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Solar Activation, Lion's Gate, Grand Cardinal Climax, Taripay Pacha, The Time of Meeting Ourselves Again, Sacred Sound
We send our blessings to each of you during these most auspicious days, and times of gracious wisdom and understanding.

We are in the midst of most precious opportunities for evolutionary growth.
Are we giving our selves time to listen?

A Grand Cardinal Cross Climax sits upon our throne of Being today (8.7.  The Lions Gate is the portal of 8.8.)
Its ramifications have been building through this summer, and will unfold over the next 1- 2 weeks especially, yet will continue to spiral out in cycle after cycle, as the wheels of the cycles within cycles come into synchronous union during these coming times. 
Some say this alignment does not occur more often than every 10,000 years.

This is a planetary alignment which asks us ever deeper inquiry into the nature of our authentic being.
Are we paying attention?
Are we sitting in our authenticity?
Are we giving our selves time to resonate in that authenticity and true being?
Or, are we suffering from the appearances of illusion which keep us from perceiving the intimate golden thread of light interconnecting all life?
We are in a time of great opportunity to sit with the escalating energies present in our own inner cosmos, and, within the universe,
(Click here or scroll down for balance of article.)
A RETURN TO BEAUTY: Honoring the Living Relations of ALL LIFE
My Elders, and the Apus (the Living Spirits of the Mountains,) have both asked that I offer and continue this work.  From the Q'ero/Peruvian/Inkan perspective, these awakening of Living Relations is what will serve us to come into collective awakening, once enough of us are initiated into this "4th Level of Qero/Inkan Priesthood." These Karpay practices serve to bring us into those Initiations and Awakenings of the 4th Level of Peruvian Mysticism and Priesthood.  The program incorporates the ancient teachings and prophecies of North and South Americas, of the Union of Male and Female, the Heart and Mind, the Self and Cosmos, Heaven and Earth.  
At the bequest of my Elders, I incorporate the wisdom of these ancient Sacred Sites of this region of the Earth;  we visit 4 DreamLodge/StarChambers (ancient stone ceremonial chambers), as well as High Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Canyons, Caves, and more.
Read more about this program in the continuing article below;
Call us if you have questions.

If you have attended 2 or more of any of Zacciah's workshops, take $100 off the registration, if fully registered by Friday, August 13.

The price includes all lodging in quality motels and Inns, all meals, all transportation, and entry fees.

Shamanic Training and Initiations into the Living Energies, and Living Relations with, Earth Energies,
the Awakening of our Essence, or
Potential 'Seed' of Being
based upon Native American and Peruvian Mysticism, Drawing deeply from
the Hatun Karpay, or Great Initiations,
of the Qero Indians of Peru
and shamanic teachings arising from North America Incorporates the Qero "Karpay" Initiations
into the '4th Level Priesthood' of Qero traditions
The Dineh peoples of the American Southwest have a word for 'healing', which means: 
A RETURN TO BEAUTY, a true honoring of the Beauty within and around us.
This is a 6 Full Day program in natural, wilderness and ancient ceremonial sacred sites, includes all land transportation, quality hotels, meals, and entrance fees associated with the program.
10.10.10 INITIATIONS into the HALLS of ORION
October 2-17, 2010
It Has Been Written
It Shall Be Shown
The Ancient Ones are among us.
Those ready to activate the ancient work. 
A 17 day journey for those prepared to enter ascended states of being, and assist the Earth in her Activation.
EGYPT: 10.10.10; the Doorway to Unity and Perfection
Zacciah is offering a two week Sacred Tour of Ancient Egypt, October 2-17, 2010. 
Zacciah will bring
great pyramids, egypt
forward the Teachings and Initiatory experiences of many of the Ancient Lineage Carriers of Egyptian tradition, inluding the Holy Trinity of Goddesses (Isis, Hat'or, Sekhmet) and Male Deities (Ra, AtumRa, Horus, Osiris, Thoth,) and the wisdom they bring from Greater Origins.
The program culminates in profound initiatory ceremonies during the calendrical portal of October 10, 2010, in the ancient hallways of Dendara, followed by rites in the King and Queens chamber of the Great Pyramid.
This program will be offered in English only (earlier advertising stated German translation is available.)
To insure your hotel room in Giza faces the Pyramids, and other special accomodations of this tour, be sure you register by Aug 26.
You may register through our offices, as well as making payments here in US $.
  • Private group ceremonial time in many major temples, including the Sphinx, Great Pyramid, Dendara and Abydos
  • The White Desert
  • Facilitate deep healing & crystalline awareness
  • Experience visceral connection to the spiritual allies, elemental beings, and Wisdom Keepers  in each site
  • Learn how to collaborate as Co-Creators in active ceremony to awaken and assist in heightening the planetary frequency
Both novice practitioner and experienced adept will find great benefit in participating.   
Watch our next newsletters for information on the Gateway to UNITY:  10.10.10
EGYPT: 10.10.10; the Doorway to Unity and Perfectio
Zacciah in Europe Sept, Oct
Zacciah is in Europe, teaching the Egyptian Mysteries, the Transmissions of the Hathors (Transfiguration,) and the 3 Hearts Mysteries Sept 16-Oct 24.
Check with Host, some program content may have changed, due to the infusion of Light around the 3 Hearts work.
  1. Mullheim, Switzerland; evening event, 6-10 PM;  2012: The Great Awakening
  2. Märstetten, Raising the DJED
  3. Holland evening event, 6-10 PM;  2012: The Great Awakening
  4. Holland, Workshop personal empowerment and initiation  Transfiguration: Embodying the New Consciousness
  5. Egypt.10.10.10:  Initiations into the Halls of Orion; a 2 week Sacred Journey; Translated in DEUTSCH
  6. Evening event at Bad Homburg, 6-10 PM;  2012: The Great Awakening
  7. Workshop, Bad Homburg: Transfiguration: Embodying the New Consciousness
Richmond, VT, Sound Circle, Monthly
Please join Dorothy Stone and Raphael Groten in this uplifting and joy-filled
community experience of the healing power of SOUND.
7pm Monday, August 16
at the Richmond Library
Drumming, toning and chanting, and a wide variety of
instruments from Tibetan bells to crystal bowls will enliven your energy.
Bring your own instruments or share ours.
Contact Dorothy Stone 324-5574
or Raphael Groten 999-9069
Please RSVP if you plan to attend
Held EVERY MONTH! By Donation (suggested $5-10)
201 Bridge Street in downtown Richmond, VT 05477
Continuation of Article, Meeting Ourselves Again, Cardinal Climax
(Article, continued, from above)
We are in a time of great opportunity to sit with the escalating energies present in our own inner cosmos, and, within the universe, as well, here to assist us to come into the fullness of our being, the great awakening of our essence.
The Star Elders would say it is a time of knowing our luminous self, our true essence, that which truly is.
Even as the Buddhas and Christed Ones have told us, if we do not realize the true essence of our being, we are simply suffering the illusion of feeling separation from All Life.  And, they share, this is the source of all suffering.  That we believe we are separate from All Life.
It is beneficial to understand, it is just an illusion. The Greater Reality already exists, of our Awakened, True Nature.
Once we understand this, we shall manifest it fully.
The energies present Today are here to assist us to come into ever greater presence and force, ever greater harmony with all Creation.
Simple awareness, mindfulness, and fundamental practice can assist those of us still feeling the overwhelm of stress and chaos, which comes from focusing on the external manifestations of our inner realities.

It is easiest if we relax and let go, surrender or release, reside in harmonious tendencies rather than struggling with fixing, making better, doing the way we have been led to believe we should do.  The tendencies to fight and struggle will, for the most part, cause greater stress, and disorder in our lives.  Indeed, once we realize the nature of the Creative Potential, we seed Creation through our thoughts, feeling states, and actions; thus, struggle can only lead to more struggle.  Acceptance, integration, refined awareness and peaceful abiding can only lead to more of the same.

The tendency for Harmony is in place, and is asking us to come into ever more mindful presence of This Moment.
The Cardinal Oppositions, Transits, and Alignments, in play at this moment, are here to assist us to come into greater alignment and refined attunement to our higher essence, our true nature, and Relationship to the Whole.
The Harmony of Life is Always Present.  And, ready to serve us.  As we choose to step into Harmony with It, it will be allowed to reside in Harmony with us, and better able to serve, to give greater support in all we do.

Feel the blessing, not the tension.
Feel the pulse, not the resistance.
Breathe into it.  Feel it give back.  Receive from it.  Give unto it.  The Breath of All Life.
The Rhythm of All Life.
The Rhythm of Giving and Taking in Harmony with All Life.

For more specific understanding of this, and practice to engage in this understanding, please read further.
Also, note the link below to the free recording of the 3 Hearts practice, the information which comes with it from the Grandmothers, and High Elders (of the Maya Council, and others,) and the explanation of how this serves to bring us into alignment with the Harmony of All Life.
We simply need to place our awareness and focus upon that, versus that which strays from the absolute reality of interconnectedness, Harmony and Unity of All Life.
Among the many Elders speaking out, the Elders of Peru tell us, we are in Taripay Pacha, the Time of Meeting Ourselves Again This is what the Q'ero peoples of Central Peru call these Sacred Times.  And they offer important luminous wisdom on how to attain to this Harmony with All Life, to awaken the Seed of Our Potential, to come into our inherent Luminous Being, what they call the Flower of Blossoming Joy. (more on the Q'ero later.)
Over and over the Elders come forward with additional and new information which assists us in these precious times, to become more fully embodied, and Awake.
At this time they offer so many precious gifts.  For the most part, we simply need to be still, sit, and listen. 
To enter alignment with the reservoir of the All That Is.  To stop reproducing the thoughts and actions which lead us astray from Harmonious Living.

And, the universe is co-operating in ever expanding ways, if we simply take the time to sit and listen, to feel our deeper essence.
Anything else that arises is simply the templates of consciousness which we have seeded in other times, arising to the surface to manifest.
If we do not nurture them, they will wither and dissipate.
Where we focus our attention, energy and awareness follow.  This is the foundation for what we build in our life.
Thus, where we focus our attention, is the foundation for what we create. 

We already have, and know, all we need to Have and Know.

If we hold fast to the fundamental nature of harmony and resonance within our soul, we shall arise in the True Template of Time, the Essence of Self.
We have been taught well, through the histories of modern societies, to live in discord and disconnect from Nature, from Each Other, and from Our Selves.  The entanglements of mindless living, living out of relation to Nature, or the Cosmos, living out of touch with the feeling states and intuitive Knowing, living in disharmonious states of often dysfunctional being, have become deeply entrenched in our society, and in our Being.  The belief codes and systems which do not support the Greater Reality, in many instances, are, literally are encoded at a cellular level.  We entrain to them via our mother in utero, our family, schools, workplace, and communities.  But it is a vibrational resonance which can easily be changed or re-encoded.
Where we fix our attention has so much to do with it.  What we focus upon, what we choose to believe in, what we listen to, and place our emphasis and value on.  Do we wish to view a broken and wounded soul, or world, or focus on the Beauty and Greater Truth of the Lasting Reality.

Now we must learn to rest and reside in, and entrain ourselves to the fundamental Cords (chords) of Nature and All Life.
To the Beauty, the Harmony, and Rhythms of life, to enter into them more fully.
This is what we shall Create. 

It is more easy and apparent than many of us realize.  It is fundamental to our nature.  Reside closer to Nature if you wish to perceive this more readily.  Both to the Nature within, and the Nature without.  Engage in practices which can discern this Inner Truth.  Our physical senses can easily discern this if we choose to reside in a harmonious environment.  But, in the end, we must create it from within.

Where we fix our attention, energy follows.  ""Fix all your attention upon the One True Source of Being.  All Else is Entanglement."  This ancient Vedic truth speaks as well today as it has throughout history.
This is the nature of Reality.  This is the nature of Creation.  And what we Create. 
It is time we realize that what we perceive and receive is what we Create.  If we wish to perceive and receive a Greater Reality, we must engage in its very Creation.

Beneath the appearances of illusion most of us choose to perceive, to fix our attention upon, this Greater Truth rests, awaiting us to awaken to it.
We shall, in this and future newsletters, intertwine many of these teachings arising now, engage in information regarding the astrological significance of this summer (an incredible opportunity for growth and refined awareness, though pungent obscuration may appear where we have not vacated the belief systems and encodings which do not harmonize with Nature or Life.)
We have much more to share.  Please join with us.
Solar Principal
One of the primary messages, is the need to integrate awareness of the Solar Principal, the Divine Masculine aspect of our consciousness, in harmony with its Cosmic proponent.  While so much attention has been rightfully placed upon the Awakening of the Divine Feminine, (and much of our work focuses on this,) there is a need, also, for balance and restoration, in each of us, for the Solar, or Masculine Principal.  Both of these Principals reside within us, the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects of our own consciousness, in alignment with the Higher Principals of the masculine and feminine aspects of nature, Creation, and the Cosmos.  It is imperative that we awaken both aspects in symmetry and harmony with the universal nature of All Life.
Solar Activations
The Grandmothers, as well as the Maya Elders, both ask that we align with the Heart of the Sun, as well as our own heart with the Heart of the Earth and Cosmos, or Galactic Center.  And, this is, in part, what they are referring to.
A continuing stream of information regarding the Principals of Solar Activation has been coming to us, and, in my own personal work, the alignment with the Solar Principals of Consciousness has been especially meaningful at this time.  It is a profound time to work with aligning and activating this celestial aspect of human consciousness.

This can be accomplished as easily as by sitting simply, in meditative quietude, outside, in sunlight, with mindful awareness of receiving imprints of the sun, as if waves of energy and vital living information were cascading into one's body.  Wisdom, and Consciousness.  Receiving that.  And the Power, and Vital, Restorative, Uplifting, and Transformative nature of the Sun, as well as its Principal of Fire.  Simply resting with that, in a receptive mode, can bring uplifting and awakening in alignment with the Solar Principal. 
The consciousness of the Sun is a vital part of indigenous wisdom.  It represents the Golden Attributes of the Divine Father, or Masculine aspects of Creation.  Behind the Heart of the Sun is the Heart of this Divine aspect of Creation.  Thus, by aligning with the Heart of the Sun, we connect to that deeper, or greater, aspect of the Heart of All Life. 
By aligning with the Heart of the Galaxy, as we have been sharing in the last 3 newsletters, we enter into relation with the Heart of the Divine Mother, or Feminine aspect of Cosmic Realities.  And, behind the Heart of the Galaxy, is that aspect of the Heart of Creation, the Mother of All Life.  Thus, by intertwining these awareness, we enter synchronistic harmony or resonance with the Heart of All Life, in perfect Union and Harmony.  Again, below is a link to a recording of the 3 Hearts practice, which can serve this awareness.
During this time of historic heat waves across the US and Europe, it seems especially mindful to work with these principals of Solar Awareness.  But, that it comes at a time the Elders are intentionally bringing our awareness to the Solar Principal, it suggests an even more auspicious opportunity.
Now, we are, literally, in the midst of an impregnating wave of solar activity emerging from the Sun
(8/3-4, when we began writing this.) and other sites report the most unusual current eruptions.
    •  On August 1st, the entire Earth-facing side of the sun erupted in a tumult of activity. There was a C3-class solar flare, a solar tsunami, multiple filaments of magnetism lifting off the stellar surface, large-scale shaking of the solar corona, radio bursts, a coronal mass ejection and more. This extreme ultraviolet snapshot from the Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the sun's northern hemisphere in mid-eruption (see our headline image above.)
At times like these, Solar Activation practices can be especially beneficial.  Since well before this time, and during times other major and unusual solar activity have been reported, such as the December, 2009, NASA reports of Solar Photon Radiation infusing the Earth, unlike any seen before, the Elders have been asking us to bring our awareness in harmony with the Heart of the Sun, Cosmos, and Earth.  While NASA and other scientists espouse the dangers of this growing phenomena of Photon Radiation penetrating the veil of the Earth's Electromagnetic Field, the Elders and Star Elders are sharing that it, in actuality, is the growing infusion of awareness of the Male Principal of Life entering our awareness.  It is that Principal of Vitality, and Fertility, that seeds even greater awareness and Alignment with the Cosmic Principals of Universal Truth and Understanding.  And, those who collaborate with these solar energies shall experience growing states of awareness, transformation, uplifting, luminosity, and even ecstasy, which is closer to our true nature of Being than the more bland emotional states the majority of humanity suffers on a daily basis.
3 Hearts Practice, Free Recording on line
I have shared a great deal of information regarding these topics in earlier newsletters, which I will reference here, along with a very recently recorded offering of the 3 Hearts Practice, to align intentionally with the Heart of the Earth and Galactic Center, as guided through the Wisdom of the Grandmothers.  You can use the recording to more directly learn the practice, and utilize the Sacred Sound Transmissions, to come into greater alignment with the principals and proponents of the practice.  The vast majority of people engaging in this practice have found it most beneficial.
First, are links to past newsletters, with complete explanations on the nature of the 3 Hearts and other recent Elders Wisdom, for your reference, starting with our July news, and going backward thru May:
The audio recording of the 3 Hearts Practice, as well as several very recent interview segments with Master Astrologist Adam Gainsburg are available here:
Adam and I go into significant discourse on the nature of things, what is occurring now, and more, should you wish to listen.  It is in several segments, so you can pick the areas that most interest you. Adam gives explanations to each segment of the recording.  (See Adam's comments on this astrological alignment at the end of this article!)
Grand Cardinal Climax
We, also, are in the midst of continual major Alignments seen astrologically.  As reported in our June News, we are moving through several configurations of a Grand Cross Square, with multiple planetary alignments and transits.  We are, quite literally, experiencing a final Grand Cardinal Cross Climax in this series, at this time, but continuing with residual transits, alignments, and oppositions migrate through, especially, the next 1-2 weeks of August, concluding much of these keen opportunities currently manifesting for working with release and higher vibrational alignment within our Being.  Residual alignments and effects linger into September.  And, in October, the potential waves of Unity arise further during the times of 10.10.10. 
The important aspect to realize is, we are in a major keen time for migration, or evolution of free will into conscious states of attainment, harmony, realized being, authenticity, unity, ecstasy.  We are not bound by the timeless resolve of so many to encapsulate our awareness in thought filled form of lower vibrational states, and emotional toxicity which does not serve the One.

If you are experiencing greater states of stress or chaos, it is simply a sign that deeper states of coherence and harmony are available to you, should you wish to enter those states, or seek methods of release of those aspects of consciousness not serving you, and, attunement and alignment to the higher resonant fields being offered at this time. 

We have been taught, and entrained to lower vibrational states most of the last several millenia.  We are in an epoch time to migrate our awareness out of those lower vibrational fields.  And, the resonance of the upper Echelons of Light are assisting us.
It is the residual impact, and release of so much toxicity held collectively by humanity that many of us are feeling.  Much like the Gulf Oil spill, it has been oozing into our collective sea of reality, causing havoc to our emotional and physiological experience. 
But, by sinking into the subterranean essence, relaxing into our vibrational nature, and feeling the pulse of life, allowing that to lift our awareness, we can enter higher dimensional states of awareness.  The Grandmother shared with me, just this week, how the core of the Earth is becoming hotter.  She is preparing for the Shift.  The Earth's mantle and crust are becoming thinner, readying for the Shift.

If we can relax and enter the ebb and flow of Life with Her, in harmony with Her, we shall experience a greater stability.
It may seem counter-intuitive.  But, by becoming more flexible, we shall engage in greater states of Unity, Harmony, and Stability.
Life is full of change.  It is the only Constant.
When we seek to hold onto what we imagine is Reality, as it shifts, we are no longer in harmony with it.  Thus we experience the rhythm of the strain of life, not in harmony with the Greater Dimensional Awareness.
Life is in constant flux.  Every moment is New and Vital.  The great Tao, the Way of Change, of All Life.
We must move in rhythm and synchronicity with the Rhythm of Giving and Taking in Harmony with All Life.
It is a most simple and effective practice, and understanding.
This is the Grandmother's Wisdom.
Waves of Clarity or Chaos, What Science Reports
Many of us are feeling greater waves of Clarity or Chaos.
Many are experiencing a very visceral sense of chaos, muddiness or lack of clarity in their field, or in their reality; stress, anxiety, or similar disorder.  It is very palpable.  We realize something greater than Ourselves is happening, yet we seem unable to extricate our experience from it.
Others are finding it much easier to enter Clarity, Unity, Grace, Gratitude, Bliss, higher states of Perception.
It is a sign of these Times.
It is directly related to the Cosmological influences occurring at this time.  Astrological, Solar/Photon, Galactic/Gamma, Earth's EM, Waves of Christ Consciousness.  There are many ways of witnessing, measuring, expressing the phenomena occurring at this time.
Whether your are experiencing and feeling waves of greater clarity or chaos, anxiety or stillness, the often inexplicably muddied experiences or obstacles in the emotional field, and obstructions to getting things done, of sleep disorders, unexplained physical symptomology, issues with the rational functioning of technology (i.e. computer crashes, cell phone disarrays, etc,) or heightened sensitivity to abnormal realities, the ever growing waves of energy present in our experience, at this time, can give understanding to these phenomena.
Many report these current Astrological oppositions and squares as times of great energies rising to meet those obstacles in our lives, and in society, not in harmony with the greater good.  As the Elders have said, all aspects of our lives which no longer serve us, are in the process of falling away; all structures, belief codes, and aspects at societal and personal levels of integration and assimilation; those things which no longer serve are becoming more and more apparent and non-functional, while we are entering into more and more luminous fields and manners of existence.  The more we try to parlay with the old, non-functional ways, that do not support growth, or All Life, the more we will feel the resistance and impact to Life.  The Earth is less dense.  We are evolving.  It is time to engage in real growth and transformation.  These prophesied times are accentuated through these incredible current planetary alignments. 
Modern science is, also, consistently witnessing, measuring and reporting a growing body of phenomena they do not understand, which is in harmony with the prophecies and the Elders Wisdom.  They do not understand the unusual phenomena they are seeing, yet, they continue to report it.  From inexplicable cosmic phenomena which estranges current models of universal reality (think Big Bang or String/Membrane theories of the 'Unified Field,') or of heightened solar activity, gamma radiation from the Galactic core, abnormalities in the Earth's EM field, the Schumann Resonance, and so much more, science is reporting these inexplicable phenomena.  Meanwhile, the Elders are sharing with us that these are the changes in vibrational realities and intensities from other parts of the cosmos, from other aspects of Reality, which will more and more interact with us, as we pass through these Times of Meeting Ourselves Again, and, as we find ways to release that which no longer serves, and live closer in Harmony with All Life.  These phenomena all speak to the fundamental truth the ancient prophesies reveal.  The Earth is shifting, the Galaxy is co-operating, Greater Realities than we can imagine are in store for us.  And, through these collective understandings, this is how we will make safe passage through these Times.
The Cardinal Climax this week is a key component of these current phenomena.  Some astrologers believe these particular alignments do not occur more often than every 10,000 years.  Moving from the Cardinal Cross in June (see June news) through these first two weeks of August, mixed with the prophesied Maya days of Cosmic Convergence in July (see July news), we have been passing through continual portals of opportunity to meet all that challenges us, release that which no longer serves us, and enter into Living Relations with that which brings Harmony, stability, Unity, and resonance and rhythm more fully into our lives.
Living Relations
The 3 Hearts and Solar Activation principals can assist immensely. The Q'ero Indians of Peru, and many indigenous traditions, add the importance of entering in Living Relations with All Life. The Qero are the ancient Wisdom Keepers of Incan prophecy and Illumination.  They live secluded atop a 15,000 foot plateau in Central Peru.  They were forgotten by modern society, then re-discovered in the 1950's.  Since that time, they have been bringing their teachings to the world through an ever growing body of teachers and Elders engaging with the modern West.  They offer deep wisdom of the nature of Life, the Living Cosmos, and how to enter Living Relations with it. 
They bear witness to the "Inca Seed," the "Seed of Our Potential," located in what the yogic traditions would call the Hara Center, behind the navel, which holds the potential of our inherent nature, which is the full, Luminous, Awakened, or Enlightened Self.  They offer explicit practices to enter sacred relation with the Elements of the Earth, aspects of our own psyche, the Cosmos, and Ancestral wisdom, to activate and nourish the Seed of our Potential, into the Flower of Blossoming Joy
Hatun Karpay, The Great Initiation
Their fundamental practices for this are called The Hatun Karpay, or Great Initiation. They asked one of their most respected new elders, Juan Nunez del Prado, the first mestizo initiated in their wisdom traditions, to bring these teachings and initiations to the west.  They told him, if enough people around the planet learn how to enter Living Relations, and cultivate this wisdom through Awakening their Seed of Potential, into the "Flower of Blossoming Joy," (the fully illumined self,) we would pass safely through this Time of Meeting Ourselves Again, the Taripay Pacha.  There are other specific steps to the prophecies.  It has to do with entrainment and community resonance, opening gateways to higher vibratory form.  And, the Q'ero are quick to share, it does not need to be through their practices, but through those which bring us into conscious awareness and Living Relationship with the Living Consciousness of All Life.
Karpay in America
Starting in the late '90's or early 2000's, Juan and his supporters asked me, first, to help bring these practices to North America.  It was the first time known, that the Karpay Initiations were given outside of the Incan homelands.  After several years, Juan asked me to continue these Karpay Initiations here.  At first, I refused, since I was not of Qero lineage.
The Spirits of the Mountains
So, Juan stopped coming.  Then, the Apus of the Mountains intervened.  The Apus are the Living Spirits of the Mountains, and are known, in Q'ero/Incan tradition, as the high emissaries to the Heart of Creation, the Celestial Realms where the Creator Being resides.  All aspects of the Earth have Living Consciousness.  The Mountain Apus are the High Emissaries of the Earth.
The Apus, literally, came to me, and asked me to offer
these practices.  Acknowledging their good will, and Pure Spirit, I simply could not refuse them.
I had worked worldwide with the Spirit Beings of many sacred places.  But the Spirits of the Mountains most often moved me, wherever I had been.  It was the Spirit of Mt Ascutney, here in Vermont, one of the most ancient mountains on the planet, (most of the Green Mountains are,) which had asked me to enter closer into relationship with it, that brought me into the deepest living relations with other Mountain Apus here.  The stories are remarkable, and too involved to share here.  But, it was the spirits of the Sacred Trinity of Mountains, here in the Northeast, of Mt's Ascutney, Mansfield, and Washington, which began the work of greater awakening and relation with all aspects of the land here, which we refer to as a Living StarField.
The 3 Brothers
I began to call them the Grandfathers, and the 3 Brothers, as they appeared to me this way.  I later discovered this is what early Colonials said the name Ascutney, literally means, in Abenaki, the native tongue, the 3 Brothers.  The mountain spirits,  the ancestral beings, the beings of the Medicine Tribes of this region, the Wisdom Keepers of the Ancient Ceremonial sites, all began, more and more reaching out and teaching me.  Years earlier, it was the Stone Beings at the Cavendish Gorge whom had taught me.  Then the Holy Ones, the Wisdom Keepers at the ancient Lodges, the ceremonial Stone Chambers.
When Juan came, he would ask me to activate these Living Relations, as a local caretaker, then began to interact with them as he would in the Ancient Ways of the Q'ero, in the Karpay teachings.  Over time, these ceremonies served to further activate the Living Energies of each place, which became more and more apparent, and available, to others working with us.
Coupled with my own experiences with the Living Wisdom Keepers of these sacred mountains, rivers, lakes, sacred stone chambers, and other places where Juan and I began to offer the Karpay, we have come to deep understanding of the depth and integrity of these practices.  We now couple that with the revelations arising from within each site with which we enter sacred Living Relationship, we learn how to do this with each sacred site, and provide clear understanding and practice for each participant in our Return to Beauty program, to do the same. 
At some point, as Juan asked me to continue to rekindle the ancient weavings of the tapestry of life back together again, in all of the ancient and power sites I was visiting, I came to understand we were re-activating the ancient prophecies of the Condor and Eagle, when the two traditions would merge again, of North and South Americas. I often saw the luminous threads of interconnectivity between the ancient sites, and the Ancestral Beings.  Finally, last year, when a group of Elders from all over North, South, Central America and Hawaii came to visit one of the stone chambers, I was honored by them as they experienced this reconnectivity.  It was why they had come to the chamber, to re-integrate the threads of Ancestral places.  Upon seeing what was already there, I was asked to continue this work in all the ancient sites, and given a special consecrative oil to assist in this.
Juan no longer journeys here, but all the Elders, Ancestors, and Wisdom Keepers of the Sites are fully present and available to us, as we learn to enter Sacred Relationship with the Living Energies of each site.
We enter in Living Relations with the wisdom keeper of each site, ask permission to engage with the Living Energies present, and learn how the Q'ero teach to engage in those Living Energies, to regain our rightful place as Masters of Moving Living Energy, and cultivate our Seed of Potential into a Flower of Blossoming Joy.
The Fourth Level Priesthood
The experience becomes an initiation into what the Q'ero call the Fourth Level Priesthood of their tradition.  And, it is this level of understanding and interaction with the Living Energies of the Cosmos which the Q'ero state will cultivate and activate the energies necessary to manifest the 5th and 6th levels of understanding, our highest awakened form.  This will be the Taripay Pacha, the Time of MEETING OURSELVES Again.  We are in these times.  The full awakening will occur when enough of us enter this level of Living Relations.  The collective spirit and consciousness of the Greater Human Field of Consciousness will serve to bring awakening to full body of those ready to serve, to awaken.
For the first time in two years, we offer these practices in Vermont, this August 22-27 in a six day program, mostly engaging in outdoor wilderness settings and natural power sites, as well as the ancient ceremonial sites of Cavendish Gorge, Ascutney and Mansfield Mtns, the Calendar I and II stone chamber sites, and more. We do not currently intend to offer these practices again for at least two more years.
Return to Beauty; The Harmony of All Life
By simply learning to place our attention on those aspects of our nature and consciousness which support the Harmony of All Life, we shall experience that Harmony more fully in our lives, and Realize it more deeply within our Authentic Self.
By entering in ancient and sacred places, places of deep beauty and wonder, we come into natural rhythm and harmony with those aspects of Life, and through them, into Harmony with All Life.  For, in reality, all life, left to its inherent nature, is in Harmony with the Greater Aspects of Life, with the Cosmos, the Heart of Creation.  It is simple math. 
The nature of all life arises from the same nature.  It resonates in harmony with itself.  It seeks community, balance, homeostasis.  As we enter into natural places, and especially, natural places of Beauty and Power, we enter into that natural rhythm, that natural beauty.  This allows us to step more readily and easily into our own nature, our own Beauty, our own Power. 
When we couple the authentic teachings of the Ancient Ones, those who have understood for eons how to live in Balance, and how to enter awakened states of reality, with the energies of these ancient and natural power sites, the vast majority of participants find incredible states of awakening and well being arise within themselves.  For most, it is a life transforming experience.  It is an awakening, a deep healing, a Return To Beauty, they experience within.
You are as Beautiful
It was after one such experience atop one of the Sacred Mountains, when I was a bit younger, when the Apu, the Spirit of the Mountain, had spoken with me.  I was coming down off the mountain at Sunset, with the Great Champlain Valley, Green and Adirondack Mountains spread before me, with the majesty and serenity of colors, vibrant air and atmosphere all around me.  I was in deep gratitude and humility, with the Beauty of my experiences.  I was bounding down the stone steps of the mountain, singing praises and gratitude to every aspect of Creation.  My experience was, that the Blessed Mother Earth came to me, and, literally, forced me to my knees, to say, "Everything you see, You are as Beautiful!" 
The Message was Clear
It was a remarkable moment.  An exquisite, humbling, nourishing, empowering revelation.  The understanding which arose from the Voice of the Mother, gave breadth to my understanding of the Dineh term for healing, "Return to Beauty."  It was the honoring of beauty all around oneself, above, before, beneath, and, within oneself.
How often it is that we see one, or the other.  We either see the Beauty within us, but not in all those or everything around us.  Too often, this is an ego-centric sense of beauty and self, not the true nature of honoring that deeper residing Beauty within.  Or, we see it in so many around us, but do not honor it in the Spirit of Who We Are, within.  This is often due to an undervaluing of our true Nature, often at the hands of a very superficial sense of beauty admonished by society, but not generated at a deeper level of True Beauty, Knowing, or Being.
It is this understanding that we carry with us, of the Deep Beauty which abides in All, as we cross this majestic Earth, offering the wisdom and teachings of the many High Elders and Holy Beings that guide this work, from the Apus of the Mountains and Lakes, to the StarBeings, the Ancestral Ones, including the wisdom of the Q'ero Grandmothers, who ask us to honor and recognize the Illumined nature of these teachings, and the wisdom of the Medicine Tribes, who come into these practices, the Councils of Ascended Ones, all, whom have come, and spoken, and guided so many, in these same ancient sites.
It is the Beauty and Wonder of Who We Are, as Holy Beings, that they come to share, to reflect, and support, in Resonance with All Life.  They come to assist us in our own uplifting, as we finally come to terms with our own Divine Identity and Nature.  It is in Nature that we find these tools so apparent.  For All Life lives in Beauty and Abundance, in Wellness and Balance, in Harmony and Restoration, in the natural cycle of things.  We see it everywhere. 
It is not that death, chaos, and transformation are not part of the natural cycle and evolution of things.  But that we have missed so much by taking ourselves from Nature.  And, by bridging our awareness and experience back within the Heart of Nature, we can so readily perceive the Heart of All Life, and find ours within it.
I do not write this simply to suggest you come with us.  But, to share our experiences, and to remind us, that we should each find the method and manner in which we each may enter and reside in Harmonious Resonance with All Life.
We certainly welcome you to join us in these Sacred Practices.  Whether in Vermont in 3 weeks (Return to Beauty,) in NY in a month (The Art of Sacred Sound, at Omega,) or in Egypt and Europe this fall.  (Egypt: 10.10.10.  Initiations Into The Halls of Orion, working with the High Holy Beings, in their ancient temple complexes, during this time of Divine Unity (10.10.10) 
We will continue to share more with you regarding the Elders Wisdom, and the nature of the work we are all here to share, as well as our own, through the pages of these newsletters.
In the meantime, we send our blessings to you, and to all those close to you, to find the Beauty, the Abundance, and the Well Being which is your inherent Nature, your inherent Right, and that which you truly desire, and truly deserve.
Many blessings in your life and work.
Zacciah Blackburn
You may copy, print, or distribute this information as long as it is not altered, and shared in full, with the following acknowledgment:
©2010 Zacciah Blackburn
Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Listen to the Sound of the Sun

Scientists recently derived the sounds generated by the Coronal loops of solar flare activity on the surface of the Sun, and generated this synthesized approximation of that sound:
About this weeks ASTROLOGY:
From my friend Adam Gainsburg, a remarkable modern sage of astrological understanding:
This round of the cardinal T-square will include Mars, Venus and the asteroid Vesta by the time of the New Moon in the wee morning hours of August 10. The astrology of this event strongly suggests personal effects of the more global T-square event. Mars and Venus are conjuncting for the 3rd of 4 meet-ups during this Venus Journey and, with Vesta and Saturn in the mix, this is a prime window for those devoted to both inner and outer evolution. In this potent astro-symbolism, we have the fires of our passion fueling deep change to our former social roles and responsibilities which we realize are in fact now dried-out and stale. The kind of change this complex event describes will not be taken up by many, as it would require too much release of seemingly "perfectly useful beliefs." Yet, we do know better. If it feels that jumping ship will only land you in the terrifying unknown, look closer. That dark place is merely yourself, playing hide and seek for perhaps the last time. 
On Friday, 13 August, we'll be uploading free a video lecture I'm delivering to a group in Crestone, Colorado on the deep astrology of the Gulf of Mexico well water situation.
For another very informative, brief report on the Grand Cardinal Cross, go here.
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D., Director
In This Issue

Return To Beauty: The Prophecies Are Revealed
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D., Director
Link, click here> Here:  RETURN TO BEAUTY
RETURN TO BEAUTY is a rich and important aspect of the learning, of entering Sacred Living Relations with the Elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, the Sky and Cosmos, the Ancestral Beings, and so much more.  This program is based on the Peruvian Karpay, which initiates us into these Living Relations, and awakens our "Seed of Potential," which is, fundamentally, our Seed of Awakened, Luminous, or Enlightened Being.  (Read much more in article to left)

If you have attended 2 or more of any of Zacciah's workshops, take $100 off the registration, if fully registered by Friday, August 13.

The price includes all lodging in quality motels and Inns, all meals, all transportation, and entry fees.

Sept 6-10, with Zacciah at Omega: 
 The Art of Sacred Sound
  Learn the art of connecting to, and giving voice to, the subtle 'sacred' realms of consciousness, including the holy beings who dwell there.
  • Sept 6-10 at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
  • with one full day of chanting with Zacciah, Jai Uttal, Deval Premal, and Krishna Das 
  • The first day of this practice will be in sacred chant with the great luminaries of chant, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and Deva Premal.  We shall then enter deeper into the practice of Sacred Chant, Toning, Invocation, Ceremony, and Embodying the energies of Living Consciousness through our own sounds and voices, for the next 4 days, with Zacciah.  (You do not need any prior training, musical talent, or special voice/singing experience or quality to engage in this work.)

  • Ancient Egypt, October 2-17, 2010
    Ancient Egypt
    What is held here, which will serve us at this time?
      great pyramids, egypt
    We shall have private group ceremonial time in many major temple complexes we visit, as well as the White Desert, in order to facilitate deep healing, crystalline awareness, connectivity to the spiritual allies, elemental beings, and Wisdom Keepers available in each site.  We shall experience how to collaborate as Co-Creators in active ceremony to awaken and assist in heightening the planetary frequency, as we are being guided to do at this time. This is, also, a crucial aspect of understanding, to assist in this Great Transformation we are encountering.  Both novice practitioner and experienced adept will find great benefit in participating.   Zacciah has a masterful ability to offer wisdom and understanding in a manner in which we can hear at our current level of understanding.  His powerful Sacred Sound Transmissions have the capacity to catapult us into sacred states of consciousness, in which we can ascertain, for ourself, our life purpose and meaning.  We shall be given the opportunity to engage in real, meaningful, and life changing transformational work.   Our primary intent in offering this work is in service to the Planet and the Greater Whole.  Great Sphinx, EgyptParticipants are expected to join in the group work.  We simply wish to be clear.  This is not a simple tour, though there will be a great deal of personal time in many sanctuaries, marketplaces, and other spaces, including world class hotels, and a cruise up the Nile from Aswan to Luxor.  We shall work with understanding of how to awaken & engage the Living Energies of Our Selves, then each place, to ask how we might work in collaboration with the original design & architecture, the Wisdom Keepers, and the Codices of Knowledge embedded in many of the complexes, and Giza Plateau, as well as the Living Energies of the Earth, and Cosmos.  These temples are designed for what we are here to do.  Saqqara, Dahsure, Abydos, each hold enriched understanding for those able to perceive.  When approached reverently and rightfully, their secrets may be revealed to us, individually, and collectively.  We shall experience intentional initiatory processes in communion with the Living Wisdom Keepers of many sacred sites, with especial Initiations on 10.10.10 in the Great Halls of Hat'or, at Dendara, Dendara, Hathor, Egyptwith the alliance of Hat'or and the Hathors, who are principal guides in this work.  We will be in the Halls of Abydos, enveloped in the mysteries of Osiris, Isis and Horus, Sekhmet in her Chapel in Karnak, and other explicit sites for ceremonial opening to the portals beyond our common perception of Time and Space, contained in many of these Halls.  We close  our tour, in ceremonies in the Great Halls of Giza, the High Pyramid, with private sound ceremonies in the King's Chamber, and Queen's Chamber.  It is a 16 day, 15 night sojourn into the Space beyond Time as We Know It, opening, potentially, to some of the most Ancient Foyers of  the Origins of our Ancestors, the Hallways of Orion, Sirius, Pleides, and others.  The Dendara, Procession of GodsKeepers of these ancient sites often arose from such dominions.  It is they who guide this work.  We shall be invited to experience the ancient times of our own Knowing.  And learn to incorporate that understanding in our own essence here, now, and how we might apply the learning in our everyday lives.  
     Program Information, click here>  HERE
    Watch our next news for information on the Magical Gateway to UNITY:  10.10.10

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