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2012:  The Great Awakening;  The Three Hearts Practice
                                                                       -   Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D. 

            We are in a time of great awakening; a prophesied time of profound transformation for all life on Earth.  Cultures the world over speak to these times with insightful illumination:  The Time of Meeting Ourselves Again, The End of Time as We Know It, The Lifting of the Veils.  Many of us are aware of the Maya prophecies, the Maya Calendar, and the “end of times” in 2012.  The Maya Calendar is a point of focus, because it is one of the most precise calendars on the planet, because it has been shown to hold great prophecies regarding past events, and, because it suddenly ends on December 21, 2012.  This calendar speaks to cycles within cycles coming into synchronous closure on this date.  Many are speaking about this, the Procession of the Equinoxes, the alignment of the sun, earth, and galaxy at this time;  the cycles coming to end, and the potential for renewal. 
            But, how many know what the Maya Elders themselves are saying about what is occurring, and how we might take part in it?  Maya Elders, such as High Elder Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj are speaking up, often for the first time.  They state that they have seen the signs which signify to them what is about to occur.  It is not about the End of Time, as many have suggested, but the end of an Age.  Grandfather Alejandro has said that the reality we live in is based in false systems and structures of belief.  And, that there is a greater reality.  Grandfather says that our reality is about to shift in ways most of us cannot comprehend.  And, that this change will come about swiftly.  He says his people know these things, because they have lived through them before.  And, that modern peoples who do not know their past must turn to listen to their brothers and sisters of the indigenous worlds who know their origins, for this is a clue to the future.  The good news is, our reality will shift in ways more beautiful and enriching than most of us can imagine.  It is much like the Buddhist teachings which suggest we are living in a reality in which we imagine we are separate from the greater whole of the Cosmos.  They would say all suffering arises from this illusion of separation.  And, all we need to do is recognize our full state of true being, of Awakened Being.  This is not far from the Maya perception and teaching. 
            The Maya, and other elders, also, suggest some very specific techniques for entering into a living relationship of Harmony with All Life, that we might make safe and sacred passage through these times.  They point to
relationships with the Sun, Earth, Cosmos or Galaxy, and the human heart as part of this.  Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo is a 27
th Generation Cherokee Wisdom Keeper, as well as, a Keeper of the Nyingma and the Drikung Kagyu Lineage of Buddhist teachings.  Venerable, also, speaks similarly about such things.  She suggests that if we simply place our awareness in a coherent state in our own heart, in relation to the heart of the Earth, in relation to the Heart of the Galaxy, we shall enter into Harmony with all Life.  This may sound foreign to the modern mind.  Yet, it is fundamental to indigenous understanding, the living energies of the Cosmos, and the interrelation and synchronous rhythms of All Life.  She speaks a good deal about the nature of the Heart of the Galaxy and its relation to the human heart, as well as about the ‘Heart behind the Heart’ of the Galaxy.
            Venerable also speaks about how many of us may be feeling stress, anxiety, or chaos during these times of great change and transformation.  Venerable states that, by simply entering into “The Rhythm of Giving and Taking in Harmony with All Life,” we can relieve that stress, and experience the synchronous rhythm of the universe supporting us, not afflicting us.  In my experience, this easily comes about by entering in relationship with, collaborating with this rhythm of life, vs. fighting or struggling with those things we perceive as obstacles and challenges, appearing in our lives.  By entering into synchronous rhythm, and immersing in it, we cannot help but to find its support.  We become it, or, in the least, a part of, that Rhythm of All Life. 
            In teaching such practices worldwide, I have found that, with simple awareness and understanding, we can find exquisite places within ourselves, very easily.  Our awareness is such a powerful tool.  And, in reality, it is where we focus our awareness, that is the source of creation of our life experience.  If we focus on shame, sadness, anger, and suffering, this is what our life experience will be, whether the focus is conscious or through unconscious, unresolved issues in our mind/body/spirit complex.  Indeed, it, also, makes perfect sense, and is in alignment with the wisdom practices of many esoteric traditions, from the Tibetan Buddhist to the ancient Egyptian or Christian mystic al paths.   Where we place our attention, energy follows.  Fix on joy, joy follows our awareness.  Fix on harmony, we resonate in harmony, and harmony follows us in our actions, speech, and life experience. 
                We are a part of nature, a part of Creation.  However we define creation, we should understand this fundamental nature of our selves.  B y bringing awareness into our fundamental nature, we can experience a direct rhythm in harmony with all nature, all creation, all life, as we are a part.  It can be as simple as focusing on our heart beat, our breath, and the breath of life around us.  It is the same rhythm that spins the galaxies, literally. 
                Indeed, one of the many teachings of most  balance.  The Hopi people have a word for this, living out of balance:  Koyaanisqatsi.   Their prophecies speak very distinctly about these times, how modern society is living out of balance, and, how we must re-enter this balance to find harmony again, or, be lost to the impermanence of life. 
            There is a place in which we can claim our authentic place in nature, in Creation.  We are a part of that Creation.  And when we experience it, we feel the dignity and unity of consciousness, which these times are about.  The many prophecies tend to point to this time of great Unity, of entering ascended states of consciousness, the Great Awakening.  As we enter into this state of harmony and dignity, we share with others our common birthright and place amidst creation, as collaborators with Creation.  We begin to take responsibility for our actions, and understand, as we do so, the benefit of choosing right action, in harmony with that which supports all life, for we are a part.  When we feel this harmony, we could no sooner afflict the Earth, or each other, than we could afflict our sister, our mother, our brother, or our children. 
It becomes a great teaching, to enter into this harmony, the rhythm of All Life.