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The Pulse of Life: 
The Answers to What We Really Want
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD  

There are so many questions as to the nature of life.  The answers can come quite easily to those questions, if we but change our perceptions, our outlook, ever so slightly.

It comes down to this.  Once we understand, and accept, the nature of who we are, as spiritual beings, the nature of the Cosmos, beyond what our astrophysicists might say, and the nature of the inherent inter-relationship that intertwines the two, all else is at peace.  We, literally, come into a harmonious resonance with the nature of that greater reality, which underlies all things, with clarity, joy, beauty, and peace.  I know it sounds simple, perhaps simplistic.  But, most of us spend our days creating disharmony, stress, or even chaos in our lives, without understanding how or why our world appears so chaotic.  And, simply shifting our point of focus can change the outcome of our perceptions, and our reality.

Once we truly understand or awaken to who we are, we do, also, understand the nature of the Cosmos and our relationship to it, because, we are such a part of it.  We understand our life purpose.  It really is quite simple.
The questions may seem perplexing, who are we, truly, and why do we not perceive the world at peace?
Let me begin by stating this:  We are Holy Beings.
I understand some people may prefer another language or way of expressing this, even wonder why I focus on this way of expressing our nature.  You can use another language to express it, but, fundamentally, we are the children of a sacred or Divine Universe.  Everything is Holy.  We have been taught not to recognize it, or maintain that focus in our world experience.  Most of us reading this column probably have at least some understanding of this, if not life altering experiences which confirm it.

But, why, in a cosmic world, does the world seem so often challenging, chaotic, difficult or hard?  Again, a change in our focus of perception can alter that reality significantly.

Regardless of what language we use, we are, in essence, pure beings of Light, disseminated from the Core Principles of Light that effuse from the Heart of Creation, into the universe, as streams of consciousness and life force, which ignite the inherent dignity of every living thing.  We can call this the Great Creator, we can call it God, Nature, the Great Mother; we can call it the Cosmos, or, the Universe that breathes.  We can call it whatever we like.  The Tao calls it the Mother of Ten Thousand Things.  Others call it the Nameless One, the Faceless One, or the One with a Thousand Faces.  In an infinite universe, the source of that universe may have infinite ways of expressing itself.

Yet, in essence, from within the very heart and fabric of Creation, there streams unique imprints of consciousness, ignited by universal life force, which breathes life, and light, into each one of us, and, which creates the very fabric and essence of our being.  Somewhat mystically, we are all interwoven, together, in a great web of life.  Some seers can see that interwoven fabric.  And many of us, when in mystical states, have seen or felt the essence of it, some aspect of it.  First Nations people speak of the Grandmother Spider who wove the universe into existence.  Physicists since Einstein have, actually, used similar language, of the woven fabric of the universe.  Images of the billions of galaxies clustered together, like cords of light, look more-than-intriguingly like the interwoven network of neurons in the human brain.  When we see the more infinite nature of our self, we see that we are luminous beings, not unlike those cords of light, woven together through time and space in intricate networks of relationship, species, community, Karma and Destiny.

Map of Brain and Universe

In essence, we are Pure Beings, Pure Consciousness.  The Vedas would tell us this, as would the Buddhas.  Christ has told us “do you not know that you are Gods?” when speaking to this subject matter.  I choose the phrase ‘holy beings,’ as, that is how I perceive us.  Interestingly, the word “healing” is derived from “wholeness.”  More interestingly, “wholeness” is derived from “holy.”  Thus, if we are seeking to be healed, seeking our healing, we must embrace our wholeness, and within that, our holiness, and the reality that we are part of the Whole, the greater Whole, the fluid dynamic web of life that intermingles into the fabric of all that exists, of which we are a part.  Further, “Holy” means untainted, or pure.  Thus, we are Pure, or Holy Beings, no matter what culture, no matter what language or perceptions we use.  In stating this, we are only acknowledging our essence.

But in acknowledging our essence, we embrace it, and in embracing it, we draw it more and more into our life, and manifest reality.  In doing this, we come into reverential states.  And, this, the reverential state, is the theme of my thesis today.

If we can realize this, our essence, and once we do realize this, then we realize our purpose and place here in Creation.  They are bound in inseparable form, Essence and Purpose.  And, upon truly realizing this, we recognize our relationship to every tangible thing.  For we are part of this great and tangible web of life, that interacts with, and coheres with our beliefs and wishes, and all life.  Our beliefs and wishes become an integral part of all that is, and how we perceive and move through life.  The mystics and indigenous peoples of the world have always held this right.  We are part of the Great Mystery and the Great Web or Circle of Life.  The more we realize this, the more we embrace this, the more we honor each part of the Web, tangible, and intangible, as a part of us, and we a part of that.  And, as an outcome, the more the cohesive nature of the Universe will adhere to our beliefs and perceptions, our actions and interactions, and enliven our thoughts and perceptions in tangible and enriching ways, giving birth to them.

Thus, it is important that we manage our thoughts, our actions, and perceptions wisely.  For they contribute to, if not create the outcome of our reality.

And, we must be in a place of recognition of this Principle to perceive it.
By honoring this, by honoring all life as One, of one source, interconnected, and, all life as holy or pure in its essence, we can easily enter a rarified state of perceptual Grace, humility and Beauty and Power all at once.  We can perceive the most precious, the softest and most profound, and the most refined thread of clarity, of pure joy and love, with this appreciation of the interwoven cords of life.

This is the reverential state I am speaking of.  By simply placing our awareness in this reverential state, it will support us, and guide us into a distinct state of reverential grace.  And, the outcome of our thoughts and actions will change.  Watch what occurs.  If we do not perceive it, we can imagine what is reverential to us; what does it mean, what do I revere the most, what do I call that most holy?  Can I enter that place now?

What does reverential mean?  How do we truly get there?

And, what is the outcome, once I arrive there?
Think about it.

We know all life is holy.  We know, at least most of us, that which we call the source of Creation is that we would define as most holy.  And, yet, there is a place where all life resides in this same space.  Can we perceive it?  It is where we move outside the limitations and constrictions of our normal perceptions of time and space, our perceived constrictions of what we normally call “3D” reality.  We live beyond that.  Most of us reading this, understand this to some degree, if not profoundly.  But, many of us wonder how do we truly attain or maintain this state of wonder and grace?  It is where we focus our attention, and our perceptions, that create this reality.

It already exists.  We simply must learn to focus our attention upon it.  And, come back to it, again, and again, until it is our principle reality.

Simply imagine, what is holy to you?  Imagine all life is holy, is precious, is pure, is clear.  Find that place, if but for a moment.  And, how should one treat it, if this is so.  Imagine you are holding a precious, newborn, peaceful baby, or a delicate flower.  Imagine you are resting in a warm sun-glistened meadow, with meadowlarks singing, butterflies and flowers of every color emerging.  Or, imagine you are in a pristine forest, everything covered with the pure essence of fresh fallen snow.  Feel the clarity, beauty, peacefulness of that moment.  Go into the moment you choose, and feel the preciousness of that moment, with every sense awakened.  How does that baby stare back at you, with a glimmer of joy, wonder, and knowing in its eyes, its soft body moving ever so slightly in your hands?  Feel it.  Embrace it.  Feel every saturated essence of that moment you can perceive.  Enter the preciousness, the purity of that experience.  Pick one such encounter, and just be in it.  By all means, go into nature if it helps you, but just rest here, a moment, and imagine it.  What is every glistening cell telling you, without the chaos or confusion of the human-made world?  How often do you remove yourself from the chaos, and come here, to the joy and preciousness of the greater moment, the greater purpose, the greater meaning of life?  The more we can focus upon it, perceive it, the more it will guide and direct us, until it is the primary reality we are in.

Enter, in your mind and heart, just now, just for a moment, or for the day, a state of reverence, however you define that, of repose, of grace and gratitude for the most precious and gracious states of tangible and intangible beauty, of joy, love, magic, you can imagine, or be with.  Imagine, if but for a moment, that it is so.  And, notice how your own reverential state brings you to higher and higher states of glistening clarity, singular oneness, to the soft and magnificent beauty in your own perceptual awareness, of all things around and within you.  Stay with it just a moment, and, just a moment longer.  It is a precious opportunity and adventure, should you choose to stay here.

Hold that reverential state for some time, to allow it to penetrate your essence.  Intend that it is carried into your cells and tissues.  Feel it pulse and swell through your being, through your body.  Take it to your core.  Take it to the places longing, lacking, or wanting more.  Feel it pulse through them and lift them.  Then, carry it into places and memories that you have experienced as even more than lacking, even suffering, or, wounding in your life.  Take it into places in your memory, or in your body, that you feel less than whole, or, where you were harmed, into the wounds and arrows of others, as you have perceived them in your life.  Don’t cling to the wounds.  Just witness them, then, bring this precious state of reverential awareness and grace there, and watch what occurs.  Take a moment or so.  Let go the tensions that bind, the cords that have not served for opening and growth.  Let go of that, and greet and embrace the greatest beauty you can imagine or behold in its place.  Do it just for a moment, then a moment more, then, a moment again.  Practice it every opportunity you can give yourself.  In the meditative states of awakening in the morning, in the moments you can be with loved ones or special places of nature, alone, or with others, outside.  But, also, in the traffic snarl and long lines at the store, as well, on the phone while on hold.  In the moments you might not remember these states, in the moments you might have left peaceful or mindful repose when you were in entanglements of a relationship.  Bring this sense of reverence to those moments, as well, and see what occurs.
It is by bringing these moments of mindful being into the gritty moments of everyday life that we shall convert and transform our selves and this world.

It will not happen if we do not do it.

Though, in actuality, the moment, and this reality is already here, always has been, and always is.
It is just that we have chosen or learned to leave it, not recognize or honor it, not spend our attention on this precious moment of life, versus however else we spend it.

As the Hopi Elders have said, we are the ones we have been waiting for.  Let us empower ourselves to be the ones, to make the right choice, to take the right action, to move into this new time, whole, and awake.

Use the reverential state as often as possible in your life.

By honoring this fundamental truth, as a practice, one comes to realize we must treat everything, and every breath, in a reverential way of holiness meeting holiness, the Divine meeting the Divine, of Namaste, that which is the Divine in me bows to that which is the Divine in you.

Whether we perceive that other aspect of Divinity to be acting in a Divine or reverential way is not the point or the purpose of our actions and intentions here.  Our actions are to honor and embrace the Divine in each other, in every living thing, and in every thought and action.

As one of my elders once said, if we could but honor everything we meet, and everything we do, we would be so close to the truth.

Everything is birthed of the same Mother, the same Father, the same Spirit, the same Life Force, which moves every other living thing.  If we can but remember, and honor this, in this way, with every thought and action, we will come closer to the truth of honoring who we really are, why we are truly here, and how to proceed through this life of what appears to be such entangled matter, but which has a reverential grace breathing beneath and through it, at its core, and in every living cell.  Even where there appears to be chaos, where so many of our thoughts and actions have entangled us in a saturated reality that does not appear Divine, we can change it with a heartbeat, with a breath of reverence, of honoring the fundamental nature of life.  It takes nothing more.

The only path out of chaos is through the path of harmony itself.  We can only reach it through conscientious thought and action, not through more stress and chaos.
Will we be the ingredient of change?

It may sound simplistic.
But when we can meet and greet each other in a sacred way, consistently, through every day, when we can base our thoughts and actions in a reverential way, a state that honors and recognizes the sacred nature of all things, and ourselves as a sacred part of it, we will turn our lives into a synchronous balance that the universe can support, for we are harmonizing, balancing our lives, in its synchronized pulse of reverence for and thriving of all life and all life cycles.

When we miss the mark, let us simply step back into the rhythm and pulse of life, the thread of light, the web of life.  In so doing, we strengthen the web.

We will not only learn to tolerate each other, but treat each other (and all life) with the dignity and respect we each deserve, and recognize the family of humanity and all life that we truly are.  As others see us behaving in this way, they will naturally want to step into synchronized rhythm with that same pulse of life.  The First Nations people had it quite right.  We all are part of the great Circle of Life.  We are each a part, we each play a role; we each are to walk in reverential respect of each other part.  And, then, the magic can occur!!

What is the end result we wish to satisfy?
If it is realization of the truth, then the path there is through realization of the truth.

If it is for enlightenment, then the path there is through enlightened action.

If it is for Higher Purpose, then the path there is through Higher Purpose.

If it is for healing, or wholeness, then the path is through that very realization.

And every great master or teacher has defined this path for us, and lived it.  If we do not perceive it, we simply are, in this moment, focusing on something else.  And, we can move back to it by focusing on that outcome we choose to be our higher nature.  Focusing on the outcome will bring us to it.  That is the path.

Through loving each other as if they were our self, to being mindful of every thought and action, for it will cast light or shadow into our life and path.  These choices are ours.

Let us pick the path wisely, my child, my friend, my lover, mother, father; my brother, sister, niece, daughter, nephew and son, may we pick the path wisely.

As, it is the picking and the wisdom of that path, which defines our future perceptions and reality.

We are the makers of our destiny, the outcome of our actions.

Pick the path wisely.

I bow to you who are holy.


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There is an elemental grace which the Earth exudes. We have the power to step into it. We have the elemental right and responsibility to do so. It is inherent within us. The Elemental Grace and Wisdom of our Divine Origins.It is our Birth Right.

Claim it.


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