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"That which you seek, is not outside of you!"  

Awakening the Heart
Liberating the Essence of our Being
Living in the Ocean of Consciousness

April 24-25, 2010

at the International Institute for Integrated Human Sciences
(&, the Spiritual Science Fellowship)
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
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A program to develop real awakening and discernment through the heart,
of the nature of who we are,
why we are here,
and how to live in these times of profound transformation,
through heart based awareness and authentic Being

This program is offered, in part, in support of the World Sound Healing and All One Now
networks of organizations working for world peace and understanding, see below
A portion of the proceeds goes directly to the World Sound project to support these efforts.

The Heart is the seat of the Creative Matrix within us. 

Some cultures would say it is the seat of Consciousness, or the Mind.  The elders of some indigenous nations would tell us we must live from the heart, place our awareness in the heart, and use it as the guiding principal of our being.

The mystery of the nature of our creative potential has been both hidden, and misunderstood.
We are living in the time of the re-awakening, the re-alignment, and rekindling of harmony of the Divine Feminine at all levels of our consciousness. 

Though many of us understand, and utilize the heart as guide to our happiness and well being, the deeper mysteries of the matrix of Creation may not yet be fully understood or enlivened.
When fully enlivened, this seat of deep grace can be utilized as a profound well of creative potential, nourishment, and well being. 

For many of us, there is yet profound pain, suffering, grief, or fear hindering our heart centered consciousness.
The fear of entering new relationships, of living in autonomy, of discovering our true power, and so many pathways of heart centered awareness hinder our growth and fulfillment as human beings, not to mention as Divine Beings.

Some cultures state distinctly, that purification of the heart, and hindrances, or encumbrances (obscurations) of the heart, must be clarified in order to enter true understanding, awakening, or Liberation.
Often, the liberators of ancient cultures' practices appear as sword bearers, or even demonic appearing figures.
These, however, often are masks or tools for great enlightenment and liberation.
This might be compared to the Hindu concept of the need for the death of the ego, calling into play, the power of the Divine Mother Kali, who can transform all that hinders our full awakening, if we simply offer to her our shadows, our demons, our encumbrances or obscurations.

We shall explore many levels of what holds us back, as well as the power of allies of the soul, to enter grace, find the true tools of compassion that both transform and nourish the heart, and liberate us without suffering, pain, or fear, from the illusions that keep us from true sight, knowing, or being.

Modern science brings clarity to the importance of creating and holding coherent states of emotion, which further nourish our well being.

Wisdom cultures speak distinctly to the need to reduce the pollutants or illusions of our perception, based on our belief systems, experiences, and expectations.  In various language, they speak to the need to enter 'permeated' states of consciousness, which link in to the primordial void, the Tao of emptiness, the womb of primordial Creation. 
We shall enter explicit practices of 'permeation', releasing our belief systems which structure our current reality, to see fresh and new, with perceptions from within the Heart, the Chalice of Repose, and see into the vast wilderness of the Divine Mother, the Creatrix, to renew and restore balance, harmony, and connectivity to the most ancient being-ness, and invigorate our abilities to live today in this Ocean of Consciousness, which the Primordial Mother is, or represents.

Our work involves sacred sound practices, in which we align with the wisdom keepers, the lineage carriers, of the ancient wisdom traditions through which we explore inner states of consciousness.
Through Sacred Sound Transmissions, we receive imprints and templates, or seeds of consciousness, which awaken and enliven our true knowing.

We shall, in the end, carry this work into the world, in our own practices together, but, moreso, in our everyday lives, to see more distinctly how we can live and thrive, in safety and well being, in the world today, from a place of renewed Awakened Heart and a living sense of Living Consciousness in everything we greet in our lives.

This work is based upon the ancient wisdom teachings of mystery societies, such as the Tibetan Bon and Buddhist traditions, Egyptian mysticism, esoteric Christian and Hindu traditions, and the teachings of many wisdom cultures of the indigenous societies of the world, especially the Americas, which Zacciah is steeped in, from over 40 years of study, experience, and initiation.  More importantly, Zacciah has received direct lineage transmissions from master teachers in these fields of understanding, and brings forward those direct lineage connections in this work, which both guide and direct us, and enhances the experience of all participants who come with an open heart to learn and perceive directly through the Veils of the Hidden Mysteries.

Most participants find the work profound, moving, and life transforming, often stating it is the most transformative experience of their lives.

Come explore and experience the re-awakening of the heart of compassion, of joy, of beauty, of gratitude.  Many blessings.

Cost & Logistics * Registration
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 Registration, Accomodations, Directions, and Meal Information


This program takes place in the
exquisite City Centre of Montreal;
take a retreat, re-invigorate and nurture oneself.
There are numerous local attractions, cathedrals, spas, fine restaurants, shopping, and more.

Notre Dame Montreal

Saturday, April 24, Sunday, April 25, 2010
10 AM - 6 PM
Sat;   11 AM - 5 PM Sun.

   Program Cost
If registered and paid by April 1:
$175. for IIIHS/SSF members, $195. for non-members;
After April 1:  $205. For members, $225. for non-members
All Funds CAD


Register with IIIHS/SSF offices:
Hosted by Spiritual Science Fellowship (SSF) /
The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences
1974 de Maisonneuve West (ground floor),
Montreal, QC  H3H 1K5   Canada

Information:    Contact for
Phone: (514) 937-8359 Fax: (514) 937-5380
(Office open from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Mon. thru Sat.)

Non-profit affiliation
All One Now
A portion of the proceeds of this program goes to the World Sound Healing and All One Now Network, a project of Spectrum Arts and Education
for Peace, Inc, a 5013(c) non-profit incorporation working toward world peace, tolerance and understanding between peoples of the Earth, and dissemination of knowledge and wisdom of diverse teachings and modalities of understanding of the world, of the greater nature of things.
See for more information and numerous free podcasts from leading wisdom teachers of the world.
ANY additional contribution you wish to make to this project is tax deductible.

Meals are not included in this program.
Volumes of quality restaurants abound in the nearby streets of this bustling city.

Directions are below

You can web search Hotels in City Centre Montreal for numerous fine lodging possibilities, or call the Center of recommendations of hotels very close.

Local Restaurants are plentiful.
You can choose to bring your own lunch, travel as a group, or individuals to area restaurants.
We will advise you of those during the program.


The program is offered at the Spiritual Science Fellowship (SSF) and
The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences
(IIIHS), at 1974 de Maisoneuve West, the corner of DuFort st, Montreal.  Please call the center of directions or google/mapquest it:
Contact for Registration or
Phone: (514) 937-8359 Fax: (514) 937-5380
(Office open from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Mon. thru Sat.)


   The pathway to entering and sustaining illuminated states of awareness

With Master Sound Healer & Intuitive Guide
Zacciah Blackburn
Information:                802.674.9585

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