 12 noon ET

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Join us for this powerful, free presentation with a sound healing practice:

Sound as a Catalyst of Awakening


with Zacciah Blackburn & Dorothy Stone


Sound is a powerful tool for awakening our inherent states of being. Understanding who we are as a

spiritual being, our connection to the Greater Self, and greater aspects of Life, is a starting point.


Consciousness and Sound are inherent to the very principles, core, and fabric of Creation itself.


Using sound as a tool of awakening is a simple process of uniting our innate awareness (consciousness)

with the frequencies of sound we are utilizing, no matter which instruments we use.


In this program you will:


• Discover or deepen your knowing of authentic self-realization, and its importance and relevance

to the path and process of healing. What is healing, and who are we, anyway?


• How do we use sound to enhance our awakening? What are key aspects of consciousness and

sound that are so vital to the process? What might we be overlooking?


• Directly experience simple, effective practices for entering heightened states of awakening. Why

is sound such a powerful ally for us? What is our role in the collective awakening?

Join the Summit Free

during this entire week

with major Sound Healing Presenters


Are you ready to leave stress behind and step into a deeply resonant, harmonic state of bliss?


Would you like to discover profound new ways to experience your own healing abilities?


Vibrational medicine works on an intuitive level to calm your mind and expand consciousness.


Sound healing can be a catalyst for stimulating brain activity, immune response, and creativity.  


Free Online Event

Sound Healing Summit

June 27 – July 1, 2022


In this highly experiential Sound Healing Summit, you can immerse yourself in vibrational therapy withengaging daily routines, healing meditations, musical performances, and celebrity Shift Talks and panels.


The extensive lineup of musicians, scientists, researchers, shamans, and masters in the sound healing arts will guide you to encounter the healing power of sound in unprecedented ways.

Tune in with over 40 of today’s highly sought-after experts, sound-healing pioneers, and practitioners — includingJohn Stuart Reid, Eileen McKusick, Haji Basim, and Richard Rudis — to explore the latest science and leading-edge techniques in vibrational medicine.


RSVP here for the Sound Healing Summit — at no charge


During this dynamic and transformative summit you’ll:  

  • Discover ancient and emerging sound-healing techniques for heart and brain coherence
  • Access easy vibrational tools that calm your nervous system and activate dramatic shifts in consciousness
  • Encounter percussive rhythms that can induce a trance state that supports system-wide healing
  • Practice humming and chanting to deepen your connection with yourself and others
  • Learn how to use sound-healing instruments, including tuning forks and sound bowls, to reduce stress and support faster body regulation
  • Explore emerging biofield technology to stimulate immune response, blood flow, and hormone balance
  • Stimulate brain chemistry responses to boost mental health, creativity, and happiness
  • And much more…
RSVP here for the Sound Healing Summit — at no charge