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Music as a Connection to the Greater Self and Cosmos


zacciah-1.jpgA discussion with Zacciah Blackburn:
Topics of interest:
What do you mean by music as a connection to the Greater Self and Cosmos?
Some areas within this conversation to be covered:  expression of self, resonance with the underlying realities of life, entrainment, harmony, wholeness, 'dharma'; history of music for connection, unity, healing; importance of connection to and expression of the Greater Self as expressed through all cultures.
How do you define the 'Greater Self'?
 What is the importance of the Cosmos in this relationship?
 How is music of underlying importance?
 How do we use music in this way?
 What is the nature of sound as a healing principle?
What is the difference in how you use the term 'sound' vs 'music'?