Opening The Seals:   

Awakening and Seeding Elevated States of Consciousness through our Sacred Centers

Spiritual High Alchemy
and Personal Evolution

April 4-5, 2009
Avoca, NY

 10 AM - 6 PM Sat; 10 AM - 4 PM Sun.

Program Cost $250., or:
If registered and paid by:  Feb 1, 2009:  $205.;  
by Mar 15, 2009:  $225.

with a special optional 3rd day***
Awakening the Lion

Awakening the Essence of Our Being, in Sacred Relation to Self, Other, and Higher Form. Utilizing Energetic Pathways, in High Tantra
To Enter Sacred Union, and to Build
Spiritual Awareness, Dignity, and Integrity

 Sun 5-7pm, Mon 10am-4pm; $95. by March 15, $110 after
***Must participate in first two days to enter Tantric practices
(See this program information for in depth content on the nature of this additional day of work.)

  This program will guide you into a sacred state of being and consciousness, unlike any,
         (as most participants report,) you have ever experienced.
”Life Transforming,” “Deeply moving and Healing” -quotes from prior participants.

Held at:
  MoonHeart Studios, Avoca, NY 

For information, & registration contact:
Joanie Desimone, PO Box 181, Avoca, NY 14809
PH: 607-566-3587, E-mail

Or register on line with us:

Additional program information will follow.  
See our Articles section for information on the nature of spiritual alchemy & sacred sound transmissions.

Lodging not included.
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This is a richly experiential program offering initiation into the mysteries of High Spiritual Alchemy, and understanding of the transformational nature of consciousness.  The "Seals" are the conduits, or portals to most transformational work.  "Seals" is the Egyptian term for the energy centers we most often refer to as "Chakras." 

The Seals are an interface between worlds, centers of perception, organizational centers for alignment and interaction with evolutionary aspects of our conscious interaction in the world, and the greater Cosmos, utilized for understanding and experiencing our multidimensional awareness and growth. 
The enlightened Inca civilization called these potent centers, "Eyes of Perception,"  because of their ability to sense into and interact with different dimensions of being.

Zacciah will offer explicit opportunity for opening of the seals, via awareness and energy building exercises, and initiations via the "Gatekeepers" of the Seals, especially of the Egyptian pantheon, via Sacred Sound Transmissions.
We also shall utilize practices of planting 'Seeds of Consciousness,' powerful mantra like phrases which bring clarity, purpose, perception, and activation at evolved levels of beings, of these gateways of consciousness.

While many of us have our fundamental life force diluted, despoiled, or devoured via struggles over fundamental security and challenges of providing for our basic survival, or physical needs, issues of not having enough, self worthiness and issues of not being good enough, abandonment, victimization, or issues of disempowerment....  We often get lost in these subtle and sometimes not so subtle life forces divesting us of the essence of our greater reality.  We each have the option to examine what holds us back, what disempowers us in life, and take real steps to come into our real power, our true nature, via alignment within our greater being.
By coming into alignment with the greater nature of our being, and accessing heightened/rarified powers (neters) of the pure realms of light and consciousness, we can draw upon these to manifest in our life in limitless bounty.
This program is about taking control of our lives while also tapping into the universal forces which can assist us to clarify, resolve, and align with our greatest potential, and the laws and harmonics of Creation.
We will be introduced to practical steps that can serve as a catalyst into higher learning, heightened transformation, and becoming a clear vehicle of the greater good.

We have the capacity to open the Seals to heightened magic, perception, and being.
Utilizing awareness exercises, building life force within our being, and participating in initiations in the inner realms, via Sacred Sound Transmissions, we shall have the opportunity to experience these heightened states.

These iniations are for those ready to take responsbility for their own life conditions, for those preparing for their own highest evolution, within this life time, and ready to step forward in their greater life work.


  Accommodations  Prices for April 2009 …. All are an easy scenic drive to the Studio
Caboose Motel     Avoca NY           
  Contact: Patricia Thomas   * mention discount for Moon Heart Studios* 
Regular room with discount  $55.44 includes Tax
Caboose with discount  $63.84 includes tax   
 10 minutes to Moon Heart Studios
Microtel Inn & Suites    Bath NY
  Contact : Wendy   * mention discount for Moon Heart Studios*
single   $48.60  plus tax
double  $57.60
suites  $66.60
Jacuzzi  $84.60
New , built  only one year ago….. 20 minutes to Moon Heart Studios
Buttons B&B   Cohocton NY
  Contact: Carol
single  $45
double $65
Aprox, 10 minutes to Moon Heart Studios
Relaxing Rural B & B * 1850’s Farm House * Includes full breakfast

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