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An Offering to the Awakened Heart of Humanity

--Zacciah Blackburn

This is an offering for all humanity.

It is an audio recording of the invocation of our last Empowerments for Transformation and Healing practice, given November 3-4, 2018, in Chester, VT.  The audio link is at the bottom of this article.

We give it to you, to use, however it may be beneficial, to set the tone for healing, transformation, and awakening of human consciousness, for yourself, or others, into the higher plateaus of our being and, essence, and form.    You can simply rest in the practice, listening to the gentle tones and intention of this recording, or actively engage with it.  We offer some ideas of how you might do that, below. 

If it is shared, or copied to another page or platform, we simply ask that it not be altered or changed in any form, and that you include the acknowledgement at the end of this article.

The practice begins with the spoken invocation.  It invites the holy ones of all realms to enter our space and inner refuge, to ally with us in this great work of transformation.  These holy ones are always with us, and come bearing gifts and blessings of their own, often unseen, and unheard, for those who wish to receive them, and for those wishing their assistance in our path of healing and transformation, for ourselves, and for the world.   The prayer then turns to quiet sacred toning and chant, with myself and Dorothy Stone offering these tones.

You may use this practice as it best serves you.

Again, you can just simply rest in the tones and intentions of the prayer song.  We recommend you take a time you can sit quietly for 10-15 minutes.  The recording is about 9 minutes long.

To begin:

We recommend using headphones or a good speaker system where possible.  It is best not to listen while driving or engaged in activities where your outer attention is necessary.

We recommend that you find a place to sit quietly, to bring your awareness inside, into your own inner sanctum, your inner sanctuary, or refuge, within your own heart space.  You can do this by simply turning your attention into your inner heart space, sitting quietly, breathing quietly, and bringing your inner awareness more and more into your breath, and the quiet space residing within it.  Sit quietly for a few more minutes, breathing in and out of the heart, watching your breath, its rising and falling, watching your awareness, your thoughts and feelings, without judgment, just becoming more and more quiet, more still, watching, softening your breath and awareness.   
Move your awareness into a place of, a sense of, safe haven, stillness, or spaciousness.  Build a felt sense of resting, nesting, within this inner sanctuary, through a sense of silence, stillness, or spaciousness.  Take the time you need.  As you enter this state of ‘refuge,’ these qualities will build a sense of safety, care and replenishment, or nourishment, inherently, as you engage in the practice. They will allow your own inherent goodness to rise from within you and your inner heart space. 
Begin the audio practice.  Again, we recommend you listen with headphones or quality speakers.

It begins with an invocation of all Light Beings, of All Realms, to come and gather with us. We ask them to bear witness, and to assist us in this work of healing and transformation.  Sit quietly, in your inner refuge, just listening, we recommend, in your first experience with the recording.  But, as you listen again, you can build your own invocation, to invite those holy beings who are your guides and teachers to assist you, to assist us.  Feel the beauty of this invocation, an invitation to come into alliance with the sanctity of all life, of all carriers of wisdom and life force of Creation, from the Earth to the Stars, and beyond, to join with us at this time, for healing, for transformation, for the benefit of All Life.

Rest in this.  Allow it to be so.
The next phase of the practice is one of simple toning, with a background or foundation tones of pure crystal bowls and soft synthesized sounds.  Rest in these sounds, letting the jewels of wellness and light build within your center, your inner sanctuary.  There is nothing else that need be done.

We recommend at least one time, to listen and just rest in the sounds.  Let them penetrate your awareness, and the very cells of your being, with their intentions of goodness, transformation, healing, and empowerment for all life to enter their inherent states of joy, of beauty, and well-being.

We recommend you listen again and again, and, over time, seed the atmosphere within you, and around you, with your own thoughts and prayers of goodness, of wholeness, of well-being for this planet and for all living beings.  Imagine you are being surrounded with luminous ones from all realms, who are here with us to assist us, guide us, teach us, and bring healing to our lives and others.
Create your own intentions, your own prayers, and seed them into the atmosphere around you.  Join us in toning those prayers into the Earth, and the Universe, if you choose.  You might choose to use a soft rattle or drum as you join in this prayer, a bell, tingsha, bowl, or other simple sound implement that advances or couples with your heartfelt stream of wisdom and care for healing the Earth and others.
Or, just rest in the healing sanctuary we have created, to nourish and revitalize your essence and grace, that you can be ready to do this work at another time, but that it bears fruit for you in your life, here, and now.

We bring this with humility, reverence, joy and grace to this world.

We ask that it may spread to the hearts and minds of all living beings, that peace, joy, and well-being may thrive here again, as it has always been intended, as it is now.

Many blessings


Click here to hear or join in this the prayer

(We recommend listening in quiet space with headphones.)

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Zacciah Blackburn, author, spoken word, voice, crystal bowl
Dorothy Stone, voice, crystal bowl
Richard Quintanal, synthesizer, sound engineer
Recorded November 3, 2018, NewsBank Conference Center, Chester, VT
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All Rights Reserved
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