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The Crystalline Matrix

Prayers for the Earth

The Laws of Heaven and Earth


diamondheartmatrix.jpgI awaken from the Crystalline Matrix, the web of life that interacts between all of us, all beings, all beings of light.
As all things are luminescent, we all weave and interweave in this web of life, interconnected, even in mysterious ways many of us do not understand.
When we stand, wholly, in this fabric, we awaken together, to each other, to the greater whole.
It permeates us. It nourishes and restores us.
It itself is not a mystery.
We have simply ignored and forgotten it.
Brothers and Sisters of All Time, come forward.
Awaken with me.
Awaken to this Circle of Life, this Circle of Light, Renewed.
Stand in the Power and Essence of Who You Are.
Remember the Beauty and Joy of your Purpose.
We can awaken together, to each other, with each other.
We are not alone.
We never have been.
We have bought into the purchase of the threads of duality, that despair, discourage and segregate us.
Throw them away. Do not buy into that book of mirrors, for it does not dispel the Whole, the Truth, of our Nature, Essence, and Being.
We are Holy.
We are nothing else. We are nothing less.
Let no one disparage you to imagine otherwise.
We are Holy.
We are deserving of the thrones of Divinity bestowed upon
Accept them.
And stand in your rightful place.
In keeping with the Laws of Integrity and Wholeness,
Of Harmony and Oneness
Of Beauty and Joy that thrive in all things,
For your fulfillment.
Blessings to all.

Zacciah B
Join with us August 8-11, from your homelands, as we gather here, and weave together, reawaken, rekindle the threads of Light bestowed upon us, upon this planet, once aligned with and ignited by the Ancient Ones who still are among us, touching our hearts, reminding us who we are, and why we came.