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empowerments.neutral.25.jpgEmpowerments are methods of direct transmission of teachings & wisdom used by many spiritual traditions. Empowerments convey energy and authentic knowing through direct experience, and connection to vital forces, states & dimensions of being, and the wisdom keepers (deities) and spiritual lineage holders associated with those spiritual traditions. They often incorporate initiatory platforms, ceremony or ritual in their transmission.

These initiations are opportunities for us to step into our authentic power and knowing within ourselves, an to enrich ourselves, to test or 'prove' ourselves, our spiritual awareness or prowess to our selves, within our own essential being, and in our connection to and relationship with the greater Whole. These often include revelational experiences, that can be life changing, because they bring forward heightened insights about who we are, and what our relationship to that greater Whole is, in actuality.

Where our more mundane lives and thoughts may have clouded our vision of our spiritual essence, empowerments can enable us to realize our authentic nature, and reach into our potential, our spiritual authority and our dignity of spirit, which is our inherent birthright.

2-h140.jpgEmpowerments give us the opportunity to step into our own authentic knowing, allowing us to enable and embody our true essence and being, more able and ready to fulfill our destiny and purpose. Most authentic teachers and spiritual traditions incorporate this level of practice into their teachings. It is a method to gain 'direct access' to the teachings, living wisdom, and wisdom keepers of those traditions. In the end, the authentic teacher's purpose is to assist the chela (student) to come into such level of realization, that the teacher is no longer needed, though perhaps loved and beloved by the chela for his or her lifetime.


Those who have worked with us, understand this is our fundamental method of teaching. We have reached yet another level of understanding and transmission, which will be incorporated in our fall practice. While we respectfully suggest you find an authentic teacher who brings you to this level of understanding and experience, we welcome you to join us in our fall and many other practices to reach these greater experiences.

We, also, recommend you consider our next training focusing on Empowerments for Healing and Transformation, in November, in VT:

Practices in Europe, Canada and future times may be availalble in our main Programs pages.

Many blessings
Zacciah Blackburn

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