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FREE EVENT - Healing The World: Sound Meditations For These Times - August 21, 2021

FREE EVENT - Healing The World: Sound Meditations For These Times - August 21, 2021

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Free Online Earth Mysteries Event 

Healing The World

Meditations For These Times

Saturday, August 21, 2021

With Zacciah Blackburn And Dorothy Stone

2-4:30 PM Eastern US Time

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This program will be held online over Zoom from 2pm-4:30pm Eastern Time (US) on Saturday August 21, 2021.

This is a free program, though you will need to put it in your cart, and go through checkout to register. There is no charge. 

You will receive the Zoom link in your confirmation email after check out. 

This program brings wisdom and messages specific for these times.  Many of us are seeing yet another wave of chaotic emotion rise in the world, causing more stress and anxiety for many, that many want help with.  We are offering this program to assist in the process of healing, clarification, and empowerment.  These chaotic waves are part of the process of reforming our world in a higher order, or resonance.  We are in times of Great Transformation;  Our Potential awaits those of us ready to step into that resonance.  Whether you are one seeking greater awareness and healing, or one wanting to contribute to the Collective Awakening, this program can be of benefit for you.

These practices are intended for creating clear view and understanding, bringing forward inherent wisdom of how to approach life, merged with ancient wisdom of indigenous Elders and Prophecy Keepers who speak directly to what is happening now, and how to best enter the world of creative potential and manifestation, as a co-creator, taking a responsible role in the outcome of our lives, and for life on this planet, embodying our own deeper wisdom and authentic nature.  When we activate this quality of understanding, we empower ourselves with our highest potential, unify with the fundamental Principles of Life.  We see much more clearly, and can act with a deep inner knowing, that is harmonious with those very Principles of Life.

This program will also collaborate with a Full Moon that we will all be experiencing on Sunday.  The energies we have been experiencing these last few weeks especially, will cohese for those who are ready to bring such cohesion to their lives.  It encourages us to step into our role as co-creators, which aligns us with the very Principles of Creation, as responsible beings for what we see within and around us.  With such clarity, we empower ourselves with clear choices, which ignites a path for clear action, and for greater realization of who we are as spiritual beings, and why we are here.  This, allows us, also, co-incidentally, a clear path of service to the Greater Whole.

Zacciah and Dorothy welcome you to join them in this two and a half hour presentation and meditations guided through their sacred sound channeling. This is, also, an excellent opportunity to be introduced to Zacciah and Dorothy's work, bringing relief and realization, and deepening experience for advanced and new students alike.

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