A Newsletter regarding The work of Dabadi Thaayrohyadi,
Indigenous Wisdom Keeper of the Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotichuacan Peoples 10.26.05
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Center of Light news, 10.26.05

I will offer insight of my understanding of the extraordinary work of indigenous Wisdom Keeper  Dabadi Thaayrohyadi, of the Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotichuacan traditions, after the following information:
Our early registration deadline for Dabadi Thaayrohyadi's program (Nov 18-20, Colrain, MA), on the ancient wisdom of his Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotichuacan people's use of Cosmic Sound is next Tuesday, Nov 1.  We must have your registration information in place by then to qualify for early registration discounts.
Additional information on this program follows our comments on Thaay's work.
There are only a few spots left in this coming weekend's program. 
We recommend you pre-register if you are hoping to attend: 
Oct 29~   Messages from Mary (working with the lineages of Mother Mary and Magdalene)
Oct 30~  The ChristHeart Initiations  (working also with the consciousness of the StarNations)
Also, coming up:  a new program with The Hathors, living in ecstasy, Nov 12-13
via sacred sound transmissions, with alchemical exercises, working with these masters of sound and consciousness.

For details on these programs, follow this link, or look at information below our article:  http://thecenteroflight.net/Classes.html#FallClasses

Our 2006 program information will be announced very soon.

The work of Dabadi Thaayrohyadi

Dabadi Thaayrohyadi is a unique human being, in my experience in life.  He was introduced to me by Ruby Gibson, who collaborates with Thaay on programs in the US via the International Indigenous University, which is co-sponsoring our upcoming program Nov 18-20 in Colrain, MA.
Ruby was discussing with me the nature of Thaay (his shortened name,) his spiritual lineage, his position as one of 9 spiritual elders in his community of 5 million people of the Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotichuacan peoples in Central Mexico, and his understanding and use of Cosmic Sound.

As she was speaking to me, I sitting busy at my office phone, a row of his lineage keepers appeared to me from the subtle realms, "parading" towards me, through my office window. 
I told Ruby she had my attention.
It is not normal for me to go into a "visionary" state when busy with daily office details.
I listened, and questioned thoroughly the immense information Ruby was offering me.

Thaayrohyadi, though a younger man of about 40, had earned the right, through his personal lineage, but also through his personal experiences and initiations, to be one of the wisdom keepers of his people.  His council of elders had decided that it was time for his people to bring forward the wisdom they were entrusted with through so many centuries.  Aeons ago, they had built the great temples of Central Mexico, which we know so much of...the great temples to the sun and moon that remain in the Great Valley near Mexico City, and so many others....  They had at some point removed to the mountains in Central Mexico to preserve their peoples, even before the Spanish arrived.
Their wisdom was entrusted to the "invisible books" which are incorporated in the great stone temples, guarded by great luminous beings, and accessed through "cosmic sound", or sacred sound as I might refer to it.
Part of the wisdom of Thaay's people is that they are direct descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria, that this is known through their ancient teachings, their language preserves the ancient "knowing" through the sounds of the sacred language itself, and is also accessed through cosmic sound.  This knowledge is also embedded in the "invisible books."
I was impressed with all I heard, especially with the wisdom keepers in front of me acknowledging what I was hearing in unspoken ways.
Still, I asked many questions, to insure what I heard was accurate information.
That evening, waking from a dream state, Thaayrohyadi appeared, and offered me a luminous pure crystal rattle.  Any lingering doubts were strongly swayed by the gifting.

When I met Thaayrohyadi, some weeks later, I knew in an instant I was meeting a true human being, one whom embodied deep wisdom and perfection, an awakened spirit of joy and beauty.  His humility, earnest dedication and vision all came through easily.
Thaayrohyadi is on a mission.
His peoples' wisdom and prophecies say that we are in a difficult time of transformation, and that our conscious intervention is tantamount.
He is pursuing the building of sound temples throughout the world in relation to these prophecies.  He and his people are engaged in the "8000 sacred drum ceremonies" in their sacred lands as part of the prophecies, to drum healing into the body of the Earth, herself.  I understand that 64,000 peoples partook of these ceremonies last year worldwide, and they will continue at each Spring Equinox, until 2012, as instructed by their prophecies, when they believe these shifts will occur. 
We at the World Sound Healing Organization and All One Now network intend to bring these events to you live via our internet broadcasts, but also are forming a tour which will incorporate these ceremonies, a tour of Thaay's peoples' sacred sites led by himself, and the possibility of an indigenous wisdom keepers conference in his homeland, all next March, 2006.  (Watch for information as it develops on this tour, hopefully by early December.)

Thaay has attended a number of Elders Gatherings, and is a member of the Council of Indigenous Elders and Priests of the Americas, and says that many elders are coming forward with similar information and prophecies, of many cultures.  It certainly holds true in my awareness, from the teachings of Grandfather Commanda of the Algonquin peoples, to White Buffalo Calf Woman prophecies of the Lakota, Dakota, & Nakota peoples, to the Hopi, the Q'ero, and so many more.

One evening during the week of our Summer Solstice events, Thaayrohyadi gained the attention of those of us gathered about the dinner table by moving into a form of grieving.  He brought us all to a place of a deep feeling state.  Once he had our attention, he brought us to joy, and eventually to ecstasy, and for most of us, a completely awakened state of being.  He then proceeded to sound, using a crystal bowl as a foundation for those sounds, with his voice, chants, using his ancient language and wsidom.  I witnessed the wisdom keepers of the "invisible books" come into the room, and touch us with their lineages.  We all, in the room, were transformed.
It was a moving experience, and one which showed me he is a living master.  He suggests living in continual ecstasy is our normal state of being.

How do we get there?
We are a world in deep transformation.
Thaayrohyadi has dedicated his life to the bringing about of the healing and transformation of this planet, in line with his peoples' ancient teachings and prophecies.  He has shown me his is an authentic holder of his peoples' wisdom and spiritual lineages, and able to move others to heightened states of consciousness and emotional well being, which can only serve to assist us to understand more deeply who we are, and what the path is we are on.

In his work at the NESHRI sound conference, his programs were filled with a majority of participants at the conference, whom found his reverence for life, his connection to the elements of nature, his respect and honoring of each there, enriching, and touching.

I welcome you to join him, to learn for your own growth and well being, and/or to assist in any way you are able.

Watch our newsletters for more information on this wonderful human being's work, join us in Western Mass Nov 18-20 for his program on accessing ecstasy and personal knowledge through Cosmic Sound, come to the Spring Equinox 8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony in 2006, in Mexico, (again, we will announce the program here when details are finalized,) contribute to his Indigenous University (send contact information through us.)

I send blessings to each of you in these sacred times.
And pray this work may assist you,

Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light
Ascutney VT

The Healing Power of Cosmic Sound
An Initiation into the Healing Traditions of the Sacred
 Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan Lineage

with Spiritual Wisdom Keeper Dabadi Thaayrohyadi

November 18 - 20, 2005  Colrain, Massachusetts

The Cosmic Sound is the manifestation of the Creation of the Cosmos and the
First Humanity. The Ancient Atlantean-Lemurian and their Lineage - the Otomi
Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan - are considered as the Cosmic Sound Civilization.
The Modi Nzuni, Guardian Spirit of the Sound, gave this powerful medicine to
the Dabadi - Wisdom Keepers, Medicine Men/Women - and they have used this
medicine throughout time. These teachings permit our people to preserve
harmony and the balance with all their relations.

This workshop will connect you with the elements of power of Cosmic Sound
and will teach you to use sound to enhance your health and harmonize your
body. The teachings are experiential to intensify your spiritual growth. You
are invited to be in touch with the healing power of sound and ancestral
symbols that can open doors to explore your sacred place on this earth.
Assisted by Zacciah Blackburn, master sound healer and Ruby Gibson, somatic
therapist and ceremonial healer.

Program Information
Location:   The Center for Cultural Evolution, Colrain, MA
(10 miles from Greenfield, MA,  and I-91, directions sent upon registration)
Dates: November 18 - 20, 2005
(Fri 7p.m.-10 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun 9 a.m.-4 p.m.)
Cost: $295; Early registration price is $250 if paid by November 1.
(See lodging/meals costs and information below.)
Registration: Send payment to The Center of Light, Zacciah Blackburn,
PO Box 389, Ascutney, VT 05030 or pay on line or by fax/phone, with MC, Visa or AmEx at
(see our registration information.) For more information, contact Zacciah at The Center of
Light, 802-674-9585 or info@sunreed .com.  Fax 802.674.9586

The program cost above does not include meals or lodging. 
The program is held at the gracious residential teaching center, the Center for Cultural Evolution in Colrain MA.  Directions and information will be sent on registration.  You may view info on line about the center via information on our website:  http://thecenteroflight.net/thaay11.05.html

Overnight lodging in semi-private (limited, first come, first serve,) and very quaint bunk style rooms, including quality health oriented meals,  is $75./day, or $150. for the weekend, Friday dinner until Sunday after lunch. 
For those commuting, fees are $30/day ($60/weekend) including lunch, dinner, and snacks,
or $20. day for lunch and snacks ($40/weekend.)
Please include your accomodations requests and payment, clearly stated, with registration
 (state:  overnight, commuting with dinner, or commuting w/out dinner.)
The RoundHouse provides an elegant setting with music room, library, outdoor sauna, sweeping vistas, a gracious host (Rebekka Tippens, whom is ready to meet your special dietary and other needs,) and other amenities.
We accept MC, Visa, AmEx, check or money orders, or wire transfers (add $10.)

Additional Fall program information:

In our presentations Oct 29-30, the Messages of Mary and the ChristHeart Initiations, we will be working with the principals and energies of the sacred Masculine and Feminine.  In Messages from Mary we will be able to bathe in the energies of the sacred feminine, and take home the messages she reveals to us.
Within the ChristHeart Initiations will also lay journeys with the Star Nations, the seeds of many of our consciousnesses.  Many of us come from Star Nations.  We will tap into their wisdoms as well.
The weekend of Oct 29-30 are 2 separate offerings.
It is recommended they be taken together, but you may attend either day.
The sacred feminine and masculine.
Messages from Mary (working with the lineages of Mother Mary and Magdalene)
The ChristHeart Initiations  (working also with the consciousness of the StarNations).
$90/day, $180 for weekend, 10-6 Sat, 10-5 on Sunday

The Hathors, Nov 12-13.  If you have been called to work with these gracious beings of light and sound, this is a wonderful opportunity to do so.  We will focus on the Hathors information regarding finding stability in chaos, living in ecstasy, and communing with our higher being, to assist in these times of change & growth.  If we are unable to hold the template of new consciousness within us, ourselves, how are we to transcend into that higher state?  These exercises are meant to assist in such growth and awareness.  Most exercises will be different than previous Hathor trainings.

We are also planning a sacred journey through the ancient stone sites along the Michael and Mary ley lines of Great Britain, with Glen and Cameron Broughton of Sacred Britain tours; tentative dates are Apr 26- May 7, 2006.  We will work  with, activate, and anchor the sacred masculine and feminine energies within each of us, and the Earth within the ancient sites.  Information on this program will be available in the near future.  We will be in many sites, including private ceremony in the great Stonehenge, Glastonbury, and ending in stone circles of Avebury during Beltane, the time of union of celestial and earthly energies of spring.  Watch our site, or newsletters in future days for information.
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light
Ascutney, VT




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