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                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD   01.24.14


 In a World of Infinite Possibilities, we pray you discover yours, soon.
We are filled with infinite potential.

What keeps us from realizing this, in real terms of true manifestation of our Greater Potential?  
Most of us carry demons of fear, envy, disempowerment, shame, sadness, trauma.  We are distilled by feelings of unworthiness, fear of our power, (which, in truth, is enormous.)  We wrestle with demons of inadequacy, of 'not enough' - fears or feelings, of not being enough, not having enough, not being good enough, not deserving that new home, a good relationship, a stable life, or of there simply not being enough, in this 'small' world of ours, for us to manifest or manage such things....In an infinite universe, this simply is not true.
Yet, we, often, are overwhelmed by demons of guilt, shame, sadness, abuse, deep trauma, regret over the path and choices we did or did not make.
Some of us wrestle with resentment, anger, jealousy, even greed and rage.
I am not speaking about demons in the shamanic term of a living entity of darkness, or evil spirit.  Though that is a possibility.  Few of us are dealing directly with those forces.  For most of us, it is something far more personal and internal than that, though we may not realize it.  I am speaking about our own aspects of consciousness, which diminish our own energy and power, our life force, or limit our beliefs and creative impulses and manifestations, and keep us from attaining that we are here to do. Most of us have them.  This form of self-imposed demons.
Or, if we do not, then we are fully Awake and Realized beings, in our full and Divine Knowing and Potential (think Christ, Buddha, etc.......)
Some of these psychic forces take on a life force of their own, but are really only mental projections, or thoughtforms.  They may look and act real, as a separate entity, but are simply projections of our own mental or emotional bodies.  And, are not difficult to dislodge, dissuade, or dissolve, from the shamanic view.
I find it fascinating that in modern language demons, or daemons, an earlier version of the word, is used in computer terminology.  A computer daemon is often an unseen aspect of software that initiates a program which we then use.  It often runs in the background, and does not have direct interface with, or control by, the software user!  It will create a 'child' program that then does the work for us!  And, it will 'dissociate the process from any controlling terminal.'  (--from Wikipedia.)
I find this most fascinating, because I couldn't describe what is happening within our psychology more distinctly.  We have these 'unseen programs' initiating our normal 'working software,' with no way to control them (unless we understand the mechanisms and language of computer software!)  And, they create 'children' of their own which dissuade us from seeing the real initiatory process of our psyche and underlying motivations and behaviors.
Most of us have these 'programs,' which in psychological terms, are our unresolved emotions and experiences, and our miscontrued belief systems and encodings.  These serve (or mis-serve) in our 'sub-conscious' mind/personality, and drive our functioning reason, guidance, and behaviors in the real world.  We often are not aware that they are there, or how directly they affect us.  Or, we, at least, or now fully aware of how much they really impact us.  MANY of us think we have met our demons, when, in truth, some part of them are still 'driving the show.'  (We went through a healing crisis once or twice and met them, or went to a healer who took care of them.....
But, for most of us, they are deeper than that, and take more conscientious effort to dissolve them or integrate them into our psyche in ways that serve us.  For most of us, they have become lodged in our mental and emotional bodies as confluences of energies that dissuade our normal functioning of evolutionary sight and growth.  The skew our vision with 'veils' of limitation and disbelief.  They are not based in the greater reality of who we are, truly, and why we have come here, to manifest our divine purpose of heaven on earth, whatever part in this great Divine Play we have come to lend our Beauty, Energy, and Creativity toward.  They have become lodged in our psyche from early childhood, before birth, and even through many life times, which often is a foundation of why we are experiencing them here, now.
I have found, in over 40 years of holistic experience, that the work to dissolve these mis-truths and unresolved emotions, embedded deeply in our psyche, keep us apart from realizing our real self, our true nature, and keep us from complete authentic healing, much less manifesting our true Divine Purpose.  Many of us do not 'get' that we have more work to do than we have yet realized.  
I, for instance, see so many people coming into my three year training, to become a sound healer, who think they're going to 'get it' within a few sessions, and come to discover (because the principles of sound healing work so vividly well,) that they have MUCH more of their own inner work to do than they ever imagined!  (And, they are SO grateful, once we hit those catharses, to make movement in emotions and mis-truths they have been carrying with them their entire life, if not for many lives.)  Many wonder why I utilize such rigorous, long term, and in depth training methods, until they have experienced these side roads them selves, and see how they, them selves, have been misled within their own psyche, of not reaching their own Essence and Potential.  It is magical to watch these participants in the programs 'come of age,' and meet their greater Essence and Power!  It is remarkable, indeed.  I honor each of you whom have met your Essence on your path!  And I pray you have come already to stabilize and Know it as a daily reality.
It is equally remarkable that, in ancient Greece, the "Daemons" simply meant the 'lesser Gods.'  They were those who controlled the forces of our destiny, and nature, but were neither good nor evil.  It was more of how we utilized these forces that determined their nature!And, this is how it remains today.

It is how we choose to touch upon the forces of Creation, and utilize them, as to how the outcome of manifest creation plays out in our daily lives!
Still, we must wrestle with these underlying 'demons.'   Are you OK with me using that word, or does it dispel, shake, or frighten you in any way?  I ask this, because how you respond, and what your body's visceral response to this word is, can help you determine how to approach the dispelling of these forces which drive you to self sabotage or incompletion.  We must be able to meet them, and not be dissuaded by their power.  We must realize it is we who have the power, and that we simply have been giving it over to them, these 'daemons' which are driving the computer programs of our lives, somewhat on automatic pilot.
There are simple shamanic tools to assist in dissolving, meeting, and integrating these forces more wholly into our lives.  We utilize them every day in our practices.  The work with the Black Dakiniswould be one example of this.  In this case, we call upon the living forces and intelligences of very highly reverential states of consciousness, to utilize the powers of the "Dark Mother" to dissolve our dissonances.  The "Dark Mother" is the aspect of the Divine Mother which serves to transform our suffering for the sake of our own elevation and growth.  It is the part of the Divine Mother who says, "Give me your suffering, your unworthiness, your fears, your demons; give me all that holds you back from attaining to your true essence and self!  I WILL DEVOUR IT!  It is my love for you that drives me to do this! And, I am the Mother of All Life, it has NO POWER OVER ME! Give it to me, my child!"This is seen through the forces of Kali, Sekhmet, The Black Madonna, and the Lion Headed Goddess Simhamukha, of Tibet, seen here.  
Yet, even the image which began this article, one which for the unitiated, seems a bit horrifying, is that of Vajrapani, one of the great Protectorate Deities of the Buddha, and Darma (teachings.)  He is a guardian and vanquisher of forces which keep us from attaining our realization.  He is an extraordinary ally to have and work with.  
There are many guardian and protector beings in the subtle realms, which may appear in a 'demonic' form, but whom are great realized aspects of consciousness, which server to align and protect, dissolve and disseminate, and insure only the rightful aspects of consciousness 'pass through these gates,' (into the higher, Holy States.)  
Throughout the shamanic traditions, whether that of Tibet, Egypt, Christianity, or indigenous cultures world wide, there are simple, explicit, potent, and extraordinarily effective allies, and methods of dispelling these forces within our psyche which keep us from reaching our potential, realizing our true essence, or stabilizing and maintaining it within our lives.  ("Why do I get it so easily, sometimes, then the next day/week/month, the other 'shtuff' just comes back and haunts me, distracts me, creates chaos, confusion, stress, or aggravation in my life??  Why can't I maintain the integrity of the teachings, practices, meditative states I reach at other times in my life?")  

Do you wonder why I would use reference to cultures like Tibet, Egypt, or Christianity in the same sentence as 'shamanism?'  Because no one culture, or group of cultures has a hold on what is 'shamanic.'   Shamanism is a group of skills to peer into other worlds, and utilize the intelligence and forces of Creation to bring us to greater wholeness, clarity, and self realization.  The word "wholeness," and "healing," literally, are derived from "Holiness."  This is the true nature of our path and realization.  That we are Whole and Integral beings, Holy Beings of Creation, a part of Creation, and Inheritors of Divine Right and Origin, ready, when we are ready, to participate as co-creators in our Universe, and in our daily living realities.  
Are you ready to call upon those forces of Creation which will help you meet your 'demons,' stand in your power and greater truth, and embody that you have come here to do!?  It is often by facing the very things we fear or dread the most, that we, literally, meet the power to move through them.  Coupling this understanding, with the Principles of Light to engage with us in dissolving or embracing these 'other' forces, will lead us more completely into that path of Self Realization!  
We welcome you into our program, this coming weekend, Feb 1-2, with the Hathors, and other holy beings of the subtle world, who will be participating with us in practices of self realization.  
I have been guided to utilize a very simple but effective tool for "Driving Out the Demons" as one of our primary practices.  We will have the immense alliance of powerful and most compassionate holy beings with us, to engage in this work.  
It will be offered Saturday afternoon.It requires the participant to be ready to bring forth ALL that holds them back from complete realization.  All suffering, all sorrow, all fear, all misconception and misperception, all beliefs which limit our reality, and participation in the Greater Reality.  We will be calling upon the forces of nature, the Principles of Light which guide this work, to awaken, illumine, and TRANSFORM all forms and forces within our psyche which do not serve our highest elevation, at this time.  
Please, join us, and share this with others who will benefit by it.  
I send many, many blessings to each of you.  

Zacciah B