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The One Mind
The Origin Mind 

An Article
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


The One Mind is the origin mind.

The point from which consciousness springs.

It is our home eternal.

Most of us do not know of it, though many of us have heard of it.

It is the point from which pure consciousness springs, the point where it dwells, the point where we are One with All Life.  We are All Life.  The Mind of All Things.

The cognitive mind cannot fathom it.  It is beyond cognition.

It is the place of Pure Mind, where life springs from itself.  It is the Heart of each of us.  The Fall from Grace was our choice to abandon or not believe it is so.  How could "I" be "this."

How could the world evolve around my every thought of manifestation?
How could I be this powerful?

The Mind is All Things.
It is not the cognitive brain we are speaking of.

It is the Living Mind of All Things.

Blessings to all.