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What is Happening?  The Act of Creation.  Welcoming Imbolc.

The Crown of Creation, The Diamond Light, The Three Hearts  

Imbolc, Spring, Creation

What is Happening?

Welcoming the Season

We welcome, and invite, the season of Imbolc, the turning of the calendrical days toward spring.It may not seem it, this day of winter storms.

And, while, we of the modern West do not commonly recognize spring til March, our ancestors knew better, and honored this time of Imbolc, as a time of the turning of seasons.  A time when the energies of Earth and Sky are shifting; the sun is more and more warming, the light extending the days, and Earth awakening again, preparing for Renewal.   Even on the coldest of days, if you find a protected place to feel the direct light of sun, you will see that is warming powers are becoming more strong again.

Take a moment to allow it to sink in, to restore and revitalize, and to align you with its phenomenal Wisdom, yes, its phenomenal Wisdom.  All ancient cultures drank in the power of the Sun.  Peoples of the Toltec nation, to this day, for instance, drink in the sun each morning, inviting its Wisdom, taking in its invigorating and restorative power, communing with it at the level of the Heart and Soul; using their hands to literally cup, receive, and drink in its power, joy, and warmth.

If you just step outside and take notice, you will see, also, that, already, the sap is rising, the buds are showing their early reddening, called by the warming sun, the Earth opening, her energies uplifting the joy of that rising blood of the trees and brush.

Take a closer look at the tips of the Sumac, the Willows, and other early budding plants,and you will see this, as well.  It is a beautiful time to welcome in the vitality of the sun.  And to honor the reawakening, and reinvigoration of the Earth, as she stirs from her slumber; even, when it appears otherwise.

In the larger picture of things,

What is happening these days?  Even before Tunisia, Egypt and Arizona, it was quite evident the energies of conscisousness were swelling again, asking us to accentuate our awareness, refine it, tune into what is occurring, and what we, in the larger picture, are being called to do.  Many of us know something is happening.  Unfortunately, many of us are not consciously engaging, in daily efforts, to attune, refine our awareness, and find a place to live in balance within these ever increasing cycles.  These energies are compelling us, and, are compelling those, not able to engage in their luminosity, to act out, more and more.  It is a time to be kind to yourself and others.We are, indeed, in a time of profound transformation.

Even Science is showing us this

And, we will be sharing much of this science in upcoming programs and news.  Science does not understand what is happening, but is actually validating a great deal of the Elders Wisdom through the profound oddities it is reporting, like the giant Gamma Wave fields emitting from the Center of our Galaxy they reported for the first time this last November, 2010.

They do not know they are confirming the prophecies of ancient peoples, as they report the Schumann frequency speeding up, or the oddities of the solar winds invading the space of the Earth.But the Elders are sharing with us what these things mean.

And how important it is that we find sacred ways to attune to the shifting Cosmos, Earth, and Sun, to make room for this Great Transformation, this Great Awakening.


Hopefully most of us reading this will know this by now.That this shift is occurring.

But, for many of us, do we really understand how it is impacting us, individually, and collectively, and how we can better come into harmony and alignment, that we do not create more suffering for ourselves during this time of incredible change?  How can we live, thrive, in a safe and sacred environ, with the turbulence and chaos swirling around us?  How many of us feel the increasing waves that appear stressful to us?  More and more people I speak with all over the world, are telling me how much more stress and anxiety they are feeling in their lives.  It feels as if there are ever increasing demands being placed upon many of us.  Something is definitely happening to cause this.  Yet, it is, actually, very simple to experience the energies as uplifting versus stressful or chaotic.It is, primarily about awareness and belief.  Truly understanding the mechanisms of creativity, and what and how we create the realities in our lives.

There are clear methods for entering or sustaining Balance and Harmony.

Our newsletters have been filled with information about what is happening, and what we can do about.  Recent mails have very specific methods of working coherently with these energies.  You can review many of those here.Our Solar practice, our Affirmations, even the work on how to enter the Three Hearts alignment, all are available on line, even a live interview with the full practice.

The Full Nature of this Work

However, I am not able to transmit by email the full nature of this work, some of the 'higher' or hidden mysteries, nor the transmissions from the Elders and Holy Beings who accompany us, and that occur in the live work.  I had one person, just this past weekend, tell me how the live practice was more compelling, more deeply moving, awakening and fulfilling, than traveling to Peru and partaking in Ayahuasca ceremony with the Elders there.It is a unique opportunity we offer in this work.  And we cannot transmit that by language, because the work takes us into regions beyond language, where the subtle realities unfold.


This weekend, we are offering a compelling new practice, called The Crown of Creation, which is filled with very specific wisdom of Elders of the Indigenous Nations, including the Maya, and others, speaking to these times, the prophecies that they are sharing new wisdom about, and how to enter this time of profound transition in harmony and balance, rather than chaos, stress, and anxiety.  It is simple, because our fundamental nature is in harmony with Creation.  We simply need to find a way to restore our awareness of that.  And, we have been taught to do otherwise.

They say, "It is Time!"

 This weekend, we will be offering very explicit practices to help with this.  Practices intended to enter into what the Elders call living in "Harmony with All Life," or, "Entering into Rhythm of Giving and Taking, in Harmony with All Life."  They are compelling practices, specific to these times, coming from the Elders charged with overseeing the information regarding the Prophecies relating to the Great Changes of this era, we often refer to as "2012."
Moreso, we will be entering compelling new territories regarding high esoteric understandings of the nature of Creation, at both a very cosmic, but, also, a very personal level.  And, we will explore how we can engage in the creative process for our own personal evolution and well being, with the highest intelligences of Creation at our side.

This is not for the faint of heart, nor for those simply curious.  It is for those ready to enter the compelling worlds of true Creation, in harmony with their own highest integrity and inherent wisdom, and that of the Heart of Creation, those forces which bring manifest creation into being.


The Heart Behind the Heart

The Elders and Indigenous Nations speak to the Heart of our Galaxy, and the "Heart behind that Heart," as the Gateway to the Ninth Heaven, or Ninth Dimension, a powerful vortex to enter the heights of our creative potential, and our origins.

These are the mysteries unfolding within this work we speak of as "The Three Hearts."
I cannot share more here.  For, it requires the full spectrum of knowledge and understanding that accompanies this body of wisdom.
I am sharing this information for those who understand they may need to be here, but have not quite heard why;


For those seeking to enter the highest realms of their own Creative Potential, for those seeking to find methodology to enter Harmonious states during these times which may APPEAR full of obscuration (obstruction,) for those ready to enter their highest potential, to explore the place of their origin, for those ready to assist the Earth, and the Cosmos during this compelling time of Great Transformation, we welcome you into the service this weekend shall provide for such wisdom to unfold.

Many blessings to all,

Special prayers to those in Egypt, may they find the pathway to self determination,

as we ask for all peoples on this planet.

Many blessings




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     Practices in VT, MA, CA, CAD, upcoming~

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    Imbolc, Spring, Creation What is Happening?

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