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Free Online Global Summit: Music as a Connection to the Greater Self and Cosmos - April 7, 2020 at 10am EST

Free Online Global Summit: Music as a Connection to the Greater Self and Cosmos - April 7, 2020 at 10am EST

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Zacciah will be presenting via the "Your Music Your Way" global summit, a free webcast series, Tuesday April 7, 2020 at 10 AM Eastern Time.

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zacciah-1.jpgA discussion with Zacciah Blackburn:
Topics of interest:
What do you mean by music as a connection to the Greater Self and Cosmos?
Some areas within this conversation to be covered:  expression of self, resonance with the underlying realities of life, entrainment, harmony, wholeness, 'dharma'; history of music for connection, unity, healing; importance of connection to and expression of the Greater Self as expressed through all cultures.
 How do you define the 'Greater Self'?
 What is the importance of the Cosmos in this relationship?
 How is music of underlying importance?
 How do we use music in this way?
 What is the nature of sound as a healing principle?
What is the difference in how you use the term 'sound' vs 'music'?



Dear All,

Someone pointed out recently that this may be the first time in human history that all of us—around the whole world—are equally unsure about the future. There is a heavy reality setting in, that no one really knows.

As fear spreads, systems falter and uncertainty takes up residence in our daily lives, we’re facing a choice to resist The Unknown or embrace it.

What does embracing the unknown look like? It’s about learning how to be fully okay with the chaos and uncertainty. So much so that you’re not bound by it but free to move forward.

You have the ability inside you to embrace the unknown and find freedom.

That’s why I’m inviting you to a profound new virtual summit called:

Your Music, Your Way

The powerful path of improvisation for accessing innate genius and liberating your essential gifts.

It begins on April 6th! Click here to register, free.

This summit was created by my dear friend and colleague, Daniel Barber.

It’s an extraordinary and timely event where you will hear from ~30 diverse thought leaders, musicians, sound healers, activists, scientists and ritual leaders—including me—to explore the profound potential of sound improvisation for living musically and effecting personal and planetary healing.

These interviews lay out a powerful path of how to use improvisation to access your innate genius and liberate your essential gifts.

  • Healthy Relationships: how to use listening to build healthy relationships 

  • Presence: 9 Principles To Support People With Presence

  • Soul Purpose: How to use Mathematical Frequencies to Discover Your Soul Purpose and Dance to Your Own Rhythm

  • And more!

Are you ready to explore new depths even as you are isolated? Are you ready to connect with your curious and creative nature, access your innate playfulness and adaptability, and be invited into presence amidst chaos?

Even people who think they don’t have a musical bone in their body can now harness their love of music and unleash their authenticity and personal power in ways they may never have imagined.

Sound improvisation—the meditation of the future—is both ancient and fresh, it is the power evoked and expressed in the spontaneous creation of sound that makes this summit so revolutionary.

Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself, with others, and the nature of reality itself? Are you ready to embrace the unknown?

Register at no cost here. 

This may well be the moment your soul has been waiting for.


Zacciah Blackburn

P.S. — Along with you, I’ve been feeling deeply into this moment and feel we stand at the threshold of profound global transformation. Deeply needed change can happen now, and your role in it is unique and irreplaceable. Attend Your Music, Your Way, and receive wisdom and insight from this new perspective that will help you find hope in the face of the unknown. Please don’t miss this. It’s your time. It’s our time. 

Click here to register—free—and attend all ~30 expert talks!