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10.10.10.The Perfection of Unity; Egypt
Perfection of Unity
Perfection of Bliss
The Sacred Trinity
(Isis, Sekhmet, Hat’or; Osiris, Ra, Horus)
The StarRealms, Gateways, Portals;  The Ancient Ones
In 13 days we will begin our Sacred Journey of Egypt:
10.10.10:  Initiations into the Hallways of Orion.
Many have asked what this means.  I would like to share some of my thoughts, along with information of the templates and encodings of wisdom and understanding of the Egyptian Mysteries, and ancient sites as we approach them, the times of 10.10, and more.
The ancient temples of humanity were designed, for the most part, with extraordinary wisdom and intent.  They are embedded, encoded, with living mysteries, such as the Living Wisdom of the cultures and Wisdom Keepers who  built them, and the Living Energies of the vast ocean of space and time in which we live, breathe, and thrive, as well as the mysteries of Earth and Sky.  When one understands these are Living Temples, one more readily may gain access to the Wisdom they contain.  When one recognizes, honors, and appreciates the Living Beings housing this Wisdom, one is more likely to gain access.  Among them, are Protectorates of the Knowledge stored therein.  They do not allow passage (into the unseen realms,) to those not entering in appropriate states of awareness and consciousness.
In Egypt, the Ancients were masters of many dimensions of understanding.  Not only do many of these Masters remain living in the same subtle realms of consciousness that the Holy Beings of All Wisdom Lineages reside (Buddhist, Christian, Islam, Shinto, Indigenous Wisdom Lineages,) but their wisdom is, often, literally embedded in the stone temples they created, often protected by Holy Beings who insure the integrity of the ancient sites, and the safe keeping of the Wisdom.
When we engage in reverent passage into these Halls of Wisdom and Learning, gain safe entry into their sacred refuge, and gain alliance of the Ancients who guided these Mysteries long ago, as Living Beings of today, we enter a profound potential of accessing incredible Wisdom and Light.
Templates and Spectrums of Light and Consciousness
Not only are the Temples built as, and house, Templates and Spectrums of Light and Consciousness, but many comprise portals into powerful  dimensions of understanding, including entry to journey points to the most ancient civilizations of the Star Realms, such as Sirius, the Pleiades, and Orion.  For instance, they literally have Doorways that appear to lead to nowhere.  A door with no entry point carved into a wall at the end of a temple sanctuary.  Yet, entered in sacred states, these can open into incredible Temples of Understanding, Realms of Light, and more.
Wisdom is the name given to the Ancient Mother in many cultures, whether Buddhist or Christian, Jewish or Hindu.  Wisdom is the Grace of Compassion, the Heart of Wisdom, the Face of God which can be touched with the breath and hand of Reverence.
The Holy Trinity of Mothers of Ancient Egypt, as they approach our work, are Sekhmet, Isis, and Hat’or.  There are many others, Seshat, Ma’at, Nut, to name a few, but these three comprise the central axis of Enlightened Beings who guide these teachings.  They are with us more constantly than others during this work, and specifically call upon us to enter our own sanctity, our own refuge of Time and Space in the Heavenly Realms, of which we are a part.  And to activate and liberate our own conduct and understanding of Empowered Being.
The guidance of Ra, Osiris, Thoth, Horus, and others are close behind, and come forward in incredible moments of transformation and Liberation, guiding and teaching each phrase, or tone.
The Hathors are yet another story, but always with us in practice, and in the Sacred Sounds.
These Holy Beings of the Pure Realms of Consciousness are always with us.  And come forward to guide and teach this work.  They will be with us in Egypt, and will touch the Hearts and Minds of most present.
The Dates of 10.10.10 are chosen by them, before I was given understanding of the power of this Gateway, or Portal of Time.  Over time, it has come to my understanding that this Gateway is significant to the limitless resolve of the Perfection of Unity.  10 numerologically is perfection via the godforce.  (see more on '10' at bottom of article.)  For those who may not know, we stand on the threshold of a place of both individual awakening, but also of a collective state of unified consciousness.  It is a remarkable time of human evolution.  Prophesied by many cultures.  Yet, many of us have yet to access or sustain such states.  The Maya Elders and others are coming forward to tell us It Is Time.  Time to awaken, to embody the Truth of Who We Are. Time to Enter into a state of Living in Harmony with All Life.  Of Living in the Rythm of Giving and Taking in Harmony with All life. To feel the nurturance and support of the Universe within and around us.  To immerse in its Rythm, be Part of Life, not separate from it.  This Gateway supports that practice with incredible intelligence of the Cosmos.  Waves of Light and increased frequencies of understanding are embracing us more and more, daily.  It behooves each of us to learn practices which support entering and sustaining the Awakened and Unified States of Consciousness.  The Three Hearts and Heart of Creation practices we are offering worldwide, serve to benefit such experiential understanding, as does each practice we offer.  But, these are specific to these times, arising from or inspired by the Wisdom of Elders speaking directly from the Heart of the Prophecies.  (If you have not followed our news about the 3 Hearts work, you can view our articles here.)
The inherent nature of consciousness of the Human Spirit is Bliss.
We are born with it.
It is our nature, and our BirthRight.
It has been stripped from us.
Every Wisdom School instructs of the nature of Bliss and how to attain it.
Tibetan Buddhism, for instance, is very direct in such teachings of Liberation through Bliss, Emptiness, or Spaciousness, as well as residing in the Jeweled Lotus of the Heart of Perfect Wisdom, or Compassion.
The Q’ero are direct descendants of Incan wisdom and practices (“The Enlightened One” is the very meaning of the word, “Inca.”)  They offer, among other practices, the path of Awakening the Seed of Our Potential, which brings us into the Flower of Our Blossoming Joy, to offer it in service to the Garden of Creation.  The Flower of Blossoming Joy.  The Seed of Our Potential.  The Garden of Creation.  Some of you just engaged in these practices with us in the US, and will have opportunity next year in Peru.
These phrases alone are inherently embedded with the understanding of the pathway to our Awakened and Liberated Bliss and Joy, the inherent Seed awaiting within us, if we simply awaken and cultivate it with the Wisdom of the Ancients, and Elements of Creation, Sky, and Earth.
Again, it is our inherent state, and our BirthRight, to live in Bliss, Joy, Liberation, Awakened Connection to or Unity or Harmony with All Life.  This is the nature of Who We Are, taught by all Wisdom Schools.
The Perfection of Unity.  Living in Harmony with All Life.  The Liberated States of Bliss.
How do we awaken these potentials within ourselves?  And cultivate them into the blossoming of joy and bliss within our Being?
What Wisdom of the Ancients of Egypt, in the most Holy Temples of their ancient culture, might they shower upon us with the Bliss of their own understanding, the Enlightenment of the Path of Those Who Have Gone Before Us, to achieve such states?
One of the Portals of understanding are the StarGates, ever present in the Egyptian culture.  
Dendara, Procession of GodsMany of the Egyptian Deities arose from the Stars.  Most indigenous cultures of the world speak to the most Ancient Ancestors, Great Luminous Beings of Light, who descended from the Stars to come and dwell here.  The StarNations, StarBeings, StarRealms, StarTribes,  are terms of endearment to many Native Cultures of the world, from ancient Africa and Europe, to the Americas and New Zealand.
They know where they come from.
It is our path to learn our origin, as well.
You may not be aware of the relationship of Sirius and the Pleiades to the Belt of Orion. 
Look up at the night sky when they are present, and you will see them, one above, one below the Belt.
The Ancients were very prone to notice these three star clusters, along with others.  But, these three are prominent in ancient thought and awareness worldwide.
The Temples of the Plateau at Giza, the Great Pyramids, are exactly aligned to the primary stars of the Belt of the constellation Orion. 
Orion was very important in relationship to Osiris, a major deity in Egyptian Cosmology, and to this work. The  primary pyramids of Giza align to the arising of Orion in 10,500 BC, which is when ancient Egyptian historians point to the origin of their culture, as well as a growing body of scientific evidence (search for ‘weather patterns of erosion on the Sphinx,’ for instance.)
An unexplained shaft, extending out from a long passageway from the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid points directly at Sirius at certain times.
When the Dogon people of Africa were asked how they knew that Sirius was a binary star system with the second star composed of especially heavy elements, compared to most stars, information only revealed to modern science in the last century, or so, but embedded in cave paintings of the Dogon people proven to be at least 800 hundred years old, the Elders simply stated, “Why, because we are from there.”
This is common knowledge to Indigenous cultures planetarily.
We are from there.
To have the opportunity to “Journey Home,” to witness and follow our most ancient roots, to gain deeper glimpse and insight into Who We truly Are, is paramount to the human search for awakening and understanding.
The portals of Light in the Egyptian complexes are immense.
They include entry into the famous “Halls of Amenti.”  The Records of Knowledge.  Much has been written about these.  And we certainly do not need to go to Egypt to gain safe access to them.  But, being at the Doorway to the Halls of Knowledge does not hurt, to make safe passage into them.
Many cultures speak to the manner in which they embedded their knowledge into the Stone Complexes they created.  I have been taught by Wisdom Keepers of ancient sites, as well as Living Wisdom Keepers of indigenous cultures, who built great temple complexes, such as in Teotihuaca, Mexico, how to gain safe passage into these records of Knowledge, what some call “the Invisible Books.”
We shall seek such safe access.
The Living Wisdom Keepers, in such practices, often come to baptize and initiate us with the Living Energies, such as the Waters of Heaven, the Living Light of Consciousness, the Sweet Nectars of the Holy Realms, the Staff of Power, the Tree of Life.  If you have not witnessed such initiations, sit with us in any of our practices, and give yourself permission to participate.
Initiations into the Halls of Orion.  Osiris. Isis. Sekhmet. Ra. Hat'or.  Horus. The Ancient Ones, descending from the Stars, much like the deities making safe passage from the Holy Realms on the Barques, or Heru Boats, in the Sky Temple of Hat’or in Dendara.  They descend to touch our minds and our hearts with their love and wisdom, their teachings and blessings.  We gain direct access to their wisdom.  We open the portals to their learning, we receive their blessings.
Through the Three Hearts, we literally take on the potential of embodying the Stars of this region, or of the Galaxy, or the Heart of the Galaxy, as we choose.  While modern science views this center of the galaxy as a birthplace of stars, many indigenous cultures view it as a birthplace of souls.
The StarPortal of the Great Pyramid.  Lifting the cap with the Light of Bliss and True Awakening, peering into the company of Heaven, receiving their blessings, and our own empowerment to walk fully among them, here on Earth, in our own Awakened Potential, the Power of the Living Self.  The Divine Self.  A Child of Creation, who has awakened his/her Own Knowing.
Entering into the Unity of One’s Being, at one with All Life, the Harmony of Creation, much like the Grandmothers of the Wisdom Cultures today ask us to engage in.
The number 10 historically, and through different cultures, represents: The Perfection of Unity, Male and Female, Heaven and Earth, matter in Harmony, Creator and Creation, the Universe, the Whole of Human Knowledge, Completion, the Totality of Numbers, The End of One Cycle and the Beginning of Another (Maya.)
These are all principals and understanding we shall engage in during the weeks of Oct 2-17 in Egypt.

There are still spaces open.
As of 9.19.10, the Cost for new registrants is $5125.US, all inclusive** in Egypt
** (does not include airfare to/from Egypt, but all costs in Egypt, see online.)
The program is offered in English only.  Though originally advertised to be translated into German, there is no one coming who requires translation, so it will be given only in English.  There are fluent Deutsch speakers with us, including our tour Egyptologist, who can provide in depth understanding of the practices and sites we venture into, if any one wants additional assistance.

But we look forward to having you join us, as well.
You may register in the US via our offices, or in Europe via our host Viola Stollenmaier.
And, we look forward to seeing you in the US, Canada, and Europe as we continue this work.
Look closely for our next mail when we will announce our 2011 programs.
North Carolina and Texas programs are in November 2010, should you wish to engage in the Three Hearts Practice of the Elders Wisdom, just after our return from Egypt.
Or, in Europe, Holland and Bad Homburg, Germany in the next few weeks.
Many blessings in all you do.
Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
Director, the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Ascutney VT

Zacciah is also announcing a program on
Sound, Healing, and Consciousness
A 5 day Winter Retreat
March 26-30, 2011
at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram
Paradise Island
Nassau, Bahamas
Level II Program Information in Our 2010-11 Sound Healers Training is online.  One place remains.
Level I information for 2011 will be available in the near future!
The Art of Sacred Sound; Sound, Healing, and Consciousness
Sound, Healing and Consciousness
Sound, Healing and Consciousness
Sound, Healing, and ConsciousnessIn Depth Exploration into
the Nature of Sound, Healing, and Consciousness;
their inter-relationship, and
the use of sound in healing for self, service, and cosmos
Sound, Healing, and Consciousness 5
 March 26-30, 2011
A 5 day Retreat at the Deeply Enriching
Sivananda Yoga Center on the exclusive, private,
Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas
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The Art of Sacred Sound; Sound, Healing, and Consciousness
10.10.10 INITIATIONS into the HALLS of ORION
October 2-17, 2010
It Has Been Written
It Shall Be Shown
The Ancient Ones are among us.
Those ready to activate the ancient work. 
A 17 day journey for those prepared to enter ascended states of being, and assist the Earth in her Activation.
EGYPT: 10.10.10; the Doorway to Unity and Perfection
Zacciah guides us in a two week Sacred Tour of Ancient Egypt, October 2-17, 2010. 
Zacciah will bring
great pyramids, egypt
forward the Teachings and Initiatory experiences of many of the Ancient Lineage Carriers of Egyptian tradition, inluding the Holy Trinity of Goddesses (Isis, Hat'or, Sekhmet) and Male Deities (Ra, AtumRa, Horus, Osiris, Thoth,) and the wisdom they bring from Greater Origins.
The program culminates in profound initiatory ceremonies during the calendrical portal of October 10, 2010, in the ancient hallways of Dendara, followed by rites in the King and Queens chamber of the Great Pyramid.
This program will be offered in English only (earlier advertising stated German translation is available.)
To insure your hotel room in Giza faces the Pyramids, and other special accomodations of this tour, be sure you register by Aug 26.
You may register through our offices,  US $5175.
  • Private group ceremonial time in many major temples, including the Sphinx, Great Pyramid, Dendara and Abydos
  • The White Desert
  • Facilitate deep healing & crystalline awareness
  • Experience visceral connection to the spiritual allies, elemental beings, and Wisdom Keepers  in each site
  • Learn how to collaborate as Co-Creators in active ceremony to awaken and assist in heightening the planetary frequency
Both novice practitioner and experienced adept will find great benefit in participating.   
Gateway to UNITY:  10.10.10
EGYPT: 10.10.10; the Doorway to Unity and Perfectio
Zacciah in Europe Sept, Oct
Zacciah is in Europe, teaching the Egyptian Mysteries, the Transmissions of the Hathors (Transfiguration,) and the 3 Hearts Mysteries Sept 16-Oct 24.
Check with Host, some program content may have changed, due to the infusion of Light around the 3 Hearts work.
  1. Mullheim, Switzerland; evening event, 6-10 PM;  2012: The Great Awakening
  2. Märstetten, Raising the DJED
  3. Holland evening event, 6-10 PM;  2012: The Great Awakening
  4. Holland, Workshop personal empowerment and initiation  Transfiguration: Embodying the New Consciousness
  5. Egypt.10.10.10:  Initiations into the Halls of Orion; a 2 week Sacred Journey; Translated in DEUTSCH
  6. Evening event at Bad Homburg, 6-10 PM;  2012: The Great Awakening
  7. Workshop, Bad Homburg: Transfiguration: Embodying the New Consciousness
Private Therapies, Counseling, and Studies
Zacciah is an intuitive sound healer, shamanic practitioner and spiritual counselor.
He accepts appointments for individual therapy or training. 
Call for further information, or an appointment.
Appointments are available in person or by phone.
Private Therapies, Counseling, and Studies
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D., Director
In This Issue

The THREE HEARTS, Europe, Dallas, TX, Asheville, NC, Sept-Nov
The CRYSTALLINE CODES, Opening to the Heart of the Galaxy, Elders Wisdom, 3 Hearts
Holland:  Sept 24-26    Holland:  Sept 24-26
Dallas:  Nov 6-7   Dallas:  Nov 6-7
Asheville, NC Nov 13-14  Asheville, NC Nov 13-14
If you want more information on the 3 Hearts practice, see this newsletter:
ORDER A CD of the 3 HEARTS PRACTICE FOR $20 Including Shipping.
Order our new 15 CD Set of "THE ART OF SACRED SOUND", a 4 day event at Omega Institute, for $125.
(Newsletter special til 9.25.10, $99.) + $10. S/H
These are live recordings of workshop, not studio quality.

Ancient Egypt, October 2-17, 2010
Ancient Egypt
What is held here, which will serve us at this time?
  great pyramids, egypt
A 16 day Sacred Journey with private group ceremonial time in many major temple complexes, as well as the White Desert, in order to facilitate deep healing, crystalline awareness, connectivity to the spiritual allies, elemental beings, and Wisdom Keepers available in each site.  Both novice practitioner and experienced adept will find great benefit in participating.  
Zacciah has a masterful ability to offer wisdom and knowing in a manner in which we can hear at our current level of understanding.  His powerful Sacred Sound Transmissions have the capacity to catapult us into sacred states of consciousness, in which we can ascertain, for ourself, our life purpose and meaning.  We shall be given the opportunity to engage in real, meaningful, and life changing transformational work, though our primary intent in offering this work is in service to the Planet and the Greater Whole.  Great Sphinx, Egypt
There will be a great deal of personal time in many sanctuaries, marketplaces, and other spaces, including world class hotels, and a cruise up the Nile from Aswan to Luxor. 
We shall work with understanding of how to awaken Our Selves, then engage the Living Energies of each place, to ask how we might work in collaboration with the original design, the Wisdom Keepers, and the Codices of Knowledge embedded in many of the complexes, and Giza Plateau, as well as the Living Energies of the Earth, and Cosmos. 
These temples are designed for what we are here to do.  Saqqara, Dahsure, Abydos, each hold enriched understanding for those able to perceive.  We shall have the opportunity to experience initiatory processes in communion with the Living Wisdom Keepers of many sacred sites, with especial Initiations on 10.10.10 in the Great Halls of Hat'or, at Dendara, Dendara, Hathor, Egyptwith the alliance of Hat'or and the Hathors, who are principal guides in this work.  We will be in the Halls of Abydos, enveloped in the mysteries of Osiris, Isis and Horus, Sekhmet in her Chapel in Karnak, and other explicit sites for ceremonial opening to the portals beyond our common perception of Time and Space, contained in many of these Halls.  We close  our tour, in sanctuary, in the Great Halls of Giza, the High Pyramid, with private sound ceremonies in the King's Chamber, and Queen's Chamber.  The potential Isis and others bring us here is immense. 
This is a 16 day, 15 night sojourn into the Space beyond Time as We Know It, opening, potentially, to some of the most Ancient Foyers of  the Origins of ourselves, and our Ancestors, the Hallways of Orion, Sirius, Pleides, and others.  The Dendara, Procession of GodsKeepers of these ancient sites often arose from such dominions.  It is they who guide this work.  We shall be invited to experience the ancient times of our own Knowing.  And learn to incorporate that understanding in our own essence here, now, and how we might apply the learning in our everyday lives, during these times of incredible Transformation.  
 For Full Program Information, click here>  HERE
Watch our next news for information on the Magical Gateway to UNITY:  10.10.10

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