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  • Empowerments for Healing and Transformation - Madrid, Spain - May 18-19, 2019, a 2 Day Workshop - The Evolution of Consciousness Series

  • Empowerments for Healing and Transformation - Madrid, Spain - May 18-19, 2019, a 2 Day Workshop - The Evolution of Consciousness Series
  • Empowerments for Healing and Transformation - Madrid, Spain - May 18-19, 2019, a 2 Day Workshop - The Evolution of Consciousness Series
  • Empowerments for Healing and Transformation - Madrid, Spain - May 18-19, 2019, a 2 Day Workshop - The Evolution of Consciousness Series

Empowerments for Healing and Transformation

Hidden Secrets  


Our Continuing Series of Heaven and Earth Practices
An in Depth Healing Retreat in Advanced Consciousness Studies


This is the latest in the series of practices for Healing and Transformation. it is open to the public. and will be presented in a manner that is most beneficial to both novice and experienced practitioner.


It is time we take our place as rightful inheritors of the kingdom of grace and beauty. We are Divine beings, living in a society that has lost its place, lost its way, and consciousness1.jpglives in chaos and confusion.

These empowerments are designed to bring us to wakeful states, with direct transmissions from the Other Worlds, and the guides, teachers and Holy Ones who are with us. 
For those whom have experienced Zacciah's programs before, please listen.  This program is based on the latest guidance to bring direct transmission and empowerments to those in attendance.  If you were in our 2018 programs, this will be the continued evolution and elevation of those practices.  (**See more about Empowerments at the bottom half of this article.)

You will benefit from being with us. We look forward to seeing you. Many blessings.


Who are we, really? And, what is our Divine Purpose here?

While many of us are seeking direct intervention, or healing outside of our selves, true healing comes from within. Understanding this, and empowering ourselves are key elements to our pathway of healing.

angel.50.jpgPeering into the depths of our wounding, suffering, or trauma is but one aspect of healing. There is far more awaiting us in the higher dimensional aspects of our true or higher Self. Often, by reaching into these aspects of Self, we see a much greater beauty and wholeness, as well as a Divine plan and purpose to our lives, which creates healing within itself. Indeed, this is the actual nature of healing.

Through this first public offering of Zacciah's 'consciousness' work in over 2 years. Zacciah will guide us through the root origins of the nature of consciousness2.jpghealing, transformation, and self-realization. In most wisdom schools of the world, the understanding of the true nature of the Self, Who We Are and Why We have Come, as spiritual beings, are fundamental and foundational to our understanding of, and attainment to, true healing, as well as satisfaction, wholeness, and fulfillment within our lives. access this 'knowing' in an authentic way can create life changing experience and transformation. Zacciah uses unique methods of channeling sacred light and sounds from the subtle worlds, where he is guided by authentic teachers of those realms. He is often joined by his partner, Dorothy Stone, in these sacred sound practices. Because they originate from the subtle worlds, the exercises tend to transport us into other worldly journeys and healing experiences, guiding us into direct revelation of our authentic nature as spiritual beings, our relationship to unseen aspects of Creation, and our purpose here embodied on this planet, at this time.

There is much misinformation and mis-diagnosis as to the nature of our illness and suffering, as individuals,bhudda3.30.jpg and as a society. It often comes from those who have not journeyed the journey, themselves, to self-realization. Our suffering, disillusionment, & dissatisfaction have been spoken of directly, by the great teachers of the world. And, they have given us direct wisdom and access to the mysteries to overcome our suffering. What lay beyond the suffering, if we but have the guidance to look there, is so rich and fulfilling, it often is beyond most of our imaginations, especially because we have been taught to think so little of ourselves, and not regard our true spiritual nature. Our practices lead directly into these revelational states, and will assist us in this process.

2-h140.jpgThroughout time, these great Wisdom Teachers, and Wisdom Paths, have shown us the pathway to healing and wholeness. This is the first opportunity for attending a program open to the public, in the US, on healing and consciousness which Zacciah has offered in 2 and a half years. We hope you will join us, and peer into the veils of your own being, to determine with profound guidance and understanding, how to come into a greater sense of your Self, in wholeness, balance, purpose, meaning, and completion.
Zacciah will be offering 'direct healing' potentials within this practice; opportunities to encounter and transform our deepest patterns of suffering and discontent, as well as to embrace our highest potential as realized beings. He will be accompanied by many guides and teachers of the subtle realms.


About Empowerments

Empowerments are methods of direct transmission of teachings & wisdom used by many spiritual traditions. Empowerments convey energy and authentic knowing 0-h140mag.jpgthrough direct experience, and connection to vital forces, states & dimensions of being, and the wisdom keepers (deities) and spiritual lineage holders associated with those spiritual traditions. They often incorporate initiatory platforms, ceremony or ritual in their transmission.

These initiations are opportunities for us to step into our authentic power and knowing within ourselves, an opportunity to enrich ourselves, to test or 'prove' ourselves, our spiritual awareness or prowess to our selves, within our own essential being, and in our connection to and relationship with the greater Whole. These often include revelational experiences, that can be life changing, because they bring forward heightened insights about who we are, and what our relationship to that greater Whole is, in actuality.

Where our more mundane lives and thoughts may have clouded our vision of our spiritual essence, empowerments can enable us to realize our authentic nature, and reach into our potential, our spiritual authority and our dignity of spirit, which is our inherent birthright.

Empowerments give us the opportunity to step into our own authentic knowing, allowing us to enable and embody our true essence and being, more able and ready to fulfill our destiny and purpose. Most authentic teachers and spiritual traditions incorporate this level of practice into their teachings. It is a method to gain 'direct access' to the teachings, living wisdom, and wisdom keepers of those traditions. In the end, the authentic teacher's purpose is to assist the chela (student) to come into such level of realization, that the teacher is no longer needed, though perhaps loved and beloved by the chela for his or her lifetime.

Those who have worked with us, understand this is our fundamental method of teaching. We have reached yet another level of understanding and transmission, which will be incorporated into this practice. While we respectfully suggest you find an authentic teacher who brings you to this level of understanding and experience, we welcome you to join us in this and our many other practices to reach these greater experiences and potentials.

Watch for additional content updates, as well as in our articles and newsletter sections.

Many blessings

Daily Itinerary


Arrive by 9:45am
Program begins at 10 am
Breaks every 1.5-2 hrs.; Lunch break 14:00-16:00hs
Practice ends 19:30hs



Program begins at  10 am
Breaks every 1.5-2 hrs. 
Practice ends 14:00hs

Because of the nature of our work, times may vary.   


Table of Contents


- Location and Date


- Meals 


- Travel Information


- What To Bring


- Purchasing Instruments

Location and Date 

May 18-19, 2019

Price: 200€   (currently $250USD)

- The retreat is held at the beautiful Espacio Kalam in Madrid. 

See for details


Fernando Poo 31, 28045 Madrid España

Contact for further information or registration in Spain:
Noraya Kalam
Tel. 912357433/ 600410613




- No meals are included.

- There are numerous quality restaurants of many types within easy walking distance of the center.



Travel Information

Those traveling will, of course find the beauty of Madrid majestic and enthralling.

Contact our center host for best recommendations of travel or accommodations.

See for details


Fernando Poo 31, 28045 Madrid España

Contact for further information in Spain:

Noraya Kalam
Tel. 912357433/ 600410613

What To Bring

- Seating is provided.

- Water and tea are available.

 - You are welcome to bring a water bottle for the program.

- It is advised to bring a notebook to take notes or to journal during the program.

- No shoes in the center -  bring warm socks or slippers

- You may bring your own instruments for the program. These might include, especially, frame drums (hand-held drums, with beater, like traditional Native American or 'shamanic' drums,) rattles, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan bells, tingshas, tuning forks, some work with horns or didgeridoos. We will also have instruments available to use in the program.


Purchasing Instruments

- Because our work is based in the nature of sound and shamanic healing, we have an integral business, in service, for providing tools to those interested in sound and shamanic healing, including Native American drums and rattles, Crystal and Tibetan bowls, bells, gongs, and much more.  At many programs we have available a selection of instruments for purchase.

- Because of this travel destination, we will have a limited number of instruments if any for sale.  If there are any instruments you would specifically like at the program please let us know at least 3 weeks in advance.  If you would like to know more or inquire about our many instruments, please contact us or visit our site at where we can offer in depth consultations and reviews of best choices for your practice.

- We will be able to consult with you, and take instrument orders while at this program.

- We accept all major credit cards, cash (USD/EUR) and USD checks during the program, as well as PayPal.  Costs will be available converted to EUR for your assistance.


Registration Information


- To register please add the program to your cart. Please then check out with the program in your cart.

- We accept all major debit and credit cards, Paypal, cash, checks, money orders and payment over the phone. Please add the program to your cart and choose your payment option in the check out process.

- If you wish to pay over the phone, please give us a call 802-674-9585

- If you wish to pay by check or money order, please send it to:

The Center of Light

PO Box 389

Ascutney, VT, 05030

- Please see our refund policy here.

For logistical information regarding the program, please contact our host:

Those traveling will, of course find the beauty of Madrid majestic and enthralling.

Contact our host for best recommendations of travel or accommodations

Noraya Kalam
Tel. 912357433/ 600410613