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The Power of Chant

Cultures the world over utilize chant to invoke and attune to higher powers and transformative consciousness.
With voice resonating, the purity and integrity of energies invoked from the subtle realms lifts us, elevates us, to our highest potential and clarified realms of consciousness.  It serves to raise our awareness, enliven us, and purify our hearts and minds, and physical being, manifesting in our lives in paths of radiance, joy, and blessings for all.

The power of sound with truly focused intention is becoming growingly apparent to the Western experience, though known to other cultures throughout time.  With our own voice resonating powerfully through our own tissue and cells, focusing our awareness on the nature of the Divine Spirit we call in through our chant, we move the richness and depths of our own emotional experience ever so deeply into our own body and conscisousness, and make the experience available to share with anyone in our listening environment.
Chants are doorways or portals to unlimited resources of awareness, energies, ecstasy, bliss, and joy, doorways to unfathomable love, in its purest form, compassion, wisdom, insight, and understanding.  Through our desire to purify our own thought and action, we couple with the purified (rarified) essence of the Divine, opening ourselves to its unlimited bounty.  The words of the chant allow us to attune to the purest essence of some quality of the Divine, toning our own existence in unison with its.
It is the process of our own purification of thought, word, and deed, of our desire for union with the Divine, which allows for this doorway to be opened.  The clear heart is the bridge to the Divine, allowing us to drink of its essence, and radiate it outward to the world, and to others, through our own attunement to its, and our, higher being.
We are all capable of this at any time.
It is where we place, or emphasize, our awareness, and intention, that allows us to bridge the imaginary gap between us and the Divine.  The wise ones, of all cultures, have told us over and over that the our feelings of unworthiness, and of separation from the Divine, are only an illusion.  The chant can be the focal point that allows us to bridge this gap, to allow this process to unfold, to embrace that which we hold as Sacred, and to embody it once again.

Imagine with all of your heart, focus with all of your soul, and call in that which the chant embraces, or endears, to allow it to penetrate its essence into your life, and awareness, until you allow that Sacred form, or manifestation of the Divine, to exude through you.

see below for a chant offering, hopefully more offered in the near future!

-Zacciah Blackburn

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Zacciah Blackburn is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is practicing in Ascutney, VT, USA.  Zacciah is Director of Education for the New England Sound Healing Research Institute, a world wide community of healing practitioners broadening the awareness of sound healing through networking, education, and scientific research.  He is also Co-Founder of the World Sound Healing Organization, a non-profit organization joining the efforts of numerous individuals and organizations world wide, dedicated to service to this planet, to its healing and growth, and to the elevation of human consciousness, embracing the use of sound as a healing catalyst in simple ceremony throughout the world.

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There is an “underground recording” of a chant circulating in sound circles currently, of a gentleman singing with a clear, rich, deep voice, in a Tibetan style mantra.  Whomever the gentleman is, it is clear he sings with deep humility and devotion.  Many listening to it get a felt sense of healing from it.  Rumor has it, that the recording is of the Dalai Lama.  Whether it is or not, the gentleman singing knows how to move energy with his voice.  It is an enriching experience to listen to it. 
The name of the chant sung by the gentleman is called Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, or, Mantra for Healing.  
 The words to it are:
Mahamrityunjava Mantra
Om tryambakam yajamahe
Sugandhim pushti-vardhanam
Urva-rukamiva bandhanan
Mrityor mukshiya mamritat   
     from the Rig Veda
I am told the meaning of the prayer mantra is:
Om, we pray to the One who sees all-whose grace manifests everywhere
like sweet fragrance, who bestows prosperity, and who nourishes all beings.
May the Supreme Spirit free us from bondage and death, releasing us into
the oneness of our immortal nature. May liberation unfold as naturally as a
ripe fruit simply falls away from its branch and becomes free.
A couple of quote offerings:

Our soul is as the flute of God, as we tune ourselves to its Divine breath, we come into harmony with all living things.  –Zacciah

                     Divine Spirit
                        may we be empty vessels
                             that you may pour forth your joy,  light and wisdom
                                                           through us, in music
                             may we ourselves
                                             be the instruments
                                  which you play with your hands, breath, and heart

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Zacciah Blackburn
P.O. Box 389
220 Hidden Glen Rd.
Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

Phone & Fax:
(802) 674-9585
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