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Science, Spirituality & Sound 
The Sound Healing Network (SHN, formerly NESHRI)
Fourth Annual Conference on Sound Healing 


  at the Rowe Camp & Conference Center, Rowe, MA  
Friday October 31, Saturday, November 1,  and  Sunday November 2, 2008
(Image Credit:  Harmonic "soundform" from Cymatics:
A Study of Wave Phenomena and Vibration © 2001 MACROmedia
Used by Permission. www.cymaticsource.com )

Conference Information, Fees, etc  *  Schedule of Events, Teachers   

For further information, Contact:
Zacciah Blackburn, Director of Education at SHN
via:  The Center of Light  P.O. Box 389  Ascutney, VT  05030 
Phone: (802) 674-9585           e-mail:  info@sunreed.com          

SPONSORED BY:    The Sound Healing Network ( SHN) 
in collaboration with the Center of Light Insitute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies 

Schedule of Events, with Course Descriptions and Teacher Bios

Bios are beneath conference listings
Full conference listings are beneath Friday Pre-Conference listings

 Oct 31, 1-5 PM
$60 Members, $75. Non-members
(Pre-Register with, and Pay SHN separate fee)
Pre-Conference registrations begin at 12 Noon in the Farm House

Rug Room

Dr. Molly Scott
Creative Resonance & Deep Story Therapy

Creative Resonance work is premised on using the voice as a modulator of our body’s energetic systems and an agent for psychophysical and spiritual change. This extended experiential workshop includes theory, examples from clinical work, and one on one practice with voice-on techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to work with pre-language sounding, focused vocalization and sonic alignment. These practices are valuable for psychotherapists, counselors, body workers, energy practitioners, and all people who work with people.
Brook House  

Dr. John Beaulieu
Healing depression and addiction with Fibonacci tuning forks

Dr. Beaulieu will present research on sound and nitric oxide and how sound can be used to assist in healing depression and addictions. The lecture will focus on the science of bioluminesence related to our core brain stem and the activation of "spirit molecules" with sound. Specific emphasis will be given to using BioSonic Fibonacci tuning forks for working with depression and addiction based on the research. Each student will learn and experience the sound of Fibonacci tuning forks as well as the basis of how to use them in sessions for therapeutic effect. 
Farm House

 Silvia Nakkach, M.A.,MMT
The Yoga of Voice ™
The Path of Spiritual Entrainment Through Sound
(Please notice that Yoga of the Voice™ is TRADE MARK)
Just as activation of subtle psychic centers of the body can lead to an experience of transcendental space, the intoxicating bliss of devotional chanting generates a sensation of boundless radiance and openness—nurturing the intense yearning of the heart to unite with the divine, liberating energy, and providing us with the opportunity to alter unwanted feelings and to restore vitality instantaneously. Embark on a beguiling sound journey as Ms. Nakkach introduces the Yoga of the Voice™, an innovative tool-kit of cross-cultural of sound and vocal techniques that have become landmarks in the field of music therapy, sound healing, education, and music shamanism. You’ll experience a repertoire of sacred sounds and chants from the traditions of Nada Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tibetan musical divinations, medicine mantras and ragas accompanied by gentle body gestures (mudras), and shamanic songs from Afro-Brazilian and Amazon traditions that can be applied to sound healing modalities, yoga practice, chanting circles, and psycho-spiritual growth. The voice wanders through a forest of trancelike empowering sounds, creating optimum coordination between left and right brain hemispheres that results in decreased muscle tension, lower blood pressure and improved circulation. As the voice puts the body at ease, you enjoy relief from stress, emotional harmony, increased mental acuity, and enhanced creativity. Practice CDs and handouts will be available.
Orchard House

Your Naked Voice: Sounding from Source
  • Explore effortless spontaneous ways of sounding out
  • Re-discover the voice of your soul
  • Free your spirit and sing with all your passion
This introductory workshop is available to beginners and professionals alike. It awakens your real sound the naked voice inside you, dissolves your fear language, and introduces you to a spontaneous, true and joyous singing life.

Something out of the ordinary happens when we move from speaking to singing.

As soon as sound is spilling from the mouth, the breath, heart, mind and body resonate together. We come home, breathe deeper, we smile, we sing again. This catalyses an inner recognition of something infinitely precious. So, begins the search for a deeper meaning to life. Sound magic! You will leave the introductory weekends with a clear understanding about ways to sing and chant - using both structured and spontaneous vocal practices - including simple vowel sounds, mantras, words of power, personal and ancestral songs, simple improvisations, unison and multi-part harmonies, alongside movement and meditation practices to support your everyday life.

Conference Events
Friday Evening until Sunday Afternoon
All included in Conference Fee
May attend either Concert only for $15. at the Door


Rug Room

Brook House

Farm House
Rec Hall            

Friday, Oct 31
4-7 PM





Arrival and Registration

Lounge, Coffee & Tea, throughout event.


6 PM

Hors d'oeurves

7 PM



8:15 PM -  10 PM

Opening Presentations
Zacciah Blackburn & SHN Staff

Sounding the Space, Singing the Grace
Molly Scott
Jim Ballard
RIch Goodhart 

w/ Ben Sheppard


Throughout Weekend, in Main Rec Hall:
Networking and Sales

Sales of CD's, Books, Videos on Sound Healing, Music, and Sound Healing and Musical Instruments, including drums, crystal and Tibetan Bowls and bells, flutes, didgeridoos, tuning forks, and much more.

Book your table with SHN for sales

Networking tables open for your professional materials

Some private therapy sessions may be available

Networking and Sales
continue through day

Saturday, Nov 1

8 AM



9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Dr. John Beaulieu

Five Element Voice Analysis and Sound Healing

Dr. Beaulieu will discuss the five elements; Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth and give exercises to tune into their rhythms. Students will experience the quality of each element in the voice and learn how to work with the elements in order to effect therapeutic change. Special emphasis will be given to understanding music and the elements and how to use different musics to heal.

Chloe Goodchild

Awakening Through Sound

Contemplative Love: Sacred Sound, Chant & The Devotional Voice
The Naked Voice heralds a new contribution to the language of love - through an engaging and playful process of self-inquiry through sound awareness, deep listening, energy movement and spontaneous expression. The Naked Voice practices awaken the call to presence, and to a shift in consciousness, from a love of power, to the power of love. Your Naked Voice invokes the capacity to embody and express your true nature in ways that you never imagined possible.

Networking and Sales
continue through day

12:30 PM  Lunch



2:15 - 6:30 PM
See Individual Times
2:15 - 3:45 PM

Jeff Volk

The study of Cymatics allows us to directly observe how audible sound can structure matter, providing a solid foundation for sound therapies, based in empirical science.

Jeff offers an overview of the development of Cymatics (the study of wave phenomenon and vibration), from its earliest articulations in the 1800’s, through the awe-inspiring experiments of Dr. Hans Jenny in the 1960’s, to fascinating new material from contemporary Cymatics researchers. We'll view video excerpts comparing these vibrational ‘sound figures’ with patterns that appear in nature and throughout the world's great artistic and architectural traditions, ranging from cathedrals to crop circles. These dynamic and evolving forms portray vibrational processes which are themselves, expressions of universal principles––such as the dynamics of chaos and re-integration, and how this, sometimes unnerving dynamic, is actually a crucial component in the process of evolution to higher orders of complexity and interconnectedness. These principles are very much at play throughout our daily lives, so as we come to recognize their nature, we can more fully realize our own!
2:15 - 5:15 PM

Zacciah Blackburn
Walking Between Worlds:  The Shamanic Door

Sound, Healing, and Consciousness
Understanding & experiencing the shamanic pathways

What is the relationship between sound, healing, and frequencies of consciousness?  How do we use awareness of sound and consciousness to facilitate healing, and what is their relationship to entering the subtle states of consciousness we refer to as the shamanic realms?  How can sound strengthen awareness and insight gathered in the other worlds, and how can it be utilized to better 'walk between worlds?'  In these times of "meeting ourselves again,' as the Q'ero (Incan) call it, what can we expect to emerge?  What can we expect, collectively, and individually, to be coming to us in these changing and uncertain times? And, how can sound assist us in this transformative shift?

This will be a cognitive and deeply experiential practice, with a sacred sound initiatory process, both entering, and learning to facilitate entry into other states of being.

Networking and Sales
continue through day

4:15 - 5:15 PM

Amrita Cottrell & Susie Nelson Smith
The Healing Crystal Chalice:

In this workshop Amrita Cottrell and Susie Nelson-Smith will focus on the healing benefits of the crystal singing bowls using the metaphor of the feminine and chalice. Amrita and Susie will bring their experiences from opposite sides of the world to demonstrate the beauty and enchanting nature of the crystal bowls and how they can be used for bringing people into a "one heart consciousness."

Continues: - 5:15 PM

Zacciah Blackburn
Walking Between Worlds:  The Shamanic Door

Sound, Healing, and Consciousness
Understanding & experiencing the shamanic pathways
(See above)

Networking and Sales
continue through day

5:30-6:30 PM

World Sound Healing Meditation
       Zacciah, w/ all presenters, and all gathered,
& The Grandfather / Earth Drum

to honor and embrace the Earth and each other, gathering and sending our healing prayers into the Earth, calling upon the blessings of the Ancient Ones.

6:30  PM



 8:00  PM
Evening Sound Healing Concerts
Crystal Bowl Concert
Amrita Cottrell and Susie Nelson Smith

The 5 Divas:
Amrita, Chloe, Molly, Silvia, Susie

Stay after for improvisational Jam


Sunday, Nov2

8 AM




9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Dr. Molly Scott

Psyche, Sound and Soul:
An introduction to the practical magic of using using sound in psycho-soul healing through the intentional practice of vocal entrainment. We will work/play with our voices in small and large group formats, creating a resonant soup focused on transpersonal healing.
Silvia Nakkach

Aya, Spirit Voices

Embracing the Shamanic, the Yogic, and the Scientific Dimensions of Sound
Clinicians and scientists talk about entrainment, resonance and pattern recognition; yogis delve into the sacred and magic aspects of sound; and musicians are guided by their quest for aesthetic beauty. In this presentation we will experience how devotional sound systems are the gateway for transformation. Like the shaman, the yogi, and the mystic, who have always used sound as a gateway to transcendence and the exploration of consciousness, the sound practitioner today must navigate the realms of the personal, the visible, and the invisible to find metaphors for healing that honor the entire spectrum of human experience. Drawing from an unbroken tradition of Indian, Tibetan, and Afro-Brazilian devotional chanting, Silvia offers innovative forms of vocal improvisation, indigenous chants, and divine utterances to connect us with traditions of enchantment, entrancement, and enlightenment, and provides an effective cross-cultural model for working with sound and music in contemporary therapies with an integral and renewed spiritual emphasis.  

Networking and Sales
continue through day

12:30 - 2:00 PM

2:00 - 3:00 PM Closing Sound Ceremonies

With Molly Scott
and SHN Staff & Musicians


Presenter & Staff Biographies

Dr John Beaulieu
John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., is one of the foremost philosophers and major innovators in the area of sound healing therapies. A world-renowned speaker, composer, pianist, and naturopathic doctor, Dr. Beaulieu has pioneered a technique called BioSonic Repatterning™, a natural method of healing and consciousness development using tuning forks and other sound modalities based on the sonic ratios inherent in nature. As the founder of BioSonic Enterprises, he has developed and distributed over 50 different sound healing-related products including tuning forks, instructional videos, audio programs, CDs and books. Dr. Beaulieu is the groundbreaking author of Music and Sound in the Healing Arts and the composer/producer of Calendula: A Suite for Pythagorean Tuning Forks, a CD designed to physically align your body and create a deep relaxed state of awareness. He lectures and performs worldwide and conducts training seminars for practitioners in the healing arts.  www.Biosonics.com

Zacciah Blackburn
Director of Education for the Sound Healing Network, Director of the Conference
Zacciah Blackburn
is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in
Vermont, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, where he shares authentic trainings into the nature of human consciousness, explorations into the Shamanic worlds of Earth Energies & awareness, and teachings on the nature of sound as a therapeutic healing modality.  Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation.  He is Director of Education at the International Sound Healing Network, & co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing and All One Now Network of organizations working for global peace. See www.thecenteroflight.net for information.  He also offers world musical & sound healing instruments of sacred sound cultures at www.sunreed.com
Amrita Cottrell
Amrita Cottrell is the founding director of The Healing Music Organization. Her work in sound and healing music came from her own miraculous recovery from breast cancer in 1999, when she was able to eradicate two tumors in as little as six weeks with the sound of her own voice. Amrita has a degree in Health Arts and Sciences and is the author of the four-volume Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Sound. In addition to being an inspiring teacher, Amrita is an accomplished musician and singer. Her music artfully blends her playing of crystal singing bowls with her high, clear singing. She has shared her healing story and her work with the crystal bowls in the New York Times, at the United Nations, Southwest Airlines Inflight Magazine, and on CBS News.

Chloe Goodchild
Chloe Goodchild is founder of The Naked Voice and its charitable foundation, dedicated to healing the divide between silence, speech and song.  Since deafness in childhood, Chloe began a life-long journey to find ways to express herself and to help others in the same process. The ‘naked’ voice - or real sound, prior to the social or personality voice - was the outcome and treasure of this process. She created a method of communication, and effortless expression that enables singers and non-singers alike to access their true sound, from a deep and non-judgmental listening, sourced from silence.
Chloe’s teaching and performance has been informed by an experiential research of East -West voice and sound practices, following travels in Africa, India, Turkey, Europe, USA and Canada. She has sung for HH Dalai Lama, the Way of Peace in Northern Ireland and many other events. Her CD, Fierce Wisdom, features her world anthem, Singing Field. She has recorded with several major film, jazz, contemporary and classical musicians and composers. Chloe has recently published two Naked Voice teaching or “home learner” CD-DVDs, Your Naked Voice and Awakening Through Sound. Following her book The Naked Voice, Chloe is presently writing a new book, Sound Intelligence.

Silvia Nakkach

Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT,.Award-winning composer, psychotherapist, voice culturist, recording artist, internationally acclaimed performer, pioneer in the field of sound, transformation of consciousness, and music shamanism. Founder/Director Vox Mundi School of the Voice. Creator and academic advisor of the Sound, Voice, Music Healing Certificate at California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco). Her work has been integrated in a comprehensive curriculum of scientific vocal and sound healing applications known as The Yoga of the Voice™ that offers certification and training in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, India, and Europe. Contributing author of several books, Silvia’s interest in indigenous cosmology and alter states of consciousness brought her to renowned mystics and many spiritual masters from Indian and South American shamanic traditions. For more than 25 years studied Hindustani music with maestro Ali Akbar Khan. Named by Utne Reader magazine as one of 40 cutting-edge artists that will shake the art world in the new millennium. Silvia has cultivated a voice that transports the listeners into the heart of devotion. She currently educates musicians and therapists on the integration of sound, yoga, and spiritual service. For more information and many articles, visit: www.voxmundiproject.com

Susie Nelson Smith
Susie Nelson-Smith is an internationally recognized teacher and sound healer from New South Wales, Australia. She is based in Sydney Australia where she has The Karyna Centre for Transformation. Susie brings her passion and fascination for life and its mysteries to every aspect of her teaching, performing and personal life. Since the age of 12, Susie has been a student of religion, spirituality and the esoteric mysteries. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, and a Post Graduate degree in Communication Management. She worked as CEO in a training centre for specially disadvantaged people for 12 years and was a Justice of the Peace for 20. She is trained and certified in Reiki, Aromatherapy, Swedish & Remedial Massage and Reflexology. Susie travels extensively on her Travelling Troubadour Tours where she teaches her range of specialties and performs unique Crystal Sound Concerts in Australia and overseas. She has authored of two spiritual children’s books called “Sally of the Leaves” and produced 3 widely acclaimed crystal bowl CDs – “Opening the Heart to Compassion”, “Opening the Heart to JOY” and “Opening the Heart to LOVE”.

Molly Scott, Ed.D.LMHC 
Advisory Board Member, Sound Healing Network
 Molly Scott, Ed.D.LMHC, JP
is a therapist, singer, poet, and pioneer in the field of sound and consciousness and the use of the embodied voice in psychotherapy, She has a doctorate in counseling psychology and has presented her Creative Resonant training throughout the U.S. and Europe. Her background in theater, television and music informs her deeply intuitive understanding of the power of sound to affect body/mind change. She directs the Creative Resonance Institute and maintains a clinical practice and consultancy in Shelburne Falls, Mass. She is currently integrating her sound/centering work with horses in equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) programs. Her recordings include “We Are All One Planet”, “Honor the Earth and Each Other”, “Sound of Light, and “Sanctuary: Songs of Hope and Healing” on the Sumitra Label. She may be reached at mollyscott@mollyscott.com, or on the web at www.mollyscott.com.

Jeff Volk
Jeff Volk, poet, producer and publisher, has been popularizing the science of Cymatics for 25 years. In 1984 he produced a series of videos based on the pioneering experiments of Swiss scientist Dr. Hans Jenny, which scientifically demonstrated how audible sound creates harmonic, geometric patterns found in intricate life forms, and in the sacred art and architecture of the world's Great Traditions. In 2001, he re-issued Jenny's long out-of-print Cymatics books as a single deluxe edition, and he recently published an English translation of Water Sound Images, the stunning work of the contemporary German Cymatics researcher, Alexander Lauterwasser.
After his video, Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing, won the Hartley Film Award through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, it’s phenomenal success inspired him to produce the International Sound Colloquium, which for six years, was the premier conference exploring the power of sacred sound and healing music. He occasionally lectures about Cymatics and related topics, and his articles have been featured in publications worldwide. More information may be found at cymaticsource.com.

In Addition to Molly, Silvia, Chloe, Amrita, Susie:
(see profiles above)

Rich Goodhart
Rich Goodhart, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and recording artist working with world music in non-traditional forms. His latest CD of celebratory world beat invocations, sonic transportations and spirit chants is titled “Earth Spiral Water Sound”, and his third recording, “Never Give A Sword To A Man Who Can't Dance” was hailed as "The ultimate soundtrack to one's most private ritual dream" by New Age Retailer.
His Sound Healing studies include extensive work with Sarah Benson, intensive training with sound master Tom Kenyon and additional studies with Russill Paul, Dabadi Thaayrohyadi, Fiona Whitmore, the work of Jonathan Goldman and many others.
He is also a Qigong instructor and has extensive experience with Tai Chi, meditation, yoga and esoteric shamanic practices. For many years he was a regular teacher on the Omega Institute HSP faculty and has also taught at Rowe Conference Center and at the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA. In 2006 and 2007 Rich returned to Omega as a Core Faculty Tai Chi Instructor as well as leading Sound Healing and Transformational Sound and Energy Workshops as Staff Faculty.
For more information please visit: www.richgoodhart.com

Benyamin Sheppard
Director of Knowledge Management, WebMaster, Sound Healing Network
Ben Sheppard
is a healing musician, composer, harmonic alchemist, and intuitive visionary. Ben comes from a diverse musical background that includes many forms of classical, folk, and shamanic traditions from around the world combined with Jazz/blues, and esoteric electro-acoustic music. Ben is also a certified piano tuner/technician and researcher of the beautiful, mystical, and profound mathematic principals behind sound, vibration, harmonics, and acoustics.
Ben’s early technical training led him to a career in software engineering for about 25 years. In parallel to his technical career, Ben studied music in Boston and holds a Bachelor of music composition from the New England Conservatory.
Ben’s metaphysical training includes: TM, Kriya Yoga (through Paramhansa Yogananda's linage), Pranayama, Multiphonic Chant, Reiki, and research of using music and sound for healing, meditation, and transformational work. Today, Ben uses an array of musical instruments from diverse ethnic traditions to compose and perform deeply inspired spiritually guided music. Contact Ben HERE

SHN Staff
In Addition to
Zacciah Blackburn (Director of Conference, Director of Education, SHN,)
Benyamin Sheppard (Musician, Director of Knowledge Management, Webmaster, SHN)
(see profiles above)

Mary Comtois
Director of Special Projects, Sound Healing Network, Assistant Director of Conference
Mary’s work in the music field is as an educator, classical pianist, and consultant. She has 30 years of playing experience and 19 years of teaching experience, with a holistic approach to both. In addition to her musical background, Mary has been studying spirituality, sound healing, and holistic health for 15 years. Based in New York City and Philadelphia, she reaches a worldwide audience through online teaching and webcasting.

Sound healing is of great interest to Mary. She is focused on education and general support of the field. She has created several lectures and workshops on various sound healing subjects, and facilitates a monthly sound circle at the Philadelphia Holistic Music Studio. Mary is honored to serve the Sound Healing Network as Director of Special Projects. She would like to acknowledge all her teachers, mentors, colleagues, and students for their love, support, and guidance over the years. Special thanks to Zacciah, Ben, and Michelle for their great vision, work, and generosity with the SHN.

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Product Sales

A large number of crystal bowls, sound healing books and CD's, Tibetan bowls, gongs, bells, tingshas, Didgeridoos, tuning forks, flutes, Native American flutes and drums, and other sound healing tools and instruments will be on sale for your convenience, with informative teachers and makers present.
Contact us for registration of your sales.

About SHN   

The Sound Healing Network
(SHN) is an international network of sound healers with the goals of sharing experience and knowledge, coordinating workshops and educational programs, and conducting informal and formal research into the effects of sound and music on healing, and building community.

Formerly known as the New England Sound Healing Research Institute (NESHRI), SHN has a growing membership, worldwide, with benefits including practitioner/directory listings on our web site, web pages (soon available), article publications, event listings and publications, event discounts, and more.  One of SHN's primary goals is to further research into the nature and effectiveness of sound healing modalities.  We will be assisting members in creating and participating in research opportunities.  Membership currently costs $40/year.  Benefits include individual web pages on our highly ranked web site, (improving your exposure,) discounts at SHN and supporter programs, submission and listings on our web site calendar of events, news, and articles, and more.  

The SHN family is growing!
We currently have over 600 registered members on line.

For more information on this organization, visit http://www.soundhealingnetwork.org 
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Registration Information
Registration for the actual 2008 Conference is handled by the Rowe Center.  Contact Rowe to register at Rowecenter.org, or call Rowe at 413.339.4954
Cost by sliding scale, is income based:  $180.-285
Registration for AFTERNOON PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS; FRIDAY Oct 31, 1-5 PM is handled by SHN
Zacciah or call the Center of Light 802.674.9585.  Cost for pre-conference workshops:  $60 Members, $75. Non-members
In addition, there are fees for meals and rooms:  Commuting, Camping, Cabin, Dorm, or Private Rooms cost:  Range from $60.-265.
SHN members receive a $15. discount at time of registration, $15. discount from Friday afternoon Pre-Conference Workshops, and $15 off price of table rentals.
Full Conference Registration information here
(this will take you to Rowe's site for details on all costs and registration)
SHN Membership information is here.

About the Rowe Camp and Conference Center

Rowe is a treasure of Conference Centers.  Birthed out of love of its founders, it has become one of the best known retreat centers in the Northeast. 
Coming to Rowe is a pilgrimage, traveling a distance from our accustomed place to enter a sacred space, where we are transformed.
Eventually we return to the turbulent world, as all pilgrims do, infused with fresh energy, courage, and love.

Nestled in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts, Rowe Conference Center offers an exceptional environ to grow, learn, expand, rejuvenate.  Take time to walk in the groves, the adjacent wildlife preserve, or bake in the sauna. 
Rowe Camp began in 1924 as a Unitarian camp for teenagers. In 1973 Rowe purchased the farmhouse
adjacent to the camp and began weekend retreats and conferences for adults and families. Programs are open to everyone. Rowe is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association.
It is about 1500 feet above sea level in the Berkshire Mountains on 40 acres of land almost surrounded by a 1400 acre town park and wildlife preserve. The park is held in trust "forever wild"and includes miles of trails (which are fine for cross-country skiing), two mountains and a lake.
See rowecenter.org for additional details.


Rowe is located in Northwestern Massachusetts, four miles from the Vermont border. It is off Route 2, 25 miles west of Greenfield and 25 miles east of Williamstown. We are within an hour's ride of Bennington, Brattleboro, Amherst, Northampton, and Pittsfield, two hours from Fitchburg, Hartford and Albany, three hours from Boston and New Haven and 4-5 hours from NYC.  You will be sent a map when you register, with special directions from New York, Vermont and Connecticut. The Mohawk Trail (Route 2) is probably the most famous highway in New England and rightfully so. There are few roads more beautiful. Enjoy the journey as well as the goal.  To get maps and directions, go to rowecenter.org, or follow this link from MapQuest, click here

The Rowe Conference Center is well known for its gourmet vegetarian meals, part of the conference costs. 
Rowe's chefs consistently amaze everyone with their delicious culinary artistry, as well as their willingness to cater to special diets, from vegan to high protein.  Their food — fresh baked breads, homemade soups, gourmet entrees, and yummy desserts — is prepared lovingly by our chefs.


Sign up early for the most choices of where to stay. The decor is simple and fresh and the atmosphere relaxed. There are dorm-style housing in winterized cabins, summer camp cabins, the Rec Hall and the Farmhouse. The extra heaters in the Farmhouse keep rooms cozy and warm.
The winterized cabins are one large room heated by a wood-burning stove. There are also five unheated summer camp cabins that provide additional dorm housing in the early fall and late spring. Although the winterized cabins and summer camp cabins are not equipped with bathrooms, they are located near our beautiful all-season bathhouse. Some of our dorm rooms and cabins are co-ed, so if you prefer a women-only or men-only space, please let us know when you register. Please bring your own toiletries, towels and bedding (sleeping bag or sheets and blankets). If you are staying in an unheated cabin you will need to bring a pillow as well. With advance notice, we will provide bedding for $5.  We have a number of single and double occupancy private rooms available in the Farmhouse, Orchard Guest House, Brook House, Rec Hall, and Fromson House. All have shared bathrooms, and several rooms are wheelchair accessible. Bedding, including towels, is provided in private rooms.  Seasonal camping is also available in our lovely orchard or in the pine forest.   Bring your own tent.
There are limited accomodations at the Rowe Center, so we do suggest you sign up early. 

For additional information on rooms or meals, or you wish private room services away from the Center, click here:
Or, you can search through the listings in the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce at:  http://www.co.franklin.ma.us/

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Zacciah is currently planning a Vermont Sound and Earth Healing Conference in Burlington, VT, June 20-21, 2009.
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Volunteers Needed
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We currently have over 600 registered members on line. We will also be looking for a number of volunteers for our next conferences to assist in planning, admin, doorkeeping/ticketing, and general overall conference assistance.  Please let Zacciah know if you are interested.


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