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Science, Spirituality & Sound 
The New England Sound Healing Research Institute (NESHRI)
Third Annual Conference on Sound Healing 

at the Rowe Camp & Conference Center, Rowe, MA  
Friday November 17,  thru  Sunday November 19, 2006

(Image Credit:  Harmonic "soundform" from Cymatics:
A Study of Wave Phenomena and Vibration © 2001 MACROmedia
Used by Permission. www.cymaticsource.com )


Volunteer and Sales Information
Volunteer Information

We are in need of volunteers to assist with the conference, from setup and breakdown, to registration of new members, teacher assistance, our information table, and more. 
Please speak to us if you have interest in volunteering.
We do not have the ability to offer assistance with conference costs this year, but can consider free memberships or other forms of compensation for your service. 
We are also looking for assistants to help upgrade our new website, and our webmaster and Director of Content Management, Ben Sheppard will be offering tutorials in the networking area for those interested in assisting in this work, (not web designg, just content "migration" (cut and paste, primarily!).

Sales Information
We are interested in working with vendors with quality items for sale, especially those with sound/music healing related items.  Tables are available 6-8', for $40 each for NESHRI members, and $60 each for non-members.  If not planning on attending a conference, we will need permission from Rowe, and an additional fee.
Musicians & others with CD's can rent a table, or leave their CD's on a community CD sales table, though you are responsible for your own sales and property.  A commission of 20% will be required to NESHRI for such CD sales.

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