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Bernart Amygdalah artist, 'Dimensional Angel'

Advanced Class Zoom Meeting and Practice - March 20, 2021

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Lifting the Veils:  Self-Generation

Advanced Class Zoom Meeting and Practice

Saturday, March 20, 2021

2-5 PM Eastern US Time


This program is next in our continuation of Advanced Level Studies.

This practice is for our advanced students only, whom have been part of our ongoing advanced programs, and other special invitees.

Its content will vary and evolve from our last practice. 

(Contact us if you have participated in other programs, but are not sure if you quality. We also highly recommend you participate in our future trainings, find info here.)  

The Art of Seeing III: Lifting the Veil, & Self Generation

Seeing is the very nature and essence of shamanic and mystical wisdom.
The Art of Seeing into other worlds defines that essence.

The Art of Seeing is not about seeing 'other,' but about standing in clarity and pure vision, which allows us to see and walk clearly, through all worlds, and, thus, seeing, not only the worlds around us, but the Essence of our Being within, and its relationship to the vastness of the Cosmos.

The Essence of Being is the very nature and essence of who we are and what we do in this lifetime (fulfillment of purpose.)

In this class we shall participate in the potential of lifting the veils of our own illusion, which compromise our full and fulfilling participation in Life; and imprinting, through the art of Self Generation, a higher vibrational essence of our Self.

Join us if you feel ready.



Daily Itinerary

Typical schedule format:


Program Starts

Introduction, social check in, see how we are doing, and what we can do collectively in this time.

Move more deeply into program content

 Meditation Practice

approx 3-3:30 PM ET

 15-20 min break


approx 3:45-5 PM ET

Continue into the work.

Final meditation and closing



Table of Contents

- Date and Online Access

- What To Bring

- Question and Answer Session

- Purchasing Instruments


Location and Date

- This program is online at stated time

- This is an online course on the Zoom platform. You will need to make a membership with Zoom at in order to participate in the meetings. In the week preceeding the meeting, you will receive an email reminder for the meeting, including information for how to join the meeting


What To Bring

Please locate yourself in a quiet, comfortable spot.

- Headphones are most helpful for your full experience.


Question and Answer Session

There will be a  question and answer session during the program.  

Purchasing Instruments

- Any instruments you see in our online practices are available for purchase at

Registration Information

- Registration is only open for people who have been ongoing members in the Advanced work.

 - If you have not participated in our Advanced Level programs in awhile, please contact us before registering.



- This is an online course on the Zoom platform. You will be given instructions on how to join.  


 Artwork Bernart Amygdalah, 'Dimensional Angel'