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Blessings or Chaos?  
What are you experiencing?  
What are your choices!?

                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD

  Blessings of the Cosmos, of the Heavens, and the Holy Ones, the Luminous Ones, the Ancient Ones, and our own Awakened Essence are upon us...are we experiencing these as our every day reality, or are we experiencing more intense times of chaos and stress?.....

The holidays are upon us.  This is always an opportune time for us to experience chaos and stress....  But, what gives?  This is more than 'holiday' stress.  Indeed, many of us have been reporting or experiencing it for some time.  A growing sense of chaos or stress in our lives, and in the planet around us.   It doesn't take much, just turn around and see what is happening to others....many are near the saturation point, or breaking point.  The news is full of such stories.I have been sharing more and more with you, regarding 'these times' of profound change, and how we can more easily maneuver through these 'unchartered' times.
And, there certainly is more to report.
What is going on, and what can we do about it?
It's nearly one year since the "magic" Gateway of 12/21/13, the 'end' of the Maya Calendar, or Great Cycle.  Many reported on it.  Many made great predictions about what was occurring planetarily.  Some were expecting a great miracle that would convert the world into an Eden.  A magic time of immediate transformation.  Some thought they might be leaving the planet, through ascension, or with the help of some friendly ET's....There were many predictions.
But, holding fast to the prophecies of the Elders of the Maya and other Nations, what was predicted is coming to pass.
As I said then, and continue to say, 12/21/12 was a gateway with great potential, which continues to impact our reality more and more, and our ability to interact more and more consciously with it.  I highly recommend not expecting a magic pill, or any force from outside of self, to make things right, but suggest we look at the greater realities and underlying causes of all that we are experiencing, and do the work necessary to create the reality most beneficial to us, all.
What we are experiencing is the continued rise of potential meeting our field of manifestation, asking us to make choices, more and more, daily, of how to meet and maneuver our lives during these times of unparallelled transformation.  If our choices are in alignment with greater Harmony and Manifestation, we should be riding a cresting wave of incredible joy and enlightened awareness (what the Tibetans call, "Pure Pleasure and Pure Awareness."  It is the fundamental union of the two forces of manifest creation, the 'Shiva/Shakti union,' in Hindu mysticism.)  If what we are experiencing, is more and more chaos and stress, there are simple tools we can use to manage it, if not dissolve it, and come to more awakened enlivened being, manifesting a more harmonious balance in our lives and relationships.  It is more easy than most of us imagine, or realize.

The appearance of this extraordinary chaos has to do with being near the epicenter of this profound time of change and transformation.  Every time there is a movement from one system of being to another, there is a time of chaos during the transition.  We are deep within that.  Science is reporting profound changes in the Earth's magnetic field, the Sun's plasma activity, the Gamma emanations from the Heart of our Galaxy.  All of this is in alignment with the understandings of the Elders of many indigenous nations, who have told us the nature of the prophecies includes not just human evolution, but a leap in consciousness, or frequency, of our entire field of manifest creation.

What we are experiencing is the upliftment of Self, of Life Force and energy, upswelling through our Being, and meeting the descension of the Blessed States of our Being from the Higher Realms.  It can seem like Chaos.  There is much turbulence.  But, our experiencing of that turbulence depends completely upon where we place our attention (awareness,) and focus our energy (pleasure).
We have a choice, each moment of each day.And, we can continue to focus upon the petty things which drive our lives in non-descript terms, mostly horizontally at best, in terms of evolution.  Or, we can turn, ever more, our attention to the ascended planes of our existence, and the fundamental life force which moves us and manifests all that we want in Creation.
Forgive me where I say 'petty.'  I well know much of what we are experiencing seems anything but 'petty.'  I use the term more in alignment with our greater self, our greater values, our Greater Essence.  What really matters, in the nature of our evolution, and in the realization of more Eternal Essence and Truths?

The bottom line is, are those choices, wishes, dreams, and ideals in alignment with the Heart and Harmony of Creation, or do they arise from our sense of separation, lack, or anything less than a full, awake, Holy state of existence, which is our true essence, nature, and the very meaning of the word 'healing' (for those seeking of us seeking to be healed.....')  
Much of it is about realization of our Greater Essence, and learning to hold fast to that.  It is already in existence, it is not so much about 'doing' anything.  But being.  Our Self.  Our True Self.
It is not about what we are looking for, wanting, needing, or missing in our lives.  It is not so much about receiving the blessings from on high, or any other place for that matter, though those can help us rise to the elevated states of Realization.  It is so not about what we do, though our actions have critical consequence in our lives.  But, it is much more about who we are, how we be, and why.  Because our essence is in our Being.  And, it is the only way to discover it. 
It is like learning to ride the bike (I am using this analogy regularly now, but am liking more the image of learning to ride a 'wave,' (as we are riding crest after crest of waves of transformational energies,) or, even more, riding the 'dragon,' which is a direct reference of Quan Yin learning to enter harmonious relationship with the Elemental Forces of Creation, and is why she is often depicted riding a dragon, literally.)
In the beginning, it can be very beneficial to have someone helping us, teach us, articulate for us, and guide us through the process of how to balance, steer, and pedal the bike all at once.  They may run alongside us, holding us up, helping us balance, as we learn the essence of Being.  But, in the end, we, and they, must let go, as we come into the Art of Being, in our essence, uplifting our Self, learning the Art of Balance by Being, who we truly are.  
Once we get it, truly experience it, we now know someone could not have taught us "how."  And there we are, riding the bike, the wave, the relationship to the Elemental Consciousness, and Fundamental Harmonies of All Life.  

This is exactly what the Elders say we are coming into at this time.  And why the turbulence is so strong.  Because our way of life, and our resistance, has been so strongly in denial, or out of balance with the Greater Truth of Who We Are, and our place and role in the Heart of Creation.  
The Grace of God, the Goddess, of Creation, is like that, too.  The Blessings are pouring down upon us.  Constantly.  The upswelling joy of the Earth rising up through us to meet our Destiny, our True evolved Self, is with us.  Constantly.  It is the life force many of us forget, don't utilize, or even deny, as it swells up through our root and tailbone into our energetic system, uplifting us to pure bliss and delight, if we choose and learn to utilize it.  

Pure Awareness and Pure Pleasure.  Where we focus our attention, and how we utilize our energy and life force.  It is that simple.  It seems too simple for many of us.  And we go into denial, striving to be a part of Creation, or to get a new car, or meet the rent, as that is where we are in our lives, not realizing or accepting our Greater Nature. 

We can ride these currents of joy and grace into the highest evolutionary states imaginable, and greater.  I find it fascinating, how so many of the "Elders," whether it is don Alejandro of the Maya, or the Hathors of "Egyptian" fame, state that our true nature, and what is about to happen, is 'beyond our imagination.'

Think about it, especially if you feel the pure states of bliss and ecstasy I speak about are beyond our dreams, or beyond any form of reality.  They all say, what is about to occur, who we truly are, our true state of ecstasy and bliss, is 'more than we can imagine.'

Time to use more of our imagination....or, perhaps it is simply time to be more truly in our Essence, the "Awakened State", or "Buddha State" the Buddha also states is our true nature.

I send blessings to all.

Right now, give your self some time, and allow your self to go  into just such an altered state.  Take 5-10 minutes, minimum.  20 or more would be wonderful.  

The more you invest your awareness and belief in this simple practice, the more you will experience its benefit.

Take some time to come into a restful posture.  Sitting up right is excellent, but you can lay back as well.
Rest, relax, come into a place of peacefulness within.  Seek to come into deep peacefulness, or feelings of 'coherence,' such as gratitude or appreciation, joy or beauty. Rest in those pure states for a few moments, in the heart center, then bring your awareness slowly down the spine, into the sacrum, and eventually the tailbone, and root center, or chakra, just below its tip.  
Feel or imagine the uplifting currents of life force rising through you.  This can easily be done by taking some time as you come into this restful state, and feeling into each of the spine, sacrum, and tailbone, one after the other.  Feel the tailbone as if it were literally penetrating the Earth, like the root of a new born seed.  Follow it down, then come resting there a few minutes;   Entering gratitude, or 'relationship,' with the consciousness of the Earth, during this part of the practice can be most beneficial; then, feeling or imagining that life force of the Earth rising up through the tailbone.
Feel that uplifting, upswelling, uprising pulse of the Earth rise in your body.  Imagine what it must feel like if you don't experience it directly.  As it rises, it may become pleasurable or sensual in nature, which is fine.  This is its natural state.    Feel it lifting you up, through your body.  Take some time with this, too.  But, eventually, allow it to lift your awareness up through the heart regions, the upper back, and upper brain centers, into the third eye, and slowly, over time, into the crown.  Allow it to become 'luminous' as this occurs, as if the energy were gaining 'light' as it enters and rises in your body.  It may also continue to become more sensual or pleasurable, to the point of joy or higher states.
Over time, allow the crown to open to the upper atmospheres, the Cosmos, and/or Celestial realms.  This can appear, or feel, very luminous.  You may even experience luminous spheres, much like the stars, appear above you, or a generalized sphere of luminosity above and around you.  Sink into those feelings if you perceive it, or imagine it if you do not.  
Slowly raise your awareness and energy into these luminous levels.  It is useful to enter states of joy or gratitude as you do this.  Then simply feel, or imagine, the pure light, or luminous qualities of the Heavens above you.  You can rest in these states as long as you wish.Then, imagine or feel that they are pouring down through you;  through your crown, then your third eye, spine and/or your body, and your being.  You can imagine the highest states of love, gratitude, blessings and wisdom descending.  Imagine this continues to occur.  Feel them pouring down, spending some time with them.Then, slowly come back into the heart center, and imagine these luminous chords of light are merging with the joyous/pleasurable sensations of life force rising from the Earth, beneath you, full connect to Light and Life.  Rest in this.  
And let the force of Creation be with you, nurture you, and guide your choices and actions through the balance of the day.Resting in this point, call forward your questions of the Cosmos, or make your affirmations and proclamations of Realization, Being-ness, Joy, or Abundance, etc, from this place.  Listen to what and how the Cosmos has to inform you, as well.  Set up your dream time before bed with such a practice.  
We wish you many blessings  
and all who guide this work