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The Sacred Masculine

Calling the Men

(about the nature of the work, and the workshop)
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn
Though the topic of this article is the Sacred Masculine, I invite all of us to read it, share it with others, do all we can to awaken the principles of life and light which illuminate the world, bring nourishment and sustainability to all, and promote the cycles of life.  

Awakening the Sacred Masculine is a 4 day retreat in Leyden MA, designed to bring us to a deeper understanding of our nature, essence, and purpose as men in this time.

Much is being written and said about men and masculinity in this time of "No More."

Our story, as men, has too often been written by poor examples of manhood, who are wounded warriors or men who do not stand in their truth or essence, of the spirit of the true Sacred Masculine, much less in balance or honoring of their full self, including the intuitive, heartfelt, open and receptive aspects of our manhood.  Often they are suffering in their own wounds and afflictions, and cannot see the affliction they cause others.  The psyche of the wounded male is bringing us to the brink of extinguishing life as we know on this Sacred Earth, in part, because they cannot honor or value the Sacred Feminine, much less their own sanctity as men or human beings.
We can hold them in compassion, but must discover the richer aspects of our own selves which we hold in dignity and wholeness, and bring those forward in our every day lives and actions.
This is something greatly needed in our society.
But, as you know, as men, it is perhaps even more needed.
We have been sorely lacking for true understanding of our nature and how to reach or express it, as well as having good role models, guidance, a sense of belonging in a greater community.

We hold multiple aspects of life and wisdom within us, and waking, honoring, and restoring balance within our inner psyche is a major point of awakening and claiming our Divinity within.
Yet, it is we who must define, honor, and align with these principles.

I am offering this workshop to give us, as men, the space and opportunity to explore our true essence, without pre-defining it.  I also wish to offer to us, as a community of men, a safe environ, to be able to open to all aspects of our masculinity and our wounds and suffering, without judgment or disgrace, to look for our essential nature, and bring it forward with healing and restoration, in balance and harmony with every aspect of our being.

It is up to us.  And, it is time we, as men, took our place in the new society and the New Earth, as men of integrity, balance, and grace, who honor the roles of both Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine, within us, and within our society, and within nature, as equal genders and partners in this new Awakening.
It is up to each of us to take our standard, and do our part in this awakening.

I invite you to come and join others of like men ready to do this work.
This work offers authentic and effective methods for deep healing, insight, and transformation, as well as revelation into our true essence, or nature.  This allows us to reach our full potential, and meet our greater purpose here.  

I also invite you to share this with other men who might be ready to do this work, or who would benefit from participating.

The retreat is held in the sacred container of the SpiritFire Retreat Center, an intentional center that mindfully holds and sustains the spirit of  uplifting joy for humanity to explore, discover and celebrate our authentic nature within.  It is a pristine 95 acre site with excellent facilities for our meeting place, overnight lodging, extra-ordinarily supportive staff, and gourmet natural meals to do our work within.

This retreat is for those truly ready to do the work, who are ready to step into their authentic power and knowing of Self as a Divine Being, a reflection of the Sacred Masculine, who is not afraid of meeting his own wounding or shadow, and prepared to step into a community of like minded men who wish to bring this world to a greater place, to a place of knowing and honoring all life, all peoples, all genders as equal and deserving of a place in the Council of Humanity.