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macchu picchu    
PERU:  11.11.11
A Sacred Journey
November 1-12, 2011

Additional Logistical Information

qero of peru
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Gateway at Amaru Muru;  Gateway to Ascension



This is current recommended information from our tour guides.
We will provide additional information as we are able to, regarding flight & travel information, additional things you might wish to consider bringing, information for our time within Peru, hiking conditions, and so forth.
Check back with us, or we will contact those who have registered, when new information is available.

November in Peru is the beginning of the rainy season, although you will probably run into only a few showers during your trip. The temperatures in Cusco and in the Lake Titicaca area during the day will reach some 65 degrees F; at night it will be 15 – 20 degrees cooler. In the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, it will be 10 degrees warmer, respectively.
For a 12-day excursion, you should pack :
- jeans and a couple of cotton pants
- several t-shirts
- 2 or 3 long-sleeved cotton shirts
- a couple of medium-weight sweaters
- a medium-weight jacket and/or warm vest
- a raincoat or jacket with a hood
- a warm scarf for cold days
- light-weight ankle-boots for hiking
- sneakers
- a sun-hat and UV-protection sunglasses
-  sun-block
-  medications you usually take, in their labeled bottles
-  pain killer in case of altitude-related headaches
-  a lightweight backpack for camera, sunblock, water,   snacks, etc;
-  a small first aid kit*
* A complete first-aid kit accompanies the group at all times.
The US $ is now worth 2.75 Peruvian Soles. Do not exchange money at airports or in hotels. You will have plenty of opportunities to change money in official exchange places with better rates. ATMīs are available in airports and cities.
One US $ is worth approximately 7 Bolivianos in Bolivia.
Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are accepted in cities and hotels. In the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu you will need cash to buy articles.
A 15% tip in restaurants is considered generous.
Always have bottled water with you. We do not advise drinking tap water anywhere. Ask for bottled water in restaurants as well and make sure the tap is sealed or the bottle opened in your presence.
Do not eat food sold by street vendors.
Bring one or 2 copies of the photo-page of your passport and always have one with you, leaving the original in the hotel safe.
Do not walk around wearing visible valuable jewelry, and hold on tight to your cameras.
Your hotels will have Internet access. Landline calls from Peruvian/Bolivian hotels to the U.S. are expensive. Most US cell-phones allow for direct calls to the U.S. from S. America, even though the per-minute charges are high. The international access code is 001.

Things you may wish to consider TO BRING:

You may wish to bring a drum, rattle, (we may not be offering many group opportunities for drumming and rattling, but these may be useful for your own private times, and will be in some group time.  Many archaelogical/temple sites frown on sound work, so we need be cautious in those places.) 
Bring: camera, notepad, pack, sunscreen, bug repellant, lots of water (opportunities to purchase daily,) snacks you may not find in a third world environ, sacred objects you wish to carry with you, backpack, satchel, or something to carry any of these items in, including water, etc for the trip, and a journal.

If you are not a 'mesa carrier', you will have an opportunity to make a "mesa":
This is an Andean prayer/medicine bundle (incorporating 1, or 2 18-24" square fabrics (1 wrapped inside the other,) with sacred stones (cuyas) and power objects such as feather, crystals, spiritual items, animal bones, things special to you which will fit in and easily carry in this fabric when folded to an 8-10" square) careful of carrying things across the border which are not legal, which would include bones and feathers.....  We will give you an opportunity to buy traditional mesa fabric from the Qero, but this may be later in the trip.  In most markets you can find this fabric, also, though not Qero fabrics.  But you can bring any thick, strong fabric you wish, and possibly a cloth belt or strand to tie it with.  We will make these early in the trip, and use them at each site to 'gather' personal power, and send our prayers to the spirits of each place.
Questions and answers

How will we get from the Cuzco airport to the Hotel on 10/31? We will pick you up
Or you can take a Taxi 
...have an arrangement with the taxi driver regarding how much the fee is before you go with the driver (typically $6 fare)
mesa cloths -  We will provide them as wanted....these cloths are made by the Qero people ...the mesa cloths cost between $60 - $100 from the Qero.  You can buy a Peruvian cloth at one of the markets in Cusco for much less money.
I would also like to book a private session with the Qero. Do you have any idea how much will the session be and which currency it should be paid? 
Cocoa Leaf Readings are $15- $35 a session....15 minutes to 30 minute sessions.   

Can you carry water into the sites?   Yes!!  Food vendors at Machu Picchu (MP) and water is very available at hotels, retailers, elsewhere.  You may wish to bring Grapefruit Seed Extract to put in your water to ward off any bacteria.  Grapefruit seed extract is available in coops and health food stores.
 How about Machu Picchu?  Water is available at MP.
 I'm assuming we can buy water at the hotel or in shops?  Yes, everywhere!
Can we bring a sandwich with us up to Machu Picchu since we are there for several hours. There is a food vendor & restaurant at MP and we are told it is safe to eat there. The hotels provide a breakfast buffett and you can take
food from the buffett including fruit and sandwich makings for lunches (Bring a bunch of ziploc bags). You may wish to bring some snacks you enjoy....nuts, etc.

Is the water in the Hotels OK to drink? Yes...But, only drink bottled water from sealed bottles.

How easy is it to get cash in these cities? Very easey, atm machines and in the hotels and money exchange businesses abound.

How much Peruvian money do you suggest we take? Not much before you arrive, as US exchange rates are high. Take $20 to $50 can get Peruvian money at the airport, but best rates are in town (Cusco or Lima).

Are there any Backpack restrictions at these sites? No
Size of backpack ? We recommend a daypack for the day trips.

Can you bring a walking stick to the sacred sites? Yes, good choice in some places.

What do you suggest for altitude?
We recommend you talk to your doctor if you have any questions regarding altitude sickness or any health issues which may be affected by the altitude. There are altitude prescriptions you can get, talk to MD!
We, also, recommend you stay hydrated and walk slowly and do not eat heavy meals.
Also, it is important for you to prepare for this journey physically by walking and improving your health condition daily.
There are Coca leaves in the hotels for altitude sickness and tea in every hotel lobby.

Can you give us specifics for any of the meals we will be on our own to find? Most meals are provided, but we will provide suggestions daily regarding meals as needed.
Is it safe to eat from outdoor vendors, local foods? We recommend you do not eat from street vendors, and eat only cooked foods in restaurants. No greens or any washed foods which are not cooked.
Is it safe to eat fruits we buy in the markets? Only fruits you can peel, banana, etc.

Additional Notes:

Our tour
Once our tour starts you will find this to be a cohesive group to be with.
Our tour guides have been working with the Qero for many, many years.

Trip Insurance

We recommend you purchase trip insurance.  You can purchase it from Access if you purchase your flight from Orbitz.  Also, AAA offers trip insurance.  If you have any specific health considerations we recommend you purchase Medivac Insurance.


These are third world countries...things can happen not expected in our itinerary, and different rules apply culturally.  We have found that when things change, itinerary, etc....they always change for the better. But, we ask you to remain mindful and flexible.


Please bring items for mesas. Imagine enough items to fill
One to two fists for the mesas.
Bring small objects that have been beneficial to you in your life....these may be medicine objects, stones, crystals, etc.
You will find items for sale in Peru at the markets, including special minerals, stones, such as the male/female meteorites, used, chumpi stones, many choices.
We recommend you do not bring anything that is illegal, or may be a problem crossing borders, such as many feathers or plants.


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ITINERARY:  PERU:  11.11.11
 Our itinerary is subject to change. 
All components of the practice are expected to remain in place, though, in some cases, the day, time, or order may change.   

 General Info  *  About the Practice   *   Itinerary *  Cost & Registration  *  Logistics  *  About your Hosts   *  Top of Page



In the near future, we shall provide additional information on logistics; what to bring, travel information, etc.

No one should attend this program who is not fit and able to be outside for the majority of a day, or hike in mountainous or natural areas for up to an hour at a time.   Consult with your doctor if there is any question, and speak to us for clarification.

This is a Group Practice which involves group process and group ceremony.  This is not a practice for those who wish to be simply tourists or casual observers.  We request only those sign up who have genuine interest in engaging in this work.  All practices will be fully instructed.  No prior experience is necessary, only a genuine desire to participate.

We highly recommend arriving in Cusco 1-2 days early, if your budge will allow it.  Cusco is 10,000' above sea level.  Some people experience difficulty adjusting to altitude.  Having an extra day, or more, to relax and adjust can be very beneficial to your ability to enjoy the first days of practice.  There is plenty to do in easy walking distance from our hotel, for times you  may wish to shop or be a 'tourist.'
We can direct you to hotels we recommend.  Our five star Libertador in Cusco is first choice.  But there are plenty of other quality 2-4 star hotels that will suit your needs and wishes.  If you prefer to stay in Lima, we recommend the day

OPTIONAL HOTEL IN LIMA Before or After program start/end times
If you wish to arrive before our program begins (Tues AM, Nov 1), or stay over after the program ends (approx 3 PM, Sat Nov 12), or, book a Day Room** or overnight room at the Lima airport before flying to your home destination, we recommend booking the Costa del Sol. ** Some people like to take a "Day Room" to freshen up, relax, use their spa services, etc, for several hours before their typically late night flights. Their website is and their direct line from the States is: 011 51 1 711 2000. They speak fluent English. You should ask for prices for overnight AND prices for approximately from 3 p.m. till 8 p.m. Check-in for international flights is 3 hours ahead of departure.  Departures are typically 10PM (Sat Nov 12) to 1 AM (Sun Nov 13)

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Peru, November 2011
11.11.11 The Gateway of Aramu Muru
10.10.10:  Initiations in the Halls of Orion

A 2 week sacred initiatory journey, Oct 2010
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Programs are constantly being added and updated
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