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An Initiation in the Art of Personal Power :
Working with the Sacred Landscape
and Ancient sites of PERU
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An Initiation in the Art of Personal Power :
Working with the Sacred Landscape and Ancient sites of PERU

An exclusive program with the Peruvian Mystic
Juan Nunez del Prado

   sponsored by
The Center of Light

July 3-15, or September 30- Oct 12, 2006

                                                  Itinerary for our 2006 trips
Day 1  July 3 or Sept 30                      U.S. / Lima
                                          Depart U.S. in the afternoon with evening connection to
                                          the international flight and arrival in Lima early on morning of July 4 or Oct 1.
Day 2, July 4 or Oct 1                     Lima / Cuzco
                                          Early morning flight to Cuzco. Arrival in Cuzco and transfer to
                                          Hotel Libertador; rest of the day is free to rest and adjust to
                                          altitude; late afternoon Introductory Meeting with Juan, group
Day 3                      Cuzco : Karpay Ayni
                                          The first day of the Ritual Initiation begins in the
                                          city’s Cathedral, followed by several rituals and finally the
                                          Karpay Ayni in Ilyapata, an ancient and powerful sacred
                                          site above Cuzco. From there we move to Amaru Machay, the
                                          Serpent Cave, to work with our personal past. After a group
                                          lunch in one of Cuzco’s favorite spots, we travel to Lake
                                          Huakarpay, to connect with the spirit of Huascar Inka in the
                                          underworld. Evening free.
Day 4                     Sacred Valley
                                          Early morning departure by bus to the Sacred Valley of the
                                          Incas; we begin by visiting the ruins of Pisaq, where we work
                                          with water and sun energy; from there on to Urubamba for
                                          lunch and in the afternoon to Ollantaytambo, one of the oldest
                                          and most picturesque villages from Inca times, with its famous
                                          staircase leading to an important temple above. We complete
                                          our day’s work with a beautiful wind-ritual at the top of the
                                          temple. Before checking into La Posada del Inca in Yucay, we
                                          visit  the internationally known ceramic artist Pablo Seminario
                                          in his studio in Urubamba.

Day 5                     Machu Picchu
                                          Early morning departure by train from Ollantaytambo for
                                          Aguas Calientes, at the foot of Machu Picchu; check-in at
                                          Pueblo Hotel, followed by an early group lunch in the village.
                                          In the afternoon we make our first visit to Machu Picchu to
                                          work with the very special energies of the ancient citadel,
                                          including the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Condor, the
                                          Sun Temple and the Pachamama Stone, among others.
Day 6                Machu Picchu / Huayna Picchu
                                          Leaving the hotel early, we perform a brief ritual at the
                                          Pachamama Stone before beginning our hike into the belly
                                          of Huayna Picchu ( adjacent to Machu Picchu), also known
                                          as the Temple of the Moon. There we work with the female
                                          energy of the Pachamama Cave and then with the male
                                          energy of the Inka Cave. (The niches in this cave hold
                                          original cuyas – sacred stones – from Inca times.)
                                          We return to Aguas Calientes in the early afternoon and meet
                                          for a group dinner later on.
Day 7                   Machu Picchu
                                         This morning we return to the ancient Citadel for further rituals
                                         The rest of the day is free for participants to walk around the
                                         temples, meditate, write and talk to the llamas and alpacas who
                                         live in Machu Picchu. Group dinner in Aguas Calientes,     
                                         followed by an optional water ritual in the famous hot springs.
Day 8                       Aguas Calientes / Cuzco
                                         After a late breakfast, we meet at the Wilcanusta River below
                                         the hotel for a beautiful water ceremony related to the    
                                         development of our personal power. After some free time for
                                         meditating by the water or shopping, we meet for lunch in
                                         the village before we board our train for Cuzco. Transfer
                                         to the Hotel Libertador and evening free.
Day 9                  Cuzco
                                          Leaving at a comfortable time in the morning, we visit the
                                          Incas’ most important Sun Temple, the Coricancha, in the
                                          heart of Cuzco, Tambo Machay for a ritual related to life after
                                          life. After a group lunch, we prepare for a bazaar with the
                                          Q’ero, who offer their handmade mesa cloths, cuyas, jewelry,
                                          beaded caps and much more for sale. At the conclusion of
                                          the bazaar, our group distributes the gifts we brought for them
                                          from our countries. The afternoon and evening are free.
Day 10                    Tipon
                                         We leave in the morning by bus for several beautiful rituals
                                         connected with the female energy of this well-preserved and
                                         recently restored Inca water temple. After lunch en-route,
                                         we return to Cuzco. The evening is free.
Day 11                   Raqchi / Cuzco
                                         We leave Cuzco early to visit the haunting Wiraqocha Temple
                                         in Raqchi where the Incas selected their emperors; this is
                                         the site of the crowning ritual where the official Initiation
                                         into the Andean Tradition ends with a powerful ceremony
                                         at one of the most sacred religious sites of the Inca empire.
                                         After a picnic lunch on the shores of the Wilkanusta River, we
                                         return to Cuzco for a farewell dinner in one of city’s most
                                         famous restaurants.
Day 12, July 14 or Oct 11                 Cuzco / Lima
                                         After an early breakfast we transfer to the airport for our short
                                         flight to Lima. Here we board a coach for a 45-minute ride       
                                         to Pachacamaq, an ancient and mysterious city by the sea,
                                         inhabited by the Incas and previous civilizations. Juan will talk
                                         about its history and significance and lead us in rituals related to
                                         Pachacamaq’s energy.
                                         We return to Lima for a very late lunch in a beautiful restaurant
                                         overlooking the Pacific Ocean to celebrate our time together
                                         and to toast to our collective well-being.
                                         In the early evening we transfer back to the airport to check in
                                         for our U.S.-bound flights.
Day 13, July 15 or Oct 12              U.S. / Home Destinations
                                         We arrive stateside early in the morning and connect to our
                                          home cities.
Zacciah may not accompany this particular series of journeys to Peru. 
Juan and his son Ivan are the primary teachers in the Andean excursions, and will be your hosts.
 Breakfast will be served at the hotel each morning. On most days, lunch will be the other meal provided by your hosts.
You will be our guests for our farewell dinner on the last day in Cuzco and for a late lunch in Lima on the day of departure.

Click on the following links for information on:
Introduction and Costs, PERU Hatun Karpay 2006
Registration form, PERU Hatun Karpay 2006

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