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Does Any One Here Want Some Compassion? 
~Zacciah Blackburn 

Does any one here want some compassion? 
I woke this morning, to this question, spoken from higher guidance, knowing I was to write a newsletter today....  I took it to heart, personally, first, addressing it to my own life situations, but wanted to share my further reflections on it with you. 
The heart of compassion is the way of the shaman, of the healer, of the spiritual warrior, of the true human being. 
The Dineh people of the American Southwest (Navajo) speak of their word for healing, which means "to return to beauty."  Their word for healing literally defines the path one must take to find that healing.  It sounds so simple, to return to Beauty, and in actuality, is very simple. 
Of course, we of the West tend to complicate things which begin so simple, so beautiful. 
How does one return to Beauty?  How do we find it?  (Is it even lost?)  Are we walking on that path of Beauty? 
And, how do we find that path of compassion in our hectic lives? 
Does anyone here want some compassion? 
The secretmost chamber of our heart holds that tiny spark of ourself which is our true essence. 
Open the heart to that secret chamber, that our true essence may emerge, in its radiant beauty, and we will be immersed in our own true Beauty, Understanding, Compassion, and radiant Being. 
We delve into so many activities in the course of our day.....tied so deeply into the responsibilities we have set before us....our work, our  household and community responsibilities, our relationships, children, family, friends, our significant other..... 
So often the trials of these responsibilities weigh in with so much can we fit it all in, how can everyone expect so much of us?...there is so much to do!  What began as a joy, becomes a chore, somehow laden with duty, difficulty, stress, deep emotions of unfulfillment, inadequacy, or overburden.  What was a joy, somehow we may no longer even look forward do we get ourselves through this situation? 
How do we resolve it?  How can our (fill in the blank..._________...children, family, friends, boss, loved ones) expect so much of us....? 
What is the true source of this difficulty? 
Why are we feeling so guilty, afraid, ashamed, frustrated, unable, unworthy, inadequate? 
Too often, what began as our life choices, we tend to shift our perspective, and begin finding ways to escape, even to blame others.  Is there a possibility we can back away from this stress for just a moment, look at ourself from the point of our higher source...our own higher understanding¼ and feel what it would be like to encompass ourself with our own highest perspective, the love of our Divine Truth, our Divine Self? 
Can we quieten our heart, and feel its pulse from within the deepest innermost secret chamber of the heart?  Feel the resonance from that place within us which wants to be loving, loved, encompassed in the richness of our true life yearning and being? 
Sometimes in the middle of our life stresses it is most difficult to get in touch with our own inner yearning or being.  But we can find that inner child who so wants to be kind and gentle, play in the grasses, be strong where he/she needs to be. 
What would it feel like to be held by the most loving, compassionate being you can imagine in the universe?....this might be someone you know in your family, a loving mother or father, grandmother/grandfather, aunt/uncle, it might be the Christ spirit, Buddha, the spirit of the Mother Earth, one of her many aspects, or, the Spirit of the Creator/Creatrix, the God/Goddess, Mother/Father of us all. 
Take a moment to your self for this, as an exercise for personal compassion: 
Take a moment, to settle into a quiet space, with no distractions.  Go inside and check in with your own inner child.  Imagine she or he with you, part of you, and speak to her/him as if you were speaking with a dear friend. How is she/he feeling right now?  What are her/his needs?  Are these things you can address?  If so, finish the conversation and come back to this part of the meditation. If not, ask her/him to sit quietly with you right now, just for a moment.  
Now imagine that being whom you consider the most loving being you know.  Imagine them before you.  Sense their presence, and that great feeling of love and compassion which they carry with them. Feel his/her love, deeply, unconditionally in your heart, and surrounding you....imagine it encompassing you, and embracing you.  Draw yourself, with your child self, into that love....Allow, and see yourself being drawn into this rich compassionate love of this sacred being.  Feel the waves of warmth pouring through you, melting the fears, bathing the aches and pains of the every day stress in that love.  Receive, accept this love into your being.  Into your innermost being.  Into the innermost chambers of your heart.  And, into your child self. 
Feel that Love's warmth cutting through all feelings of unworthiness, guilt, shame, fear, anger, difficulty, stress, that arise, or surround you and your life situation.  Release those feelings of unworthiness.  And breathe in that Love’s warmth.  Allow it to infuse into the pores of your skin, into the cells of your tissue, into the essence of your being.  Let it continue to bathe you, as you allow your emotional body to soften, and merge with that deep Heart of Compassion.  Stay with this awhile, just immersing yourself in this love and wisdom of Compassionate Being.  
Compassion is such a key to healing and transformation.  If we can get in touch with the perspective of our highest self, whom is a descendant of our compassionate and all loving Creator, however you define that, we can find that doorway to learning, to being more compassionate, forgiving, soft and loving with ourself, and, through this, with each other.... we will be one step closer to living in balance and harmony with all that which is.
I like to speak of a fourfold path to healing...which begins with forgiveness.  It may be the forgiveness of others which stands in the way of compassion for self, but often, beneath it all, there is a need for self forgiveness which most hinders us from feeling the love deep in the innermost recesses of our heart.  This is our own love, self love, sparked by the love of the Divine source of all, which we deserve, and is our birthright and heritage, and which we have the right and responsibility to share as we see fit with the world.  If there is 
hindrance, obscurations, or emotional toxicity, or resistance to that love, of the self, and for the self, and for the world, we cannot grow and expand.  We become stifled and withdrawn. We wither.  It is in our own self interest to release these obscurations which hold us back, and bind us to past events.  By releasing them, we make room for new and fresh growth in our life, our loves, and relationships.  Forgiving is a powerful method of releasing and letting go these past differences.  Forgiveness makes room for more fresh energies, love, ideas to come in, and to unfold.  Forgiveness leads to healing.  We feel better, more whole, ready for growth.  We feel appreciation for this entire process, ready to emerge and embrace life again!  Thus, healing leads to gratitude.  Gratitude begins to expand our heart, connect us with the Sacred, make us more ready to see and appreciate the little things in our everyday lives.  This opens the heart to compassion.  Compassion opens our eyes and mind to view ourselves and others in an expanded state of consciousness, allowing our vision to unfold in a grander way, allowing even greater insight, and deeper levels of forgiveness, beginning the cycle over again. 
Forgiveness leads to healing, healing leads to gratitude, gratitude leads to compassion, compassion leads to forgiveness.... 
If we can just take a moment each day, to assist ourselves in this doorway to compassion, we can spark new growth and understanding, make room for fresh ideals, movement, energies in our life. 
If we can breathe this unconditional love of the Divine, into our hearts, and minds, for just a moment of the day, each day, just for a moment, sip the nectar of compassion, of soft and radiant love of the self, we will discover the openness, expansion and gratitude, which can set the tone for healing and expansion throughout the day.  As this feeling of expansion grows, coupled with compassion and gratitude, we will find the path of discovery of an awakened child, with the vigor and wisdom which comes only with maturity of vision, and the emerging Knowing of self.  This opens the door to allow our life purpose to emerge, awakening and guiding us to complete and Divine fulfillment. 
Blessings in your life and path.  And in these sacred seasons. 

C Zacciah 2003