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    The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
    Extraordinary Programs in Spiritual Development, Personal Growth, Sound and Earth

    Working for the Evolution of Personal and Planetary Consciousness
    "That which you seek, is not outside of you!"

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    Programs Organized By School/Type

    Sound Healing School:  training for sound healers, classes in the art of sound healing as a therapeutic or private practice, for personal or professional development.
    Earth Mystery School: Earth Healing, Shamanic Classes:  studies and in depth experiential practice through its Shamanic Earth Mysteries School, real programs to bring about Healing for the Earth & Each Other

    Sacred Tours and Journeys to Natural Power Sites, and ancient Sacred Ceremonial Sites

    Spiritual Studies: The Illumination Of Consciousness Series:  Workshops for personal healing, growth and transformation, incorporating esoteric studies and meditation practices with the deeply moving and transformative power of Sacred Sound Transmissions.

    International Programs:  Workshops for personal healing, growth and transformation, incorporating esoteric studies and meditation practices with the deeply moving and transformative power of Sacred Sound Transmissions, and

    Private Studies: and therapies using sound healing therapy, sacred sound, spiritual counseling and shamanic practice
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    Our Promise
    Our workshops, classes, individual therapies and studies are designed to
    • draw us to our own innate wisdom and personal power,
    • develop intuitive guidance and authenticity,
    • deepen relationship with that we hold as sacred,
    • awaken the core of our being, and
    • enliven us to pursue our personal destiny. 

    Our personal workshops bring about real and lasting personal healing and transformation.
    Our professional training programs will develop your abilities as a sound healer or shamanic practitioner, and heighten your relationship with the Earth, and the Cosmos

    Our newsletters will inform you with quality insights, articles, new program information, and unannounced discounts on programs and musical and sound healing instruments.

    Our products:  We are a leading supplier of quality sound healing instruments and instruments of other world traditions, including Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, bells and gongs, Native American Drums and flutes, and drums and instruments of other world traditions, as well as meditative CD's.  The CD's incorporate meditative practices utilizing techniques of Shamanic and Sacred Sound cultures worldwide, for entering, deep, enriched states of consciousness and healing.   These are supplied via our partner affiliate company, Sunreed Instruments.Zacciah Blackburn, PhD

          Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D., is our Director, and Primary Program Facilitator   
                   (for more information on Zacciah, see about us)
               Or watch our introductory video on this work!




    Upcoming Programs/Workshops For 2016
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    Lotus Blossom   Let us all come into remembrance of the Beauty and Purpose of our existence.
    The more we are able to touch into the vastness, richness, and Beauty of Creation, the more we are able to feel the deserving nature of our Presence here.  The more we realize this, the more we are able to connect with the very essence and nature of Life, with the breadth of the Cosmos, and through this, the nature, the identity and the purpose of our Being. 
    We are powerful Co-Creators, & Luminous Beings.  Come and engage with us, as we Dream the New Dream,
    the Awakening of a New Reality upon our planet.  We are here to become Awakened, Realized, Human Beings.

            These are Profound Practices to assist in this time of New Awakening:

    Heaven And Earth
    August 20th-21st, 2016

    Approaching Sacred Sites:
    Moving Between Worlds
    Calling Upon the Ancestors and Star Elders
    Connecting with the Living Energies of Earth and Sky
    Shamanic Initiations and Ceremony
    To Establish Right Relationship with the Living Consciousness
    of the Cosmos & the Greater Self


    The Nature of Healing with Sound: Voice and Instruments:

    This is an in depth study into the nature of healing, sound healing, and thus use of sacred sound and intuitive sound healing practices. It is what we call our foundation training. However, those who know our work, know that it is anything from foundational! Advanced level practitioners have found this program to be exceptional at articulating fundamental principals of understanding the nature, science and spirit of sound as a healing practice.


    Sound and Advanced Consciousness
    October 22nd-23rd, 2016

    in, Almonte, Ontario, Canada

     This is a premier opportunity for studying the Illumination of Consciousness series with Zacciah.   

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     Sound Healing Tools, and Musical Instruments of the World:
    Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tingshas, Shangs, Tuning For
    Shamanic Drums, African Drums (Djembe, Ashiko, others,) Flutes, Bamboo flutes, Shakuhachi, Native American Flutes, Native American Drums, Powwow Drums, Didgeridoos, Tamboura, Sitar, Mirdang, Tabla, Harmonium, Shruti Box, music, instructional and educational books, much more 

     Zacciah Blackburn has been a sound healer and musical instrument maker since the early 1970's. He is highly experienced in the voicing and unique qualities of a vast number of musical instruments utilized by the intuitive healing musician and sound healing artist.  He can assist you in the selection of a vast array of Sound Healing tools he utilizes, makes, and carries as a service to the sound healing community. Visit our associated site Sunreed World Musical Instruments
    We also carry a large number of healing music CD's, Tom Kenyon CD's and books, Biosonic tuning forks, and more, not listed on our site.
    Ask our office manager, Jonathan Wood for assistance with these:  802.674.9585 or e-mail us at

    Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
    The Center of Light
    Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

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