Join Our In Depth Training And Certificate Course, The Foundation Of Sound Healing
They walk among us.  We are they.  The High Initiates and Ancient Luminaries of Sacred Orders.  It is time we trust, in who we are, ourselves, and each other.  It is time we open and reveal ourselves to the Ancient Mysteries, and the common threads of our existence.
This program is a call to those ready, willing, or sensing the ancient nature of their existence, and work we have come to know, and do, here, upon this planet, at this time.
We are the Ancient Luminaries.  We have been called.  
The Time is Now.

Many of us know, or sense, the fine fragments of realization.  Of Who We Are.  And, Why We Are Here.
We are being asked to come forward.  To renew, revitalize, and retemper ourselves, 
to prepare for this coming ordeal**. 
The Awakening.
(**Origin of meaning: to distribute, to share; among the tribes.) 

It is upon us.  It is up to us to Create, Hold, and Sustain the New Vision, the New Dream, the New Reality.
We are being Called to this Purpose at this time.
We cannot wait til 2012, we must create the New Reality, the New Dream, the New Vision we wish to hold for the Earth.
It is up to us to this, Now, Oruselves.

We must do it daily in our lives, that it emerges as the New Reality.
We are the Co-Creators of this Reality.
And the Fabric of this Reality shall change only as We Change.

This is the call to those who know, or feel, the sense of the Greater Self, the Call to Integrity, to Wholeness of the Self.
Those Ready to Come Forward, whom may not fully know, but sense, feel, a need to make the shift.

Come Forward.  Touch Who you truly are.  Reveal to the Ancient Ones your true nature.  Let them, also, touch your deeper self, preparing for this new venture, of which you are part.  The Allies are many, among us, and, those of the other worlds, ready to assist those who prepare, and ask.  All we need do is prepare, and Ask.

We are vast beings tracing multiple layers and levels of consciousness simultaneously.
We are Great and Powerful Beings.  But the power is not something that places others beneath us.
It is the Common Understanding of Who We Are, of our inherent nature, being, and ability, One with the All That Is.
The Power comes only with True Integrity, Authenticity, Knowing, Humility, and Being.
We are One with the Stars.

We will explore the nature of our past, present, and future lives with the Powers of the Ancient Ones, the Akul, The Awakened Ones.  
Yet, We are the Akul.  It is time to take our place upon the Throne of our own Divinity, to hold the Chalice filled from the Well of our own Being, to claim our Spiritual Birthright, and Inheritance.  To step into our Spiritual Dignity, and Authority.  To awaken to the Role of who we truly are.  
The Awakened Ones Call.  And, as we awaken, we realize:
We are They.

It may seem a paradox.  We call upon those of the Ancient Lineages to come and assist us.  Yet, we are among them.  They are among us.  So many of us are from those ancient times.  Those times that call to you.  Atlantis and LeMuria.  Eire, Albion, Cymru.  Those of Kemet, of the Abarim, & Kenaani, of Ifriqiya, Tubbat, Bhārata.  Those of Tianxia, Nuku-roa, Hawaiki, Otomi and the many others not named here.
 We carry the Ancient Knowing.  It is a time of Remembering and Reclaiming our Knowledge and BirthRight.  We are the Sons and the Daughters of the Ancient Ones.  We walk among them.  We came to do this work, for the Awakening, the Illumination of the Earth, at this time.  We can only complete our task through the process of fully awakening ourselves.  To do so, it is beneficial to remember who we are, why we are here, and where we are going.  

We shall engage in practices meant to awaken this Deep Knowing, and to carry the Vision forward of the New Dream for this world.
We are the Ancient Keepers.  We have the power and right to do so.  It requires our highest Integrity.  
Our collaboration, and actions in balance and Harmony with the All That Is.

All of this work, all of these practices, are Tantric in nature.  They bring us to Wholeness, to Union with the Divine, the marriage of Self.
Only by awakening the Sacred Union within us, may we master the realities of life.

We are the sons and daughters of the Divine.  We utilize the principals of Sekhmet and Ra, as they call us.  Many of us are from their ancient temples.  Many of us come here from the StarWorlds where they were born.  There is a direct alignment with the energies and integrity of Sekhmet and Ra.  But this call is for all, of All Lineages, to Awaken and Gather.  The principals of Awakening and Life Force remain the same, whichever temples, whichever orders, whichever Tribes, we originate in, or were initiated into.

We speak specifically to the Daughters of Sekhmet, as they have come as teachers and allies.  There is a body of these ancient priestesses and initiates specifically trained in the high arts of sexual tantra.  These secrets can only be revealed to those who come in their own authenticity and integrity.
Both male and female are trained in these ancient arts.  And will present to assist us further.

We shall, by the third day of this practice, move directly into the tantric arts as taught through the Schools of Sekhmet.
There is No Physical Touch, NO sexual contact made during these practices.  It is about understanding the unified art of being.  Within the self, and with other, in intimate relation.  We shall learn specific practices related to our sexual nature, and how to utilize practices in relation with other, to build and sustain intimacy and heightened life force.  These practices may be done alone or with other, but we shall not engage in any actual sexual contact during the trainings.  We shall simply use the imaginal realms, the subtle or imagined aspects of our awareness, to engage in the practices, to the extent that we can carry them into our personal relations at other times.

Those attending the 5 day retreats will experience at least 3 days of work devoted especially to Tantra.

There may be additional information offered on these trainings at any future time.
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In a Sacred Way, we make these offerings.
And Invite, and Welcome you, into these sacred practices.
Many blessings,
Zacciah Blackburn