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The Nature of Power

In today’s age of spiritual advancement, many people promote ‘power’ in a somewhat modern/traditional sense of ‘having power over something.’

This can be building one’s personal power, so others cannot take advantage of us, for instance, or to protect oneself.

These concepts still hold a limited or false sense of us vs them realities.

While it is important for those of us who have felt disempowered to not let others to take advantage of us, and to create healthy boundaries, there is far more to authentic power than just this. The true nature of power is more about realizing one’s inherent state of goodness, of knowing, and of connection and oneness with the universe.

Indeed, there is an extraordinarily direct relationship to one’s ‘knowing’ and one’s ‘power.’ The very word ‘power’ means, in its origin, “to be able.” What is most fascinating about this, is that the word ‘know’ also means, in its origin, “to be able.”

So, in the truest sense, the phrase “Knowledge is Power” is exact. By discovering and trusting one’s knowing, one accesses one’s power (a key word in this relationship is trusting). By aligning within one’s authentic ‘power’, one activates one’s true sense of ‘knowing.’

It is important to realize we are not talking about an outside knowledge, nor an external authority on ‘knowledge.’ Equally power is about an internal dynamic and state of awareness. It is not a power over something outside of oneself, nor a power or protection from anything else, nor even strength or power in relationship to anything apart from ourself.

It is the power of knowing our authentic self, our true essence, which is at one with universal knowledge and being. Indeed, when we have this true knowing, we have collaboration with the wind, the air, the sea. We are part of the universe and it loves and supports us as one of its own.

It is about our power of “knowing”, which is defined as “that which is directly perceived,” (i.e. Webster). Here is where the trust comes in. Our power arises from trusting our own sense of things, our own perceptions. Now, if we have not established a clear view of wisdom and understanding, a clear field of being, our perceptions can be tainted and filtered by our beliefs not based in authentic reality (or knowing), as well as in entangled emotions that are not clear and whole. In this, we often, also, direct our life force toward outside forces to ‘fulfill’ us, i.e. love, esteem, authority, security, financial and otherwise, success, respect from others, etc.

So, there may be some work needed in clarifying our field (energy or biofield), our knowledge, our beliefs, and our feeling states.

Our power arises from our ability to see clearly, the truths within ourself, all around us, and within everyone, including the truths when those ‘others’ are not being true to themselves. We see it clearly. It is all laid before us. And we see our part in it.

We know the truth, because we live in the truth. The more we are a part of the truth, the more we see and move clearly and cleanly within it.

We stand in it, it is part of us, and we see and know how to act clearly, and have the power of the universe at hand to ally with us in our endeavors, and to fulfill our life purpose. For most of us, we have not yet truly discovered our life purpose. This is part of the path of self-realization, which will arise inherently, once we stand, clearly, in our Knowing and Power.

It is limitless in its bounds, and safe from all harm or negativity, as that truth stands within itself, whole and complete. Within that truth, arises the authenticity of pure life force, which gives unlimited bounty to those standing within it. And, within that authentic and pure life force, is the field of energy that inherently illuminates, and thus, by its very nature, protects us from all harm. We no longer even need to direct our attention to such forces of harm. Instead, we focus on the truth, and the true knowing of Self within the nature of and relationship to All Creation.

It is the knowing and power that are the focus, not that which appears separate from us that may cause affliction or harm. Indeed, by our very focus and belief in powers outside of ourself that can harm us, we give that power and life force to do just that.

When we stand firmly in our knowing, in alignment with universal truth, we stand in the luminosity of heaven, and the life force and principles of Earth.

We stand bound in Heaven and Earth.

In even more deep and direct esoteric terms, the nature of our ‘knowing’ is the nature of our ‘consciousness.’ And the nature of our ‘power,’ is how we align with, generate, direct, and move the ‘life force’ within us. This is directly related to the very nature of the Divine Masculine (consciousness) and Divine Feminine (life force) aspects of creation. When we truly realize this, we have awakened our very relationship with the ultimate forces of Creation, and have the potential to become a tool, and ally, an inherent part of Creation. We are a part. We are not separate from that. And, standing in this clear view, we Know, and we Act accordingly, with the Power given to us, as it is given to every living thing to thrive and attain to its ultimate Purpose.

We have a Divine Right and Place here. We are part of Creation.

Are we ready to receive our inheritance? Are we ready to stand in our Knowing and Power, in alignment with, in Service to the All of Creation?


Zacciah Blackburn 6.8.21