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The Expansiveness of the Heavens

See additional notes below for potent information regarding these times of Re-emerging.  Also, our notes on the 6 Moons Prophecy, 7 Keys meditation, offered during this program.

The Next in our Series:

   The pathway to entering and sustaining illuminated states of awareness

Egyptian High Alchemy,
                                         and Personal Evolution

April 7-8, 2007

in Huntington VT  (near Burlington)

10 AM - 6 PM Sat;   10 AM - 4 PM Sun.

$175. if registered and paid by ...;
$195. if paid by ...:  

$225 thereafter.
Working principally with Egyptian High Alchemy, we shall explore the nature of our own Divinity, touching and resting in the Sanctuary of the Cosmos, methodology to prepare room for heightened states of awareness, utilizing Sacred Sound Initiations to touch the Streams or Currents of Initiatory energies primarily of the Egyptian Pantheon (Hat'or, Sekhmet, Horus, Isis, among others), Journeys into, and Nesting, in the Celestial Worlds, The Lands of Ra, Immersions into the deep well of the Self, and utilizing exercises in the single-pointedness of Consciousness, and the planting of Seeds of Consciousness.    

See additional notes below for potent information regarding these times of Re-emerging.
Also, our notes on the 6 Moons Prophecy and 7 Gateways practice.


If you feel the call to participate, as an offering to these times, we are offering discounted  program fees, as stated.  You may register on line at:
or call our offices Mon-Friday, 10 - 5 EST.

The program is being held at the exquisitely beautiful
Sleepy Hollow Retreat Center in Huntington, VT (near Burlington/Richmond VT). 

See for photos, directions, and lodging information.
You may stay right on site with beautiful views, and excellent accomodations.
This will provide a very rich backdrop to do this work in.
Catered meals will be provided.

We welcome you to this practice, to this time of Meeting Ourselves Again,
this Meeting Our Divinity. 

Later This Year:   Zacciah will be offering purified Tantric practices in

“The Golden Body:  The Sacred Union”

& next in this series: “Horus:  The Awakening”

One program in Egyptian Alchemy is required to attend “The Golden Body” Practice.


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These are special days to begin or continue our work in Sacred Alchemy, the Transformation of Consciousness.
It is time we come forward to touch and sustain our Greater Sanctity.  The Elders of all cultures are telling us the time is now, we have entered the Illumined Doorway, we must utilize our abilities to move into heightened & ecstatic states of awareness to fully bring the world into its own natural and evolutionary state.
See special information below.

In preparation for, later in the year:
Zacciah will be offering high Tantric practices in
“THE GOLDEN BODY:  The Sacred Union”  
Attendance in one program in Egyptian Alchemy will be required, along with special consideration, to attend this Practice.  Those in Sacred Relationship, within their own being, and/or with other, are invited to attend.
There will also be a practice with "HORUS:  THE AWAKENING"  later in 2007.  Watch for announcements, or follow these links.

From Newsletter, May 9, 2007:
Information regarding:
     Info on the Awakening
    Horus: Awaiting Ra;  The Golden Body Oct  27-28

We are in the Times.
It is no longer time to sit back and think about 2012 or some other prophecied future.
It is Time.
The Times are Here.

Those whom are guiding us and offering insight are universally sharing, it is time to engage in the principals of being, as the energies of activation are engaging us planetarily.
The indigenous wisdom keepers are equally sharing this with us.

It is time.

Time to Be, fully present.
Make it a practice.
A living, breathing practice to be fully present.
Be Here, Now.

By practicing that we wish to see, that we wish to become, we shall make it so.

What do you imagine the shift will look like?
Imagine it Now.

If we are to be in a time of respect, reverence, love, appreciation, deep gratitude, joy, ecstasy, peaceful abiding, radiant being, be that now.
We can only achieve unto heightened states of awareness by enacting them now.

These are the seeds of Creation we are planting.
Whatever you are experiencing Now, is the seed you are planting for Tomorrow.

Find Joy, Reverence, Beauty, Wonder, Gratitude, every moment.
Those moments you do not find it, imagine it.  Do not judge your self for those moments you do not experience it.  Simply utilize your ability to Master the practice now, to be of One Mind (unified with your higher self.)

It is beneficial to understand what is happening at this time.  We are being asked to embody our highest potential.  Waves of universal energies are carrying this heightened potential into our consciousness, and activating it now.  If we are unable to accept, to be with, to integrate these awarenesses, the energies immersing us, and emerging within us, have no home, no place to be present.  This may cause undue discomfort in our physical and emotional well being.  We are being asked to be kind, soft, understanding with ourself, to take time for the re-emerging and re-integration, to understand it simply is a matter of recalibrating our awareness to these heightened states of being.  It is a simple act of engaging in higher frequencies of consciousness, of more purified or rarified states of being.

Simple mindfulness practices can assist in this integration of heightened awareness.  Take time for yourself.  For renewal.  For re-birthing.  For integration of all you are experiencing.  For knowing and understanding these states more viscerally, and cognitively.  Breathe.  Touch.  Be with Your Self.

When you have time to experience it, imagine it:  what do you imagine the bliss and heightened states of universal consciousness should look like once the emergence, the awakening has occurred?  Every moment one is not experiencing this awakened state, the energies present, asking us to embrace it, is moving against resistance, the impact of the old, less than ecstactic states we have accustomed ourselves to.  We need compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness, to allow ourselves to move into these heightened states, to experience them, as they seek to emerge.  It is through experiencing them that we plant these seeds for renewed awakening for ourselves and others, to become fully in place over these next few years.

We have just emerged from group practices in England, utilizing ancient sacred sites, and the living Currents of Earth Energies present at them, and descending currents of universal consciousness, to assist in these planetary activations.  (Working with the Wisdom Keepers, guardians, and guided assistants of each site.)

We have engaged in practices to activate our own highest potential, as well as that of the planet.  These are highly potentized practices merging universal principals of Creation.
The Wisdom Keepers guiding these practices tell us this healing, this act of wholeness, of integration of the seeds of renewal, has occurred.  While this is happening universally, worldwide, in many ways not related to these specific practices, we have carried these seeds home with us.  And, while we embody them within our very being, it, also, is time to plant them universally, wherever we are.

This is a beneficial practice for all of us, who ever and wherever we are, to imagine we are planting seeds of Renewal, of Grace, of Beauty, of Wonder, of Wholeness, wherever we are, wherever we journey.  From deep within our own heart's content, from deep within our Being.  For, in the end, we alone can activate our own states of wholeness and well being.

Take time to embrace the Earth, and each other, in ways that are meaningful, in ways that are honoring of each other.  Imagine these are seeds of deep faith and being you are planting, with each action.  That will grow, emerge, and prosper into the coming times.

We are seeding our future.
We are seeding our Wholeness.
We are seeding the times of Awakening.

The time is now.
Blessings in these times.
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Ascutney, VT  05030   USA

See notes of Magdalene /  Isis below

c 2007 Zacciah Blackburn, this message may be copied and shared as long as it is not altered and the above credit is included.  Thank you.
                                                             - - - - - - - - - - -

Magdalene has been a guiding force in the practices we have been engaging in recently, from the Easter services of the 7 Keys, and Meeting Our Divinity, to the Seed Activations at Stonehenge and Avebury.

She is bringing forward another practice this June 23-24, which will be offered in Fairhaven, MA, (near New Bedford, MA,) at Lisa Orcutt Murphy's Healing Arts Center.  Space is limited.  We suggest early registration.

  • Magdalene:  The Call of Isis:
The Program is Sat/Sun June 23-24, 10-6, and 10-4.
Cost is $225.  Pay $175. for early registration by June 1, $195 if registered by June 10.

The program will entail disciplines in High Egyptian Alchemy and Personal Transformation.
Isis has been bringing forward deep awareness of the Open Heart.
Magdalene has been a little more forthright in practices of upright living.
Both have been sharing the practices for engaging in this Wakeful Consciousness which I am sharing above.
The two merge in the softening and vitalizing of the heart with the intent of living within one's truth and power.
The practices are most beneficial for all who hear the Call.

We look forward to seeing you.

We are setting the practices for
  • Horus:  Awaiting Ra:  The Awakening, the weekend of Oct 27-28.
The practice will be held at the exquisite Sumner Mansion in Hartland VT.

We will follow, that Mon and Tues, Oct 29-30, with
  • the Golden Body practice, high initiations in tantric practice. 
You MUST participate in one prior Egyptian Alchemical practice to be considered for acceptance into the Golden Body training.  (The Horus training serves for that purpose.) 
We reserve the right to limit registration to this training for any reason.

Complete announcements on these should be available within 1-2 weeks.

Zacciah is an intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.  Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation.  He is Director of Education at the New England Sound Healing Research Institute, & co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and the All One Now network of organizations working for global peace. 

The 10,000 year old wisdom of this currrent cycle of new moons
The 7 Keys to the 7 Gateways

I wish to share pertinent information for those interested in the upcoming Meeting Our Divinity: Resting in the Sanctuary of the Cosmos program, Easter Weekend, April 7-8. Some of it relates specifically to these times we are in.

This past weekend, I met with a keeper of wisdom of an elders tradition passed through an oral lineage of teachers; these, from Alaska.  It is said to have a worldwide history and tradition, at least 10,000 years old.

It is said to point, from that time period, to this, of this time of immense awakening and emerging.
Astrologically, there is a period of 6 new moons which we entered this past October, and which shall culminate with the new moon cycle beginning in two weeks.
This six moon period of awakening is in process.  Those following my writings know I have spoken of this time as a deep transitional time, and that the elders of many cultures have said we are in it.  Forget about 2012.  We are IN IT. 

The energetic component of this series of moons is the birthing of heightened consciousness in humanity.  The Re-Awakening.  It is time to honor your own transition, your own time of coming of age, of birthing within this great Continuum.
I participated in full moon/lunar eclipse ceremonies this past weekend, in Orcas Island, WA, with Tom Kenyon.  This moon brought forward the passing of the old into the new.  In Virgo, and with relation to Uranus, it was a potent time for most opening to the process.  While each lunar cycle offers such opportunities, with a full lunar eclipse co-inciding, it heightens this potential.  The literal shadowing of this local aspect of the Divine Feminine by the body of the Earth, also suggests a rich and vital opportunity to enter those aspects of the shadow reflecting one's own relationship to the Divine Feminine.  You may have found yourself in such an opportunity at this time.  You can continue to work with these energies throughout this period of waning of the moon.  At the final new moon of this six moon cycle, in April, there shall be also a partial solar eclipse, an opportunity to enter the same dimensions with the Divine Masculine.

According to this wisdom tradition, the energetic qualities of the next new moon offers the opportunity of Surrendering  to our own Divinity.

I find it more than co-incidental, that, in this April 7-8 training, I was asked to offer, and we shall be working with the principals of, "Meeting Our Divinity", when a 10,000 year old prophecy speaks to this very time, as the time we are collectively called upon to "Surrender to our Divinity."  The wisdom keeper sharing this information gave specifics to this "co-incidence" I shall not share at this time, which more directly indicate the potency of this offering.

But for those ready, I suspect this program shall offer a deep and rich opportunity to enliven the cells of our being, in alignment with our highest Destiny, and Divinity.

I welcome you to this program.
I am, also, offering some additional information concerning the content of this program, below.

We shall work with specific exercises which serve, via the Alchemical traditions of Ancient Egypt, which transform and heighten consciousness via aligning with and awakening the Illumined Body, the Golden Raiment.  For those unfamiliar with the terms, it will be fully explained.  We shall utilize explicit exercises given by the Egyptian lineages for holding and sustaining these transcendent states, but also "resting" in these states, to bring them more fully into our awareness as inherent properties of our consciousness, which can bring deep nourishment in the coming times.

In addition, this same weekend, Tom Kenyon will be working with deep offerings with Mary Magdalene.  Many of you have passed around his information given on this program, in which She has asked those whom cannot be there to align with the Elohim, the Creator beings of the.... in whatever manner they can, on this day.  Tom is aware of the nature of these prophetic energies and the new moons as well. He has also made it clear this is a special time.

Those of you whom know my work know that Tom has been a tremendous catalyst in the work, and I dearly honor him as teacher and mentor.  In reverence and respect of this Call of Tom's, and Magdalene, this Easter Weekend, we shall join in this calling by invoking and working with the Elohim, via Tom's rich invocation, the Calling of the Angels.  Tom has said Magdalene has asked us all in some way to invoke or be with the presence of the Elohim.  Such focus, she says, will be most beneficial in the course of energies on this particular day to pass through obscurations to our growth, and enter elevated consciousness.

I have been asked, also, for the first time, by my guidance, to offer the transmission and initiation of the 7 Keys, or 7 Gateways (not to be confused with Tom's 7 Gates practice).  This is a transmission of esoteric knowledge of the 7 Primary Levels of Consciousness.  These keys open the Gateways to the levels, or layers, of consciousness, or dimensions of Heaven, or the Realms of Pure Light and Sound, and of Pure Consciousness.

You will be given 7 keys to consciousness, that lead to the 7 primary layers of consciousness as represented by the Elohim.

What I also have never shared publicly is this:
"Zacciah" is an angelic being, the protectorate of the 7th Plane, the Seat of the Throne, and the Mind of God.  It is Zacciah who is my namesake, & emanating source of my essence.
He is the keeper and giver of these Keys, and giver of permission for this transmission to occur at this time.  These Keys are Gateways are portals that will be given as templates through sound transmissions, this is not cognitive information, but vital  transmission and empowerment.
May those who hear the Call, listen.

The portals will be illuminated through 7 keys, which will be transmitted through sound templates, or encodings of electromagnetic energy, discharged from the subtle realms through Sacred Sound.

There is a resonance or harmonic field associated with each of the 7 keys and Levels and the 7 of the Elohim.
Thus, we shall move from the invocation, to a time of silence, then initiations into the 7 Keys.

 Zacciah Blackburn, Director

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