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Empowerments for Healing and Transformation

Empowerments for Healing and Transformation - Granbury, TX, March 7-10, 2020 - The Evolution of Consciousness Series

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An Introduction to Sound Healing, practical applications, theory, and experiential training

Sound, Healing and Consciousness

4 day intensive

With practical demonstration and experiential work in the field of sound healing.







A Certificate of Training will be presented to all who complete 4 days of training.

Attendance in the 4 day program will also qualify you to attend our 6 day Fall Retreat, or continuation in our full first year of training in our School of Sound Healing.

When one understands the inter-relationship of sound, healing, and consciousness, one is able to step into a higher level of effectiveness as a practitioner, whether as a sound healer, or to integrate therapeutic sound healing techniques into ones’ current therapeutic model.

In this program, we will discuss and apply basic principles of these inter-relationships as they entwine in the human condition, and utilize practical demonstration of sound healing, traditional wisdom school, and shamanic techniques, for personal growth and professional therapeutic application.

We will have experiential practice with Crystal Singing bowls, Tibetan Singing bowls, bells and gongs, Native American drums and rattles, tuning forks and vocal techniques, in group and individual demonstration.

This course will bring more than most participants might expect in understanding and experiencing the nature of sound healing as a therapeutic practice.

As many elements as possible, of the description below will be presented in this class.  In the first two days, we will cover fundamentals, and focus on instruments, with some voice practice.  In the 3rd and 4th day, we will go more deeply into the inter-relationship of healing and consciousness, the nature of incorporating intention into the work, experiential practices with the participants, and a 'sound bath' experience, in which the class plays the role both of participant and recipient with the group creating a harmonious atmosphere of sound for deep relaxation and wellness:


Come join us in this beyond expectation exploration of therapeutic sound healing led by Zacciah Blackburn, with assistance from Dorothy Stone.

z-teach.jpgWe know of no other sound healing training which offers the level of in depth and comprehensive experiential and cognitive preparation, for competency in becoming a qualified and effective therapist in the field of intentional sound. 

No prior therapeutic or musical experience is necessary.

 While this is an "introductory" program, no matter your level of experience or competence, you will find this program effective at meeting your needs for integrating rich experiential practices, and broadening and advancing your understanding and your work in the field of intentional sound (and music,) and enriching and fulfilling both your personal and professional needs.

Zacciah teaches from an adept level of understanding arising from the wisdom schools and science of sound based practices, yet effectively reaches both novice and advanced students and practitioners with his in depth knowledge. We enter an intuititive, experiential, and cognitive understanding of the inter-connectedness of life, consciousness, and healing, and how sound is effective as an application of a healing conduit. This is a beginner's practice, yet filled with advanced material presented at an easy to understand level, directly experiencing work with crystal and Tibetan bowls and bells, Native American drums and rattles, voice, toning, tuning forks, and other sound healing instruments and methodologies, as well as a background in scientific, esoteric and mystical understanding of the human neurophysiology and energy systems, the nature of sound, healing, and consciousness, as advanced and utilized through centuries by indigenous and wisdom school teachings, such as Native American shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu chant, as well as modern medicine, psychotherapy, and other healing arts.

Novice and advanced practitioners have most often reported the insight and experienced gained was far beyond their expectations. The program has proven beneficial both for those wishing to begin a sound practice for themselves or professionally, as well as far advanced practitioners and professionals, from the medical, (MD, nursing, etc.,) psychotherapeutic, yogic, body-workers and other holistic professions, to integrate into their current practice. A certificate of completion is given at the end of the program.




From this program, you can expect to explore:
• Experiential and cognitive advancement of our understanding of fundamental principles and utilization of techniques of sound healing therapies
• Exploration of the nature of Authentic Healing
• Experiential practices and esoteric understanding of the nature of human consciousness
• Utilize sound practices from Vedic/Yogic traditions, Tibetan Buddhism and indigenous cultures
• Hands on practice in sound techniques with applications for personal development and the professional setting
• Scientific research and contemporary sound therapies
• Use of voice, ancient and contemporary instruments including, crystal bowls, Tibetan bells, tingshas, shangs, drum, rattles, flutes, and tuning forks in wellness and therapeutic practices
• Practice of sound techniques to enhance personal and professional practices (especially useful for Yoga instructors, Massage/Body Therapists, and other complementary therapies)
• Balancing and clearing techniques for the neurophysiology, chakras,etheric/subtle energy and endocrine systems
• Using sound and consciousness practices to provide pathways to awakened states of wholeness and well being
It is highly recommended for all pursuing our program of studies. It offers a skilled approach to the nature of sound and healing designed to be of benefit to novice and practitioner. We approach a broad understanding of major sound healing modalities. With this foundation of understanding with the nature of sound, and the use of instruments, we begin to explore ever more deeply the use of voice, also, for personal and professional use, for practice in clearing, aligning, and energizing the human energy field, the nature of and use in invocation of allies and teachers in the subtle worlds of understanding, and much more.
How is sound used as healing tool?
Why is it so effective?
We each have the creative capacity to utilize our voice in healing, every day. By setting proper awareness, and intention, we can, by speaking our truth, voicing our wounds, and touching our Divinity, and alliance with subtle realms of being, spark healing in ourselves and others.


Daily Itinerary


Saturday, March 7

11 AM - 6 PM

Sunday March 8

10 AM - 3 PM


Sunday continues

4 PM - 6 PM

Monday March 9

10 AM - 6 PM

with potential evening sound bath program

Tuesday March 10

10 AM - 4 PM

Arriving Saturday:

We recommend arriving 1/2 hr early, to find parking, register, settle in, get a cup of tea, socialize, see the Yoga center's shop, take care of any personal needs.

But please arrive no later than 10:45am
Program begins at 11 am
Breaks every 1.5-2 hrs.; Lunch break each day


Registration Information


- We accept all major debit and credit cards, Paypal, cash, checks, money orders and payment over the phone. Please add the program to your cart and choose your payment option in the check out process.

- If you wish to pay over the phone, please give us a call 802-875-8111

- If you wish to pay by check or money order, please send it to:

The Center of Light

982 Old Stage Road

Chester, VT, 05143

- Please see our refund policy here

For logistical information regarding the program, please contact our host:

Summer Darvischi

Table of Contents

- Location and Date
- Rooms and Meals
- Program Housing
- Travel Information
- What To Bring
- Purchasing Instruments

Location and Date

The retreat is held at the beautiful new

Zen Den Wellness Center
616 Fall Creek Highway   
Granbury, TX 76049   




Rooms and Meals

- No rooms or meals are included in this program.
- However, Lake Granbury is a popular tourist destination, and not far from the Ft Worth area.  There are numerous quality restaurants and hotels in the area.

Travel Information

Those traveling will, of course find much beauty in the lake region of Granbury.
Contact our center host for best recommendations of travel or accommodations, or search hotels in Granbury, TX.
Granbury is 1 hr SW from DFW airport, SW of the Ft Worth Area, not far from the 377/171 highways interchange.

Zen Den Wellness Center
616 Fall Creek Highway   
Granbury, TX 76049  

Google maps click here
What To Bring
- Seating is provided.  The center offers soft cushions. meditation pillows, backjacks, chairs and mats.
- Water and tea are available.
- You are welcome to bring a water bottle for the program.
- It is advised to bring a notebook to take notes or to journal during the program.
- No shoes in the center - bring warm socks or slippers


We will have instruments available to use in the program, as well as to sell.  You may bring your own instruments. We will focus on, not necessarily in this order: pure quartz crystal singing bowls, frame drums (hand-held drums, with beater, like traditional Native American or 'shamanic' drums,) rattles, Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan bells, tingshas, chimes, tuning forks, gongs, possibly some work with horns or didgeridoos. We will have most of these instruments available for your experiential use during and between practices. 

You can view our entire inventory of world musical and sound healing instruments at:, and pre-order instruments to have their, or talk to our host Summer Darvischii, before or during the program.  We will have experts available to help you with selection and use of sound healing tools and instruments best for your practice.  

Purchasing Instruments

- Summer Darvischi and the Zen Den Wellness Center now carry a significant selection of fine instruments used in sound healing practices.  Because our work is based in the nature of sound and shamanic healing, we have an integral business, in service, for providing tools to those interested in sound and shamanic healing, including Native American drums and rattles, Crystal and Tibetan bowls, bells, gongs, and much more.  At this program we also may have additional instruments for purchase.
-  If there are any instruments you would specifically like at the program please let us know at least 3 weeks in advance. If you would like to know more or inquire about our many instruments, please contact us or visit our site at where we can offer in depth consultations and reviews of best choices for your practice.
- We will be able to consult with you, and take instrument orders while at this program.
- We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks during the program, as well as PayPal.