Gathering the Seeds of Consciousness
{Gathering, Planting, Germinating/Gestating, Birthing/Reaping}
A Unique Program in outdoor Vermont Sacred Sites   2004
Our July 2006 Return To Beauty program will incorporate elements of this program. 
Mt Mansfield 

Further Initiations into Earth and Sky

Utilizing Esoteric Exercises of Shamanic

and Alchemical Traditions

These are newly developing programs utilizing explicit energies of ancient sacred stone sites, used by little known cultures here in North America, in pre-historic times, for attunement to and alignment with earth and star energies, and higher consciousness.  These will be unique programs, fully guided by the essences/energies of the sites and the keys to consciousness which they hold.

Cal I doorwayFull day programs creating and furthering relationship with sacred elements of Earth & Sky, in sacred/power sites of Vermont. Join Zacciah in shamanic and mystical experiences to connect more deeply through the heart and essence of one's being.  Most programs will be at the DreamLodge (active stone chamber) and other lodges and components of the Calendar I site, but may incorporate time at the Cavendish Gorge, Mount Mansfield, Black Mountain, or other sacred sites.  We will work with the sacred essences of stone and water, air, Earth, sun & Sky, the Keepers, Celestial, and Ancestral beings of these sites in celebratory communion. 


Three days will be scheduled for these sacred sites in summer, or spring, summer, fall, 2004.  The Earth is calling us for sacred relation.  This is where we are dwelling.  Discover your home, come into relationship with her.

These sites hold key components for assisting in developing higher awareness.  Through explicit ritual and offerings we will create the opportunity to open to these awarenesses, and work to birth them within our own consciousness.  We can then carry these components into our daily lives and practice for furthering their growth, and assisting others.

We are living in a unique time of awakening Earth awareness.  Come and join us in these rich programs of greater trust and self understanding.