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Our latest evolution of programs:

         The Crown of Creation, VT, Feb 5-6

The Heart of Magdalene, The Sacred Trinity of Earth, Heart, and Sky:  Southern France, May 14-28

TEMPLES OF THE EARTH:  Seeding The Creative Matrix of Heaven on Earth, New England, July 17-23

PERU:  11:11:11:  The Gateway at Amaru Muru; Ascending through our Ancient Past

Sound Healing Trainings 2011, including a special weekend Jan 15-17 to introduce you to sound as a healing modality! With instruments and Voice!

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    Preparing for 2012 and Beyond

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I am bliss

I am bliss

Bliss absolute

Bliss I am

        --from Vedic Scripture



Our true nature is bliss.

When we awaken to our true nature, we are astounded, as if rising from sleep, to realize we are one with God, residing in the heart of God, at one with All Life, in true bliss and ecstasy, over the beauty and wonder of it all.  It is truly an astonishing experience, one many have not written about.  Perhaps, because few truly experience it.


Yet, it is what we all are searching for.  Our true nature.  And, in reality, it is something we all are experiencing, all the time, in one plane, or one aspect, of our consciousness.  It is one of the many planes of our consciousness which co-exist at all times.  We are multi-dimensional in nature.  And, we are experiencing realities in these multiple dimensions simultaneously.  Most of us do not focus on our higher, more elevated states of being.   Instead, we tend to focus on our lower aspects of awareness -- on our needs relating to survival in the physical, dense dimension, for instance.  Or, upon our striving for sensual, sexual and emotional security, satisfaction, or integrity.  Or, upon our achievements through our personal will and power versus that of those around us.  Indeed, we have been taught this is all there is.  This physical dense reality.  And, as it turns out, where we focus our attention -- that is the plane of existence we realize, or experience.  If we do not realize our true nature, it is only because we are focusing our attention elsewhere, or, simply, do not believe it, which does not allow us to experience it.  Buddhist teachings tell us, also, that our true nature is bliss.  And, if we do not realize it, we simply are suffering from the illusion of separation from the All.  It is part of the understanding of wisdom cultures worldwide.


Focusing on our true nature.  

When we are ready to focus on bliss, on the elevated states of our true nature and being -- beyond the wounded and limited aspects of the self, or that which strives for fulfillment in these lower dimensions we have been taught are what life is all about -- when we are ready to focus on the elevated nature of our being, that elevated aspect of us is there, waiting to embrace us.  It, then, guides, directs, and nurtures us in harmony with Life.  If, instead, we choose to focus on the unloved part of ourselves, that is what we realize.  And, we soon may even believe that is all we are.  Unloved.  Wounded.  We, then, cherish this aspect of our self, as if it is most real, the most important, even that most infinite aspect of who we are, when, in fact, it is not.  Yet, as we focus on this, our motivation revolves around this lack, this wounding, this need for finding love, while our belief system builds upon the reality that we are not loved.  Through the magnetic power of our creative potential, we draw to us the experiences that reinforce our level of awareness and the belief codes we may now hold, that we are not loved.  Or, many of us have been well trained to believe that we do not have enough, or, are not good enough, and must struggle to make ends meet, or deserve value in our lives.  (We have been entrained to believe this, in actuality, through attuning to the belief systems and states of consciousness of others in our lives since inception, at individual, and societal levels.)  Through focusing our awareness on this level of reality, of not having enough, or not being good enough, we, again, reinforce our awareness and beliefs, by subconsciously co-creating those experiences that manifest this as a reality.  


We have the power.

We have the power to focus our awareness and create any level of reality we choose.  We have incredible powers of consciousness and choice.  We simply have been taught not to believe this, and, to exercise these powers in less than constructive ways.  Once we realize this, our true nature, and, that we have these powers, and once we realize we are more than this limited belief of our self, and begin to put our powers of awareness and belief to more constructive use, we realize our powers of creation are limitless.  In our limitless world, an infinite world, with infinite realities, we can create whatever we choose.  And, one reality is, exactly that:  we can create whatever we choose!  


Once we get this, that we are limitless in our powers of creation, and in the nature of our own consciousness, we can more fully invest in our limitless aspects, and reach into those states of being that are infinite, bliss-filled, and at one with All Life.  The more we focus on these aspects of our being, the more they become our reality.  It is not that any of these other aspects of our experience are not ‘real.’  It is more about coming into the realization of the nature of creation, and the understanding that we have unlimited potentials of creation of our reality. Once we realize that we have the ability to create the reality we truly wish, based on the fundamental nature of who we are, in Harmony with All Life, we joyfully choose this.  And, it arises more, and more easily.  There is a fundamental Harmony of All Life.  Once we find this Rhythm and Harmony, we feel the collaboration, the support, and a UNION with All Life, which is unparalleled in the lesser realities.  Most of us have been taught to focus upon and invest our beliefs in these, with pitfalls, struggles, and the appearance of obstacles.  These ‘lesser beliefs’ have been passed down for generations, in many instances, divorcing us culturally of the greater beliefs of a greater reality in which we are a part, and collaborate in its creation.  These ‘lesser beliefs’ have even cascaded down into our cellular tissue, in ‘belief codes,’ or ‘encodings.’  The good news is, they can easily be re-programmed.  We can change our beliefs at any time, by simply shifting and fixing our attunement on the higher frequencies of our own consciousness.  It is about frequency, consciousness, empowerment, and belief.  Beliefs are magical and powerful tools of consciousness.  What do you believe!?


It is not that they are not true, the ‘lesser realities.’


Are you ready to use your powers of choice!?


The Grandmothers Wisdom.

There are numerous methods for understanding and experiencing these higher states of our being.  One of the most profound, practical, and easily manifest practices I have experienced in some time, is utilization of The Three Hearts practice.  The Grandmother Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, a 27th Generation Cherokee Wisdom Keeper whose wisdom this is largely based upon, and whose stories I have shared in recent newsletters regarding this work, has spoken to me on several occasions about the benefit and need to place our awareness simultaneously in our own heart, in the heart center, in alignment with the heart of the Earth, in alignment with the heart of the galaxy.  By doing so, she says, we can come into harmony with all life.


I listened to Grandmother in fascination each time we spoke.  But, all of her words were so fascinating, and full of wisdom, I did not fully focus upon this jewel she shared on each occasion.  Then, in the spring of 2010, after one such profound meeting with her, I was guided to begin offering this as a practice in our workshops worldwide.  Synchronistically, at that very time, I was, also, informed of new wisdom arising from the Maya High Council, that directly corroborated this wisdom of The Three Hearts as a powerful and most beneficial way to enter into rhythm and “Harmony with All Life,” and, specifically important to “these times.”


The principals of this have been explained more fully in recent newsletters we will link at the bottom of this article.


Gateways, and Contractual obligations

What happened has been astounding.  After just a few public offerings of this practice, an amazing gateway to other realms of experience opened.  It is not that group practice has not done similar things before.  Those who know our work understand this.  Our advanced groups, who have an amazing synergy, especially know this.  The dynamics of group practice, when two or more of us come into like mind, into like intent, like focus, is incredible.  It provides an impetus and catalyst few of us can create alone.  Most of us have experienced it.  It is the magic of the greater One.  The link between us all.  “When two or more of you gather in my name…..”  By focusing the group intent on this particular practice, we have entered into another dimensional reality.


To digress for just a moment, in my own personal path and evolution, utilization of the practice brought me into direct alignment with one of my own “contractual arrangements” with the universe, which was to “embody the Star Nations.”  This undertaking would take an article unto itself to explain, so I will forego it here.   But leave it to say, while at an Elders Gathering with Grandmother Dhyani, as she guided us through a very simple sound ceremony, I entered, through a journey state, another realm of consciousness.  There, the Elders of the “Star Nations” came forward and gave me this assignment, or reminded me of it, that I am to better “embody the nations.”


Star Nations

To the normal Western mind, this may seem odd, off beat, outlandish, even out of touch with reality.  But, to the indigenous peoples of our continent, the Star Beings, those of the Star Nations are our Elders, our Ancestors.  They are our relations from where we have come.

This is true for many of the ancient and indigenous peoples of the world.  This, too, could take another article to explain, but, fundamentally, it is relating to the nature of who we are, and where we are from.  It is a critical inquiry into the nature and evolution of human consciousness:  who am I, where am I, where am I from, why am I here?

By engaging in The Three Hearts Practice, I have better been able to engage in this aspect of my own work than through any other method, to Embody the Nations.  Because, as I have been guided to offer the practice, we are literally asked to expand our awareness out to embrace the stars and space of this galaxy.  It, also, brings us into incredible states of awareness of the subtle realms.  And, there they are.


Matrix of Life

This has allowed me to enter a new evolutionary spiral of connectivity to the Star Elders and other Holy Beings I work with in the subtle realms.  Through this ever deepening relationship, we are collaborating to bring forward crystalline sound codes, which embody a universal language, a universal meaning, a reminder of who we are, and why we have come here.  It is something we all are, we all have, we all know.  Yet, it is like a reminder, it is time.  Time to awaken.  Time to witness and realize our true nature.  Open to the Gateway of collective potential and realization, which so many call 2012.  It is time.


These matrices accentuate explicit states of consciousness and aspects of our being encoded at fundamental levels, such as within our DNA spirals.  By receiving the encodings, it awakens fundamental matrices of our own being in harmony with Creation.  By languaging the encodings in Sacred Sound, it allows everyone present to enter, or receive, those states of Knowing.  One doesn’t have to ‘know’ or ‘do’ anything.  Just by being present, in a receptive state, the encodings are received.  This activates subtle states of being which have been dormant during this period of human ‘slumber,’ which we have been in for some time.  In sound terminology, it is through the nature of entrainment, entering resonance with those already in harmonic resonance.  It is a remarkable experience for most present.  It opens us to our innate Self.


Crown of Creation

And so, unfolds the nature of evolution and harmony.  At a personal level, by entering more deeply into harmony with all life, through the practice, it has brought me into harmony with my own life purpose.  Working with astute practitioners worldwide, in our normal workshops and advanced programs, and paying attention to a critical piece of the Grandmother’s wisdom which I cannot share here, but do so with those whom choose to invest in their own evolution and the evolution of the New Earth collaboratively in these group practices, what has happened, is, we have opened a gateway to what I will term “the Heart of Creation.”  This is in alignment with the wisdom coming from other Elders, as well as wisdom schools of the world, regarding this time, and the nature of Creation.  By opening this gate, we have gained access to astute levels of consciousness I will now call the “Crown of Creation.”  

The principals contained herein are manifold, and can be spoken of in many ways.  This, too, could, and perhaps shall be, the source point for future articles.  Modern science is part of the story.  Indeed, the Maya speak of the need to blend ancient and modern ways of knowing.  It is like the union of the cognitive and intuitive minds.  They understand this.  Many living in the modern world do not.  Just this week, NASA reported an extraordinary phenomenon relating explicitly to the indigenous wisdom of the Heart of the Galaxy.  A phenomenal discovery to science.  But science does not understand it.  They are just reporting observations.  Yet, it is part of ancient wisdom.  Many aspects of science, such as new revelations relating to the sun’s photon field, the Earth’s gravitational field, the galaxy’s Gamma radiation, all are part of ancient knowing in relation to the Three Hearts wisdom.  


The science and much more of all of the above work will be shared in far greater depth with those who participate in the practices.  The practices are outlined in our Class Lists, with much general information in our The Three Hearts PagesThe Three Hearts will be the foundation practices for this wisdom.  The Crown of Creation practices will carry this work into this next level as it evolves and unfolds.  While anyone can attend and engage in each practice, if you have not engaged in this work with us before, it may be most beneficial to begin with the Three Hearts, to gain basic understanding and benefit from the work.  But we will be guided as need be in each practice, with those who attend.


The practices touch deeply into, and open us to, Universal Wisdom.  How they apply to personal evolution, has to do with attaining to one’s own nature, and the gifts one receives from the heart of creation, as one opens to one’s own nature, to one’s own spiritual dignity and destiny, one’s own Divine Essence and Authority.  The Crown of Creation practices more deeply activate our innate nature.  We, literally, ignite the power of one’s true and Authentic Being through this work.  And, not unlike the “Ba” activations of Egyptian mysticism, we come into complete alignment with our true Authority, Knowing, and Powers of Creation.  This is not for the light of heart.  This is for those ready to step into their own true power, their own dignity in alignment with All Creation.  The power to heal and be healed.  To Manifest.  To See.  To Know.  To Be.  It requires the utmost integrity.  It is not for the curious, but, for those ready to manifest and serve.


We are stepping up, into our integral right and responsibility to collaborate with the Heart of Creation, the Crown of Jubilation, with the Spiritual Authority and empowerment to create a world bathed in goodness and essence, nourishment and support, joy and beauty, in harmony with Creation, in Harmony with all life.  These practices will assist and deeply support your own personal spiritual process, as each of us must, in our own way, find the pathway to and illuminate our own essential nature,

 of Divine Purity, Essence, Beauty, Joy, and Well-Being,

 in Harmony with Nature,

 in Harmony with Creation,

 in Harmony with All Life.

Once we each get to this, we shall have that world we strive for, we imagine in some future reality.


We will be in our Power, which is our authentic Knowing, connected to All Life, in bliss to be in such beauty and joy, and in gratitude and reverence to be a part of the precious Cycle of Life, ecstatic that we are connected in this way, in service to the One, the Divine, of which we are a part, while containing the Whole.


Do not imagine someone else is going to do it for us.

As the Hopi Elders say, “We are the Ones we have been waiting for.”

Are you ready?  Are you in your power?  Do you need help to find the pathway into your authentic self?


The Elders say this is one of the best ways to make safe and sacred passage through these times, (to place awareness in the Three Hearts,) to enter into the Rhythm of Giving and Taking in Harmony with All Life, the cycle of Life, the Sacred Wheel.


I find this to be so.

It is a way of great Beauty.


We are all talking about 2012 and the changes that shall occur.  What are we doing NOW?

This is the time to take action.  The Elders say it is the only time.

To Be. To Become.

To come to true illumination and understanding.

To move away from our wounded and unknowing self.  To find the balance of the true and authentic Self.

We each must find ways to touch into the Joys and Beauty of our own greater life!  Claim them.   

Share them with others.

To create the world we envision, together, for the future.

To assist and escort the unknowing through these times of tribulation and difficult passage.



You will be blessed.


Begin to Create that which you envision for the future.

Many blessings in your journey!!

I look forward to sharing with you upon the Sacred Wheel of Life.

Many blessings,






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1 New Earth:  a phrase used by many, but borrowed here from the work of Tom Kenyon and the Hathors.


2010 Zacciah Blackburn; see copyright notice below


This article is copyright and the property of Zacciah Blackburn.

All rights are reserved.

It may be reproduced in full, without alteration, as long as this acknowledgement and contact information is included:


Zacciah Blackburn is a gifted intuitive, therapist, teacher, and sacred sound channel, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, USA, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.  Zacciah shares authentic trainings in the nature of human consciousness, explorations into the Shamanic worlds of Earth Energies & awareness, and teachings on the nature of sound, and sacred sound practices, as a therapeutic healing modality.  His in depth understanding provides life transforming experiences into the authentic nature, being, and wellness of who we are as spiritual beings.  He is Director of Education at the International Sound Healing Network, & co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing and All One Now Network of organizations working for global peace. See www.thecenteroflight.net for further information.  He also offers musical instruments of sacred sound cultures, & sound healing tools, at www.sunreed.com.



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e-mail:  info@sunreed.com



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In this Program, you will:


  • Learn the latest news from the Maya High Council and other elders, on what to expect in the next few years, regarding the major changes planetarily, and personally.
  • A new, essential practice, recommended, and inspired, by High Elders of the indigenous peoples of the Americas,
  • including the High Council of Maya, to make safe and sacred passage through these times of profound transformation.
  • The elders specifically speak to the nature of this practice as a primary method of coming into Harmony with All Life,
  • entering our essential nature,
  • moving beyond the stress we are experiencing in these times, and making safe and sacred passage through these times of most profound transformation.

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