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Audio Download - Samichaukuay Meditation Practice

Audio Download - Samichaukuay Meditation Practice

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This is an approximately 1.5 hour audio recording of our online presentation of Samichaukuay meditation practice, with introduction, instructions, and meditation practice with sacred sound.

This is the Samichaukuay program content description:

The Samichuakuay is a traditional practice of the Q'ero peoples of the highlands of central Peru.
The Q'ero are considered high wisdom keepers of the Incan traditions, as they lived in a most isolate high alto plain of the mountain regions of the Andes, without Western intervention, since the conquest by Spain in the 1500's.  They were not re-discovered until the 1950's.  Zacciah is an initiate of the Q'ero traditions.
The Samichuakuay is a fundamental practice for grounding, clearing, and aligning with the "pure energy" (Sami) of the living cosmos (Kawsay).  It basically means to become a 'column of living energy', or light.  The spelling can be different with different peoples, as Quechua is a phonetic language (originally oral, not written, so people spell words as they sound.)
We find the Andean practices of the Q'ero are very simple, yet very effective.
This practice is used in variety of ways for clearing, grounding and aligning, but is a primary practice in the "Hatun Karpay" rituals, the "Great Initiations" into awakening our "Seed of Potential," or "Seed of Enlightenment," to become a "Flower of Blossoming Joy in service to the Garden of Creation."
The practice will be fully explained, then given experientially with Zacciah's unique style of Sacred Sound Transmissions.  If time permits, there will be a question and answer session at the end of the practice.