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Speaking with the Elements:  The Elemental Nature of ConsciousnessSPEAKING WITH THE ELEMENTS:   

And, What Are They Asking of Us?

(#2 in an ongoing series of articles on the Elemental Nature of Consciousness.) 
An Article, and Meditative Practice 
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD

The Elements are all around us.

And, within us.
They compose all matter, all manifest form, and creation.
They are luminous, sentient beings, which conceive, manifest, express, and commune, through fundamental principles of relationship and reciprocity.


Whatever the cultural terms used, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the often unspoken Space, Ether, or Emptiness, the center point of all creation, fuse in symbiotic relationship to bring forward and manifest all perceived form and existence.

Quan Yin, riding the dragonTo the modern mind, like so much of our Cosmos, they are most often considered inanimate objects, forces, or things.  To most living and ancient indigenous and wisdom cultures, they are the ‘first principle,’ and are living, sentient, conscious beings, often named, whom we have relationship with, through the very vitality of our being.  And, indeed, they are a part of creation with which we are intended to have sentient, harmonious, living relationship, in the awakened state of our existence.  Indeed, some would say, we already have this.  And, with slight change in our mind, and perceptive states, this can be our reality. 


Indeed, like the great Buddha Quan Yin, often seen, ‘riding the dragon,' this is exemplary of one having just such a conscious, sentient, reverential relationship with elemental creation.  This is often evident in other cultures, as it is understood such relationship is a part of the fabric of self-realization.  This is in large part, because it is understood those very elements are that which we are composed of, in our manifest form.  In China, the ‘dragons’ not only represent, but, are the very nature of ‘elemental consciousness.’  It is how the elements express themselves in essential form.  This might be equated to the “Princesses,” or, the ‘refined elements’, of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire in the Peruvian mysteries, as expressed through the Q’ero and other descendants of the Incan path.  It is the ‘refined, (or, subtle,) consciousness’ of these elements we speak of when we bring forward such wisdom, regarding these “Nustas,” (Princesses,) and the ability to connect, commune, and enter living, vital, right relationship with them, as part of our awakening, and nourishing, the “Inca Seed,” or, the “Seed of our Potential,” the “Seed of our Enlightened Self,” the “Flower of Blossoming Joy,” (that which we truly are,) in the fundamental Incan/Q’ero path of initiation into Living Relations with the Cosmos, and pathway to self-realization, often called the “Hatun Karpay,” or, “Great Initiation,” in this “Taripay Pacha,”  The Time of Meeting Ourselves, Again!”  This prhase refers to this prophesied time of awakening we are in, which distinctly states, it is when enough of us enter vital, living relationship with all aspects of the Living Cosmos, that this will serve as the catalyst for our awakening!  This relates, also, to the Mayan “End of Time as we Know It,” the Grand New Cycle we have entered, as well as Cherokee, Hopi, and other prophesies and teachings, with universally state we must enter harmonious relations with the Earth and Cosmos.  (My articles and practices are filled with this information and explicit methodology, for those new to this work, who might wish to follow it more closely.)


In Chinese 5 Elemental Medicine, one of the oldest medical systems on our planet, there is complete and direct relationship to the elements, our health, the flow of vital life force in our body relating to each element, the organ systems, and our emotions.  The complete understanding of our health and well-being is based in direct understanding of, and relationship with, the elements.   This is viewed in similar ways through the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism, at least as it relates to the more ancient, indigenous Tibetan Bon shamanic culture.  Elemental medicine and principles emerge through the primary understanding of other wisdom cultures through the world, as well.   Most North American original peoples base their entire world view on the Medicine Wheel, and its orientation to the 4 directions, the 4 elements without, and the central element (space, Creator, etc, within.)

dragonsIn a recent article on this subject, I spoke of the dragons, a greatly misunderstood aspect of creation, in the modern world.  And, I will speak of them again in future articles.  They are a very important part of many Asian, Native American, ancient European, and other cultures’ wisdom and mythologies.  But, here, I wish to be more explicit with a more definitive understanding of the elements, their essence and nature, in ways we can easily connect and interact with them, and, perhaps, understand, also, what they are asking of us at this time.


The Elements are living, conscious, sentient beings.

This can be a stretch for the modern way of understanding things, from an empirically scientific foundation.  Though, even science speaks more and more to the apparent ‘consciousness’ within every atom.  For those of you who already embrace this understanding, this article, will, more than hopefully, transmit even deeper wisdom, understanding, and experiential reverence for this reality.

When we do understand this, accept this, honor this, and honor them as being such (living,) we open the veils of illusion which have separated us, individually, and, collectively, from this understanding; and, from a living relationship with them.  By not accepting or believing in them as a living reality, we shut off a great deal of potential for this to be so, to even perceive it.  If the possibility does not exist in the cultural heritage of the ‘modern mind,’ without, at least, the possibility of its existence, we not only shun, ignore, or shutoff many possible perception, we refuse the link of entrainment which allows us the thread, and eventually, open channel of perception to, and communication with, this aware state.  If the possibility does not exist, how can it be so?  We dismiss even the imagination of it.  So, the dewdrop kissing our cheek in the morning is nothing more than a momentary feeling of sweetness.  The soft caress of the wind is missing the ancestral knowledge whispering to us.  The song of the bird is nothing more than random genetically ingrained behaviors.  We will not even go into the collaboration of the medicine allies in relation to these possibilities, as the hawk swoops near us, just as we were contemplating a critical step in our lives, or the fox darts in front of us just as we thought of a loved one.

On the other hand, by allowing, imagining, giving permission, at least for this possibility of these ‘things,’ these ‘forces of nature,’ to be ‘living,’ it opens us to the reality.  It opens us to the possibility of perception, and the information they may bring, like the new rays of the sun, every morning, bringing wisdom explicit to this day, as it is an abiding and integral part of so many Native traditions.  Why is it so universally accepted, outside of the modern scientific (or, religious,) mind?  But, to open the possibility, or to the living reality, our senses may make use of the subtle, vital energy and information they provide us on a regular basis.  We may discover it is far more a part of our lives than we ever imagined! 


The more we can accept, realize, perceive this as a possibility, the more it becomes evident, that it is a reality.  For, as it is, the elements are constantly informing, invigorating, lifting us into actual states of beauty, and, if allowed, even ecstasy.  Just sit in nature with me a few moments, if you do not understand or believe this.  Give just a brief time, to allow the possibility to arise.  And, if you understand, sit with me, also, to see what new and vital resources you might access in this new and fresh moment of this day.

speaking with nature Can we go out and speak with Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Space?  I will speak much more about this, and the many layers of understanding this can embrace, as my story unfolds.  But, in its simplest form, yes, it can be this simple.  Many have done so.  If you have not, have you at least tried?  If not, I recommend you do.  Speak to them, just as if it were a neighbor, a loved one, someone important in your life, whom you sought to enter relationship with.  How would you do this with someone you want to have an earnest relationship with?  With reverence, humility, consideration, perhaps inquisitiveness.  Go out and greet the sun, and the fire within it, the way in which you perceive its warmth and light.  The wind, and air you breathe.  How does it invigor you?  Take a deep breath of fresh air, and tell me it does not invigorate you!  The water you drink, bathe or shower in, listen to in the babbling brook, or ocean swells?  Do they not inform, or speak to you, in their own ways, perhaps.  But, they also can, and will (eventually, if not now,) respond, in like kind.  This is known, in Peru, as “Ayni,” the Law of Reciprocity, a very important universal law, very beneficial to understand, and spoken in so many languages.  What is given, is returned.  In India, we might call it “karma.”  In each culture, it has wisdom or understanding based in this fundamental law. 

But, back to our story.  The Earth.  As we sit, and listen, outside.  (By a window, on a patio or porch, can work quite well, though the deeper I go in nature, the more easily I can speak, and hear.  The earth from which all our nourishment in the essential world of ‘food,’ as we commonly think of it, arises.  Let your mind wander into the space between the stars at night.  Then, feel into it, and speak your wonder, your care, your reverence, for how it makes you feel.  And, listen.  Listen to how it speaks, for it may not be in English, or your mother language.  It may be that simple kiss or caress of the wind, or a butterfly, in just the right moment, or just the feelings of expanse, which occurs, that is informing or energizing us in their way of speaking with us.  This way in which nature, and the elements, speak to us, may require our feeling sensations in order to understand.  Even our more relaxed, more subtle feeling senses.  For this is the fundamental communicative language of all of nature, and creation.  It is an inherent vibrational tone, which all of us can see, feel, understand, and intone, as well.  It is inherent to all Creation.  This is the fundamental language of all things.


(I will speak more about all of this, through this article, and upcoming ones.  And, indeed, you can find a multitude of articles in my Articles Section, regarding information, and methodology (free meditations & mp3 practices,) on how to connect, perceive, commune with various aspects and elements of Nature, as well as the living, vibrational nature of the Cosmos.  But, more will come.)


Vibration is the elemental language of all of Creation.  It requires a perceptual feeling of the undulating principals of Life, these forces of creation, in order to fully perceive or understand them.  They ride in waves or currents of energy and life force throughout the Earth, and Universe, actually.  Indeed, there is a growing body of science speculating on the “Electric Universe,” which speaks, in its own terms, to this principle (currents of energy and bodies of plasma, enlivening the universe through understood scientific principles of electromagnetism, which, in actuality, coalesce with the ancient esoteric wisdom of the balance of Masculine (electric,) and feminine (magnetic,) principles of Creation.)  While this body Eagle Nebulae, NASAof science is highly disavowed by most supporters of the more accepted, if not institutionalized, ‘big bang/dark matter/dark energy’ model of the universe, there is real science, Nobel Prize Laureates, and rational argument, with supportive evidence, behind the equations for the Electric Universe theories.  Indeed, the Electric Universe model gives direct interpretation to many missing links and open gaps (and wounds,) in the more standardized Big Ban theories.  Without getting sidetracked, the universe moves and unfolds in ways that have been distinctly described, perceived, and spoken of, for thousands of years, by esoteric schools, in just such terms.  All is Vibration.  English is not its first language.  And, in order to understand and perceive it, it is most beneficial to enter more receptive, intuitive states of ‘feeling perception.’  There is a balance needed between cognition and intuition.  But, science has grossly de-valued the art of direct perception, and the wisdom that arises from it, especially when we speak of a Living Universe, and an intelligence behind it, or a consciousness within it.  Read more about how we might establish perceptual understanding and communication with these Living forces, further below.

But, once one has truly established a sentient relationship with these aspects of creation, you may be surprised how easy it is to speak with them, and how eager they are to work, conscientiously, with us, as living Sons and Daughters of Creation, embodied...  They love, revere, and respect us, in this recognition of who we truly are, and, they want equal relationship.  Indeed, they seek equal partnership.  They seek equal understanding and value of who they are, and why they are here.  Though, they distinctly, and clearly know their purpose.  They are here to serve Creation, and its equanimous, and harmonious, unfolding.  But, they, also, know, we are part of each other.  Indeed, this is a theme I hear over and over again from the Living Beings of the subtle world.  The vast realms of remarkable Luminous and Holy Beings, Awakened Ones, Guides, and Teachers, Healers, Angelic Beings, Devic and other elemental beings, and the Ancestral Spiritual Lineage Carriers and WisdomKeepers, who dwell in subtle space, all around us, seek reverential communion with us, and seek to assist us in our own awakening, our own unveiling (revelation,) of the Hidden Truth of who we are as magnanimous beings of Creation.  They constantly remind us of how grand and great we are, realized luminous beings, a part of them, in our essential state.  Our energetic or vibrational state.  Out multi-dimensional existence.  Not just the one we have come to believe is our reality, here in the 3D infatuated modern mind.  And, how important it is we live and breathe from this place of equanimity and harmonious co-existence, collaboration, and co-creation.  That we must make mindful and harmonious choices the priorities in our existence.  That we shall not be able to continue to suffer the choices that threaten this equanimous existence.

It is, in part, the lack of appropriate, or harmonious communication, and relationship with each other, and these vital aspects and forces of nature which has, and may continue to, create havoc with humanity and the elements around us…  Notice any changes in the weather?  In the atmosphere of the Earth?  In solar activity?  The geomagnetic field of the Earth?  How about the emotional states of yourself and those around you?  Notice any physical changes in so many, somewhat unusual to earlier times?  Notice any changes in your perception of time itself?  Or cultural instability, economic chaos, etc., etc., etc.….

While I shall speak, and have spoken, of these, in terms of this period of incredible transformation we are in, I do tell you, it is becoming more and more clear, and much, much easier to commune, with these elemental forces, as the veils are thinning, and are lifted time and time again, in this time of “the lifting of the veils,” (the meaning of “Revelations.”)  We notice this, if, we pay attention to our fundamental perceptions.   This does not even have to be ‘subtle’ sensations.  Step outside on one of these clear, highly charged atmospheric days or nights, such as we have been experiencing (and, more and more in recent years, it seems,) and notice what you perceive.  Can you not feel the high charge of energy in the atmosphere?  Can you let it sink into your own ‘atmosphere,’ or, ‘bio-field,’ to charge, nourish, cleanse, and sustain you?  And what would you call that?  A simple ion exchange?  Clean air?  Powerful allies of elemental consciousness.  Notice what you perceive.  And speak in gratitude of the positive elements of perception you do notice. 

Commune with them, by feeling all in your perceptual range of stimulus.

Just take note of what you are perceiving, whatever it is, without judgment, question, or degradation; just notice what you perceive.  Then, whatever that is, appreciate it, and if you feel up to it, say something about what you feel! 

Out loud wherever possible.

Think of it in a prayerful or meditative way, if you do not speak it out loud!!

Sing a simple song of it.  Say a prayer of thanks out loud.  Simply say, “thank you!”  Intone it (hum or sing a simple ‘ahhhh’ sound,) with gratitude, if you are not familiar with how to do this.  That much, is very simple, can be very expressive, and carries the vibrational signature, and, intelligence, of your heart, and your mind-felt prayer, into the ‘ethers.’  Your intonation can move into any melody or harmony….but, just basic, rich (vital) sound is all that is needed.  It does the work.  And carries the imprint, the messages of your heart, into the known worlds.
This is the gateway to deeper communication, and relationship.

(Which we will continue to define, and refine our explanations of, and experiential practices with, through this and upcoming articles.)


What is happening right now, is that we are being given an incredible opportunity to speak with, to interact with, the elemental forces of Nature, in ways that will restore balance, health, harmony, at all levels of our being.


You have heard of body mind connection.
This is much deeper than what is commonly understood by this, but works on the same principles.  Once I learn to respect and interact with the elements of creation, they will do the same with me.  They already are doing this.  It is more that, if my lack of interaction with them at a level of harmony is not happening, then, I do not perceive them.  I cannot.  Because, their world is not in my perceptual field of understanding.  They are not part of my reality, because I am not harmonizing, I am not projecting, or emanating, from a place of harmony, balance, or equanimity.  Therefore, I cannot perceive anything that is.  That world is not part of my own.  I rush about my stress-filled, too-much-to-do life, how can I possibly notice the stillness of the waters speaking to me?  Calling me in, to replenish and restore.  Or, if I notice it, I do not obey my own intuitive wisdom and impulse, because, ‘there is no time,’ or other cultural mis-understanding.
When I give time, and belief, or opportunity, for it to occur, it is already happening.  And the wisdom arises, over and over again, in ways that continually amaze, inspire, and humble me.

Again, they are luminous, sentient beings, which are conceived, manifest, expressed, and communed, through fundamental principles of relationship and reciprocity.
They are generous, and wise in their ways.  But, equally, they are not afraid of their role as co-creators, and the power and the responsibilities which that entails.


What they are providing, right now, are enormous gateways into opportunity to explore elemental consciousness, elemental nature, elemental creation, and sacred harmonies, joy, and loving abundance, through relationship with them.  Step outside, and breathe.  Sit by the waters, and drink the ‘nectars’ of their creation.  (You do not have to drink the waters.)  Rest under the sun, and feel its awesome power to enliven, charge, amplify, transform, warm, illumine, ignite!  Sit upon the earth, and feel her magnanimous love, pulse, rhythm of life, rising through you, into your heart, and pulsing through your veins.  Rest beneath the stars, and feel the vital essence of all creation emerging through the deep space before, around, and within you!



It is often, in the greater cultural Creation 'Myth' stories, that it is the Void, Emptiness, or Spaciousness from which Creation, or, the Creator Being, arises, and sounds the world into creation, often using the unspoken technology of the Sacred Word, "Because I say it, It is So," with power and consciousness, coupling Light and Sound, Consciousness and Life Force, or, as the Vedic schools might articulate it, the forces of "Shiva & Shakti," the perfect union of the Masculine and Feminine principals of All Creation.  This is spoken time and time again in our world’s creation myths.  The knowledge and wisdom is the same, though the languages may be different.


In the beginning was the void (emptiness, darkness,) and god said, "Let there be light," and there was light.


Whether it is Brahma rising from the navel of Nataraja, Atum-Ra arising from the formless, primordial ‘Nun,’ or Ometecuhtli/Omecihuatl of the Aztecs arising from the infinite void, over and over, it is the deep void of spaciousness and emptiness, which is the Womb and Heart of Creation, the infinite formless ocean or ‘mind,’ from which all life springs.  In Tibetan Buddhism, is so explicitly articulated, as Prajnaparamitra, the ‘embodiment’ of this principle.  But, even ‘she,’ the “Mother of Creation,’ is beyond form, and structure and matter; even beyond belief and cognition.  If you think you understand this, it is beyond even that.  “Gate, gate, paragate parasumgate, Bodhi soha.”   “Beyond, beyond, gone utterly beyond, enlightenment, hail!” 

It is that beyond form, from which all arises, intermingles with the forces of creation, to make manifest all worlds, and all forms, and to which all form returns, again to the formless, in the ever cyclical rhythms of Creation.  It is not simple coincidence, as I see our collective mind evolving and emerging, that premier physicists in recent times, such as Nassim Haramein, or Hans Alfven, have studied the 'content' of 'empty space' to bring forward new theories regarding the nature of our cosmos, which can broaden our understanding, while challenging numerous incomplete, or even illogical, assumptions and conclusions of more accepted models, such as the 'big bang theory.'  Thus, from creation mysticism, to new science, the void of emptiness, and its ‘insignificant content,’ plays a critical role in determining the nature of Creation.


From that void, ether, or space, there are four streams of consciousness, which arise and interweave into the Fabric of Creation.  These are the Elemental Beings of All Creation.  They are given names in many cultures, such as, the Seraphim, the 4 great streaming fiery elemental dragons of Creation in the Book of Enoch, upholding the very throne and fabric of Creation, singing praises to it.  In indigenous medicine circles, and wisdom schools of Asia, Egypt, and elsewhere, the aspects of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and their 'refined substance,' or consciousness, become critical to the nature, form, and Heart of Creation.  In the East, the 5th element of ether or space is paramount to their understanding of Creation.  It is in the Medicine Circles of N. America as well, though it is not always so spoken or revealed.  It stands in the central stone of the Medicine Wheel in many cultures, the space within, representing the connecting axis to all life through Earth, Creator, and Self.  The Four Directions, and Four Elements, span out in the primary spokes of the Wheel, discoursing, not only orientation to all Time and Space, but the elemental nature of our psychology, personality, places and times in life, relationship to other elements/medicines of the Wheel of Life, and on, and on, it goes.  Deep and paramount relationship to elemental consciousness is expressed through the Medicine Wheel of so many cultures.  (There are over 500 First Nations in N. America alone, they do not all express or interpret the wheel as I just have.)


I spoke in depth, in recent articles, about Fire, the Solar Principal, and the Masculine aspect of Creation, as it is an integral part of our understanding, and wisdom.  At that time, I, also, gave a free meditation practice.  If you did not see it, you can view it here.  I recommend that you continue working with this, as the Solar Element feeds, charges, and nourishes us in our process of enlivening and awakening.  It brings forward the element of Fire through its life force as a principle.  There are several solar activating meditations in my articles.  You will also find ones on harmonizing with various aspects of Earth.  Often, these are based on practices I have learned from indigenous traditions.  But, I have also, been taught a great deal directly, from listening, to these Elements of Life, themselves.  There are, also, a number of free mp3 downloads, including these in a recent series, in which the participant is asked to enter ‘spaciousness’ in the heart, and imagine or perceive the ‘blessings’ of heaven, raining down upon one.  I could highly recommend simply imagining, or perceiving those blessings, like a soft rain falling from the sky, and bathe in their cooling, nourishing, cleansing waters.


As I rest in the outdoors at my home, as I am writing, I am bathed in these Luscious Elements of Life.  The sounds of a rushing river surround me, as do the melodic joy of songbirds all around.


These voices of nature reflect the beauty, grandeur, and graciousness of the world from which we arise, are birthed and borne, connect, and re-connect to, and are vitalized from.  We thrive in this world.  It is, and must be, part of our awakening process.  It feeds and nourishes us constantly.  By taking time to rest in nature, be consciously, and conscientiously fed by it, and feel and perceive the characteristics of the various elements in their most perceivable form around us, we can turn our awareness ever more slowly into the subtle worlds from which they arise, and, speak, within the ebb and flow of life.  By doing so, we can easily grow our appreciation for these forces, and feelings of connectedness.   We finally get it.  We feel, we understand, viscerally, we directly experience, our Living Connection with life around us.  We realize we are part of it, at a visceral, even cellular level, if we allow our perceptions to work in this way.  If we already ‘know’ this, it allows us to breathe it in again, revitalize it, in ways we have not perceived before, with deeper and renewed exhilaration or realization.  Because, every moment, every realization, is new, fresh, unlike the one before.  If we do not understand this, this is the very foundation for why we may have become bored, complacent, feeling unworthy, dissatisfied, or incomplete.  It may be why, every moment, or every person or experience, becomes the ‘same ol’, same ol’.’  It is because we are not revitalizing every moment of our lives.

 Nature can help us do this.  Because it is breathing this very vitality through the elements of the soil, air, water, and sun/fire, at every moment.  Constantly rejuvenating.  Equally, it is inviting us to release everything which does not serve us, back into the elements, where, by their very, fundamental nature, they cleanse and purify.  This happens with the Air we breathe, nourishing us, and the toxins we release, which no longer serve us, as an easy example of this cycle.  And, here, Air has a vital prayers with the Earthrelationship with all things green, which breathe in exactly the opposite direction, again, creating reciprocal relationship.  We can speak about every element offering this cyclical, reciprocating relationship.  If we hear this, understand it, and participate in it, we become renewed, rebirthed, restored.  If not, we may become stagnant, like waters that have nowhere to flow.  This becomes the nature of our unfelt, unresolved emotions, which may stagnate and toxify us, very easily, if we are not mindful if their need to be felt, to be released, forgiven, resolved in whatever way best serves us, and the greater All.

We are, also, at a fundamental, energetic level, participating in this reciprocity.  Our bio-field, and every energy center (chakra) is doing this.  But we forget.  We have turned our attention away.  By doing so again, by turning our awareness back to this rhythmical cycle, we easily see it, acknowledge it, participate in it.  We get it again, and again, and again.  We are reborn.  Every moment, every day.
The elements, and closeness/relationship with them, can help us understand this.  Help it become a living reality of our every day.  Even if we still have to feed the baby, walk the dog, or go to a job which we do not feel is fulfilling our life purpose or ambition (please be mindful, there is often a difference in the two.  Please, also, be mindful, that we do make, and have choices in, this presumption of un-fulfillment!)


By doing so, by being with, and breathing in Nature, by participating with this cyclicalrevelations, stone chamber, vermont  reciprocity with the elements, we gain extraordinary insight, health, healing, strength, and vitality.  Our wisdom, self-remembrance, self-esteem, and feelings of worthiness and value in this world grow.  For we understand, and directly feel and experience, that we are being held, nourished, graced by life itself!!! 


 We are.


And, we understand we are a part of it.  We are not separate from it. We are part of life Itself.  And the elements breathe through our lungs, our veins, our tissue, our hearts, our bones.  The very fire of life breathes and fires inside of each atom, each molecule, each cell of our body.  The water carries our memories and nourishment to each cell.  The air revitalizes and restores, and releases old and non-essential memories and feelings.  Our bones & tissues store, structure, and create what is most vital to us, and allows us to orient to, and move through, the time and space we find ourselves in.


This may be interpreted as a mostly 3D dimensional reality I am speaking of.  yet, I asure you, this is far more to it than this.  Even in this rendition I am currently articulating.


The collaboration and harmonious arising of the elements of nature are visible all around us, and within us, as they are in the subtle worlds as well.


City of LightWe have so much potential, and abundance and joy about us.  I wonder, sometimes, if we fully realize it, or utilize it, for our benefit and wellness.


I am graced by the beauty of this world.


All about me arises the grandeur of nature, the rich tapestry of sun and earth, fire and water, wind and earth.

The interweavings of these tapestries compose our bones and humors, the fire in our gut, our heart, and our cells.

They allow us to experience being alive in this dimensional reality, but are part of the next.  And the next.  And, the next.  It behooves us to enter conscientious relationship with the Elements of Creation.


Just resting here, I feel the air is alive.  It is feeding me, nourishing me, cleansing me.  Much like the cycles of my breath, I inhale, and am inspired, I exhale, and release, literally, all that does not serve me.

I ingest the foods of the earth which nourish me, and the same cycle continues....I drink the water, andTemple Falls the cycle continues.  My heart is alive with the radiant abundance of fire, but also of joy.  If it is grief or sadness I am experiencing, I am not resting in the fire of my heart, which ignites and burns all corpses of the past.  There is good reason so many cultures burn their dead, rather than bury them.


My radiant field is pulsing, receiving frequencies from multiple dimensional realities in the ultra-electromagnetic range, receiving energies of light and intelligence of the cosmos, and life force and abundance up from the earth beneath me, just like every living thing receives this life force to become erect, vital, alive.  It makes each thing quicken, flourish and thrive!

So do I rest and radiate in this abundant uplifting and up-swelling life force of the Earth?
Do I realize it, or does my memory and awareness take me back to some other place and time, not pulsing in the abundant joy of the present, radiant Earth?  If I am overwhelmed with toxins and pollutants, that may be all that I see.  I cannot remember anything else.  The anger may overtake me.  This is a good time to flush the kidneys and liver.  And, Spring is a great time for that.  To pulse out all that I have been storing through my winter slumber, and re-invigor myself!


And, my field is, also, constantly pulsing excess energy and information out into the cosmos around me.  The Peruvian mystics speak to this as the “Fountain of Joy” or the “Flower of Blossoming Joy,” as the rising energies pulse up, and, out into life, never ending.  My entire field is doing this.  Each energy center, we call, commonly, the chakras.

Through my thought, prayer, emotions, and actions, this, also is happening.  With conscious and conscientious thought and action, it can become most directed and intentional.  But, it is the inherent nature and properties of my energy system, in relationship to the vital forces and elements of nature within and about me. 

Living Relations It is occurring, even in the stillest of moments.

I expire.  I inspire, I transpire.

Inhale, and exhale.

It is part of the cycles of nature.  Part of the Rhythms of Life.

I am taking in all of these elements of consciousness at every moment, and exhaling them the next.  In conscious, reciprocal relationship, at every moment, of my life.


When I can enter this syncopated rhythm with them, conscientiously, it can heighten my experience ecstatically.  Really.  I become, “the flower of blossoming joy.”  I enter, “Pure Awareness and Pure Pleasure.”  These are Peruvian and Tibetan terms for this of awakened ecstasy.  Now, I can experience the pure consciousness of Who I truly Am, and dedicate my life force, and actions, to my True Life Purpose.


A Meditative Practice

Recommended allotment:  10-20 minutes, though the benefit of this practice can be derived in shorter and longer durations.


Find a moment to take a breath.

Step outside.

If you do not have a semi-quiet, comfortable, safe place to do this, you can easily ‘step outside’ in your imagination.  Simply recall a place that is very special, sacred, or inspiring to you, and imagine all of its beauty and nurturance.

If you live in a city environment, you may have to use your imagination more fully to really experience the vital qualities of air.  I am certain you have experienced this before.  And, you can use your memory or imagination to experience it here.
Try it where you are now.  But, when you are able, find a time to do it in a deeper part of nature; use a city park, or rural farm-side, or back yard or back of a parking lot, if you don’t have deep nature close by.  The more completely natural the setting, the more easily you will be able to entrain to the fundamental rhythms of Elemental Consciousness which reside, and emanate so fluidly, in undisturbed nature.


Step outside (or, imagine it.)

Take a moment.

Take a breath.
Come to a more still moment, and rest, sit down.

Take another breath...
Continue this cycle for some time.  With each moment, each breath, allow your awareness to become more subtle, more soft, more still.

Notice with all the textures of your senses, all the textures you experience in the world around you.  First, in the breath, and the vital influence of the air and oxygen.  Take it in.  Deeply release.  And, continue this for some time.

Just feeling the subtle flow of energy and life force, oxygen, and release.
How does it feel?  Does it make you more alive?  Or, in taking this moment to yourself, do other feelings emerge which seek release or resolution?  Embrace them.  Allow the vital air to embrace your feeling senses, whatever they are, and merge with them.  Notice all that you perceive as you do this.

Allow each breath to come in.

And release.
After you have relaxed deeply into this rhythmical cycle of inhalation, and exhalation, inspiration, and expiration, then turn your attention to the other senses and values you experience.
Notice the softness of the breeze, for instance.
How does it caress or ‘inform’ you?  Rest in it, feeling its softness, in gratitude, its vital nature, and texture.  How does it make you feel when you soften your senses to these soft wafts of air?

Feel, again, the rich vigor of the air.

Then, the deep blue of the sky.  Stretch your awareness out into the ethers of the sky, or space, above, and beyond you.  Notice any changes in how your perceptions shift.

Then continue to experience every thing that floods into your senses.  And, notice how they make you feel.  What ‘information,” or, vitality that you perceive through them.  Just notice.  There is no ‘right or wrong.’  I am just giving you suggestions of how I am experiencing them as I write.

Notice, for instance, the vital fierceness of the sun, warming, upon your neck, or shoulders, or arms, and thighs.  How does it reach down to the extremities of your bodies….and your subtle bodies? 

Notice the soft texture, and vital green color of the grass, and the leaves of bushes, and trees, perhaps, renewing one with heartfelt strength, through the very color green, itself.  Take in each petal, aroma and color, fragrance and symmetry that you can perceive, in all of Creation around you.  Whatever the environment you are in.

Notice the uprightness of the trees and grasses.  How do they rise?  With what purpose, power, or intention?  Everything green.  How does it all work?  What is the source of beauty of it all?

And, all the colors and subtle textures around.  Take them in.  Let them ‘speak’ to you.
Let them inform you.  But, also, don’t imagine this is an English lesson, or history, science, or even mystery lesson.  Let them speak in the ways the colors, sights, sounds, and textures speak to you.  In their own language.  In your own perceptual field as a sensitive human.  Just allow it to happen.


Sometimes, you will receive direct lessons of nature.  Other times, lessons of human psychology as it is reflected in nature.  Other times, it will be deep inner wisdom rising in relation to the messages, or vibratory states, you are resting in.  Other times, it may be the sentient beings of any levels of the subtle worlds ‘speaking’ to you, in any form, or language, as you allow yourself to enter subtle states of awareness.  It may be the ‘medicines’ of the animals or stone beings who speak with or through you.  Listen, listen, listen, to all around and within you.  Listen to your own heartsong.


Notice how the trees and grasses allow themselves to rise toward the sky of their own volition.

Or it is drawn ever up by the light and warmth?

And does it draw upon the earth and vital water within the earth, as it rises?

Or do they pulse up through its stem or trunk, with such vital force, they must rise, they are called to rise?

Imagine how the pulse of the earth moves up through its trunk and branches.

In the same way it uplifts you.
If you gently imagine it, bring your awareness to your tailbone or pelvis, and imagine this part of you is sinking into the Earth.  First, it may feel like release or relief; allow it, if so….but, then, you may feel (or, imagine,) the vital pulse of Earth rising through you.
Feel it.  Imagine it.  Let it uplift you, right into the sky, stretching ever out, like the branches of the tree, the petals of the flower.  You can become the uplifting ‘flower of blossoming joy!’  Just like that.  This simple.


It may just be a momentary experience.  But it can shift your awareness, belief, memories, in such a way that that one experience is life altering, as you grow to witness, experience, and accept the magic and mystery of our inter-relationship with the Earth, the Elementals, and all of Her Kingdoms, and the Sky Kingdoms, through these simple, direct experiences.


If there is water near you, notice how the water flows, effortless, down, down, the path of least resistance.
It teaches us about the power of compassion, and non-resistance.  How powerful it is to just let go, and let be. 

One of my teachers once asked me, “What if all you had to do, was ‘be.?”

What if this was so?

The thoughts of this, and the rushing non-resistance and power of the water, brings the blessings of all whom have gone before us, like rain from heaven, and passes them on, beyond us, to those not yet come.

If it is rain we experience, it is not saddening, or sour, that the day is ‘ruined’ by the rain.  This is such a poor, self-absorbed perception of rain and water, clouds and sky.

No, the rain brings vital water and blessings that we need, and deserve.  It is part of what we thrive upon, and part of the cycle of Life.  It is joyous that the rain is falling.  If I am still enough, I may commune with each drop of water as it sings with glee its descending grace, calling out to the great Earth Mother, “I am coming home!”  I have heard these voices, more than once, before.  They sing in glee!  Like sky divers in free form, floating to Earth.  Coming home.


Mt.Ascutney with RainbowThe rains bring blessings of the heavens, literally, down to us, as well.

Literally, there are messages in the water.  The soft, gentle rain, nourishing, sweet, tender, against my skin.

And, the hard, fierce rains, cleansing and purifying, when two vastly different air pockets mix and collide, a 'high' and  a 'low', bringing fierce cleansing winds, water, even hail to my door.  They build great skyscrapers of cloud banks so high I can barely see their heights, forming faces of the ancestors and medicine kingdoms, reflecting the patterns of light, as they glide through the heavens.  Let them move the air and wind, water and lightening that releases and cleanses, informs, transmustes, and illumines, bringing vital charge (ions/ignition!) to the atmosphere.


I walk out, and hear this rustling water, of the brook by my house, and songs of the birds.
I hear renewal, growth, flourishing abundance, there is so much to witness, be part of, take in.  So much gratitude and appreciation absorbed and expressed through my heart, and my skin.

So much beauty, so much aliveness, so many messages from the nature, and the very elements of Creation speaking to me here!
If I can but sit back and listen.


I pray you can find it here.

Take a moment to yourself to do so.
Let those moments grow.
We are part of the Earth, and all of Creation.

And, if we take but a few moments to recognize, and experience this, we will come more and more fully into ourselves, into our vital awareness and power, into our vital self and purpose.  We will feel the connection to all life.  It will change our beliefs, and our reality, as we step outside the next time, and hear the gentle, joyous songbird, or see the hawk flying overhead at just the right moment, or spider just outside of our mind’s eye.


If I go into nature, move deeper into its territory, it becomes even something else.

The resonance of nature speaks distinctly, and explicitly, to us, when left unto itself.  For here, the vitalMt Mansfield Golden Sunset forces are allowed to obey the fundamental laws of Creation, without distortion.  And those laws are about balance, harmony, equanimity, and reciprocation.

I have spoken extensively to the Laws of Divine Proportion, which are evident here.  All life follows not only a rhythm, but geometrical symmetries that are expressed in harmonious proportions to each aspect of itself, whether measuring at the micro- or macro-cosmic level of creation.  Even modern science has re-discovered these laws of ancient Sacred Geometries our ancestors all over the world discovered and explored, and utilized in their everyday lives, temples and memorials, in their songs, and art, etc.  Modern science, music, and art are based upon these harmonious proportions and rhythms, though we have lost track of their origins.  When we are in nature, they resonate, inherently, vibrationally, through us, as well as from within us.  Our very DNA follows these same dynamic proportions.  (Again, this is true science, not mystical expression.)  The colors follow and obey the rhythms of the 5 elements, as seen, expressed, and interpreted through Oriental art.  The music of so many indigenous cultures follow the same rhythms through the sounds of the pentatonic scale (5 tone, 5 element.)

I can experience this every where.  But those things not built with conscious intention, in harmonious union with the laws and properties of elemental nature, may not resonate in this field.  This is why we feel the stillness, richness, and vitality in ancient temple complexes, and not in modern industrial cities.
But, in nature.  It is everywhere.  When left to itself, Nature explodes in these vital essences, elements, and proportions, in the undulating rhythms of life, in harmony with all Creation.

I bow in humility to the incredible voices which sing to me here.


Tree SpiritAnd, here, especially, in the purity and pristine nature of creation, the voices truly speak to us.  Guiding us home, to a place of extraordinary discovery, empowerment, presence, healing, and transformation.  Here, they give us life purpose.  Here, they remind us who we are, in our relationship to a Living Creation.  And, why, we are here!

I will speak more to all of this in upcoming articles.

I hope you will look forward to this series, and share these with your friends and neighbors!
I send many blessings to you upon your path!

In truth, they are already with you!
Many blessings!


2014 Zacciah Blackburn, PhD 
The Center of Light 
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Sacred Sound Healing, Sacred Earth Hearing retreat
Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth
The Sounds of the SHAMAN

A 5 Day Shamanic Sacred Sound Retreat 
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Therapeutic/Shamanic Sound practices, Sacred Ceremony for Healing the Earth and Each Other,
Accessing Ancient Sitesand Earth Wisdom

In Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth, Songs of the Shaman, we will focus on how to use sound to enhance our private and professional lives.  Then, we shall, also, stretch out into nature, to work with the elements and ancient sites.  And, we shall learn to enter ceremonial states, for the benefit of the Earth, with the Great Grandfather drum(s) we use in our practices.

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In LIONSGATE:  Awakening the Dragon, we shall enter pristine natural and ancient ceremonial sites every day, bathe in exquisite mountain lakes, and waterfalls, and, hike the high peaks of Vermont and New Hampshire, which form a perfect Star Tetrahedron.  Don’t be too concerned, we do not do so much climbing, and really, not that much hiking, see our itinerary and logistics for explanations of such things.)  We pamper ourselves in the evenings with great lodging and meals in prestigious retreats and inns, wherever possible.  And, we ‘seed’ the potential of ‘heaven on earth’ into a living prayer wheel created through our work, in collaboration with the elemental forces of nature, and the high holy beings guiding our work.  It is a journey of great personal discovery, empowerment, rejuvenation, and healing which we experience, followed by an act of incredible service to the planet, as called upon, by these elemental beings, drawing upon the dragon currents of living energies which carry the power of our work from all dimensional spaces we have worked in, for the entire week, into the womb of the Mother, through one of the ceremonial chambers, to gestate these seeds of potential, for the benefit of All.

 School of Sound Healing

And, our my upcoming School of Sound Healing, a year long training beginning in September, you may enter very heightened states of awareness and experience, learning to work with therapeutic and ceremonial sound healing methods, for self realization and healing, and/or for developing or furthering a healing practice for others, utilizing all principals of understanding, of the use of instruments, voice, intention and awareness, with awakened states of guided intuition.  I pray you may join us.


Ongoing, in Depth Experiential Trainings into the use of 

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And, I look forward to sharing more about all of this with you, in the future~!

Many blessings


You may, also, see prior articles, and meditative practices, with the Power of Illumination, Light, and the Solar Principle, here. (Scroll all articles to see add'l articles with meditative practices.)

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The Hathors and many others of the Council of High Elders working with Zacciah guides these intimate words.
So much is occurring in our collective field at this time.  Come and find places of balance, restoration, renewal and vigor, and seeds worthy of planting.   


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There is an elemental grace which the Earth exudes. We have the power to step into it. We have the elemental right and responsibility to do so. It is inherent within us. The Elemental Grace and Wisdom of our Divine Origins.It is our Birth Right.

Claim it.


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I share many blessings with each of you.
Many blessings,

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Sacred Sound Healing, Sacred Earth Hearing retreat
Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth
The Sounds of the SHAMAN

A 5 Day Shamanic Sacred Sound Retreat 
July, 2014

Therapeutic/Shamanic Sound practices,
Sacred Ceremony for Healing
the Earth and Each Other,
Accessing Ancient Sites
and Earth Wisdom
Full Weekend Practice
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Turning the Wheel. Blue Medicine Buddha Empowerment
Feb 2-3, and Feb 4th, 2013,

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Mastering the Wheel of our Destiny 
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 maya prophecies    High Tantra, Tulum, Mexico, Sacred Retreat
Our Solstice Practice Dec 21, 2013

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More about Living Earth, Living Relations, the Taripay Pacha, the Q'ero, and the Inka Seed, HERE, and HERE.

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Stone Canyon, Vermont                                                                                    Gifts of the Ancients, Egypt

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Awakening Ra, Saluting the Sun
"Awaiting Ra',
Gifts of the Sun, Mexico

The Ancestors
The Ancestors Remind Us

The Gifts
Gifts of the Earth 
Gifts of The Realms of Pure Light and Sound

Amaru Muru, Peru
Gateway at Amaru Muru, Peru

The Doorway at Calendar II Stone Chamber in Vermont 
Gifts of the New Sun, Solstice stone chamber, VT
"Star Cathedral, temple of knowledge;
home to the Invisible Libraries"
See:  Gifts of the Earth

Prayers of Remembrance, Egypt

Earth Mysteries, the Ancient Dragon Beings

 Apu Ascutney, a once great 27,000' Volcano,
The "Grandfather" mountain of this region.

Mill Brook, Ascutney, VT
Mill Brook, on the Center's Property
"I will nourish you"

 Wall of Stone, Sacred Canyon, Vermont 
Sacred Stones, Ancient Gorge, VT
Sacred Geometries in Nature
Sacred Geometries in Nature
Geometries of Nature, 2
The Ancient Study of the Geometries of Life

Gateway, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

the chakras
Gateways of Consciousness, the 7 Seals,
or Chakras
  stone gate keepers
Stone Guardian, Stone Chamber, VT

Gateway Stones
Stone Circle, an interdimensional Gateway, New England

Q'ero, Prayer Ceremony, Tipon, Peru
Q'ero, Despacho offering, Tipon, Peru

Sun and Earth, Stone and Sky
Stonehenge, UK
courtesy CymaticsSource

Sacred Geometries, the ancient mysteries

Sacred Geometries
Sacred Geometries, Earth and Sky

 Living Relations
Revelations, Mt Mansfield, VT; Earth and Sky

Return to Beauty
A Return to Beauty, VT

Qero, Peru, Tipon Temple
Qero Paqo, Tipon Temples, Peru
 revelations, stone chamber, vermont  
Gifts of Light, Stone Chamber, VT

City of Light,Vermont Practices
Cities of Light, from Mt Mansfield, VT

Approaching the Calendar II Stone Chamber, Vermont
Approaching Stone Chamber, VT
offerings made
Sacred Earth Ceremony
Right attitude:  
Prayers for the Earth

Diamond Light
Approaching the Mysteries, the Diamond Light

Guardians of the Mysteries

Eagle Nebula, NASA
Celestial Realities
Eagle Nebula, NASA

 Mt Mansfield sunset
Celestial Realizations, Mt Mansfield, VT
Solstice Sunrise, Calendar II Stone Chamber, Vermont
Winter Solstice Chamber, VT

Sounding in Boden Austria
Sounding the Mysteries, Austria

Spirit in the Fogue, Stone Chamber, Cornwall, England
Spirit manifest, the Fogue chamber,
Cornwall, England

Calendar II Stone Chamber, Vermont
pathway to a stone chamber, VT

Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu, Peru 


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