PROGRAM ITINERARY, Registration, & Details:  EGYPT:  10.10.10
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10.10.10.EGYPT:  PROGRAM ITINERARY    (click here, or scroll down)

A 2 Week Tour of Ancient Sites, with Private Initiations
Into the Living Mysteries of Creation
Using Adept Practices of Esoteric Understanding, with Sacred Sound
To Embody the New Awakening of Humanity
Hathor, Nut, roof temple

It has been Spoken;
It shall be shown

October 2-17, 2010

 General Information on the program   *   Itinerary   *   Cost, Details on the program *    Contact for Registration

All days full accommodation!
Some itinerary details may change, but we fully expect to include all listed components.

Day 01: Arrive in Cairo, meet and greet at Cairo airport. Transfer to the fine quality Le Meridien Hotel.
Evening Gathering.   Dinner at Barry’s restaurant overlooking pyramids.

Day 02: Camel ride to Giza plateau. Visit the Valley temple and private practice between the Sphinx’s paws.
Time on Giza Plateau.

Afternoon for integration, time adjustment, enjoy the services of the Hotel, (pool/spa) possible shopping or other activities.
Late Afternoon or early evening private room in the hotel for private practice, about 2 hours.
Day 03: Visit Dahsure and Saqqara.
Afternoon or early evening private room in the hotel for private practice,
about 2 hours.
Day 04: Fly to Aswan, Transfer to Movenpick Aswan Hotel on its island. Visit Elephantine Island via Felucca boats.
Afternoon or early evening private room in the hotel for private practice, about 2 hours.
Day 05: Check out of hotel, Philae Temple and Felucca rides. Check in Nile Cruise, have lunch, and visit the Aswan market.
Afternoon or early evening private room on the cruise for private practice, about 2 hours, as we depart Aswan.
Day 06: Visit Kom Ombu and Edfu.
Cruise the Nile.  Private room for practice on Cruise

Day 07: Visit Karnak temple in the morning. Sekhmet temple (if open. It is currently closed for renovations.) Lunch on Nile Cruise.
Luxor market. Luxor temple in the evening. Dinner on board Cruise.
Day 08: Check out of Nile Cruise. Full day in Abydos
Private time in Abydos
Day 09: Drive to Dendara. Full day in Dendara..
Private time in Dendara.  10.10.10 Ceremonies.
Day 10: Fly from Luxor to Cairo. Drive from Cairo to Bahariyah Oasis. Free evening in Bahariyah Oasis.
Private time in the Oasis for practices, including starlit journeys, any of next three days/evenings.
Day 11: Visit White, black desert, Mushroom rock, and crystal mountain.  Earth Energies work.
Day 12: Visit Natural Springs and bathe in them. Visit the city of Bahariyah and enjoy the local tour of the city.   
Private practice time in the desert           
Day 13: Drive from the White Desert to Cairo. Check in Hotel Le Meridian, Giza.
Afternoon or early evening private room in the hotel for private practice, about 2 hours.
Day 14: Visit Giza Plateau, Private time in the Great Pyramid. 1 hour practice time, each, in Queen's and King's Chambers.

Visit perfume factory or other area stores.
Day 15: Visit the Egyptian Museum.  Free time to relax, shop, possible access to the Giza plateau (pyramids, sphinx), utilize guest services at our luxury Le Meridien Hotel. 
Common dinner in a typical Arabic restaurant

Private time for closing the tour in a private room in the hotel

Day 16: After breakfast, departure Cairo. Transfer to the airport.
Blessings on your journeys home.


Great Sphinx, Egypt

Isis in Abydos

Sekhmet, in Chapel, Karnak, Egypt

Isis Bearing Gifts to Horus, Abydos, Egypt


Great Pyramids, Giza, Egypt

  General Information on the program  *  Itinerary   *   Cost, Details on the programContact for Registration

Details, Costs, Registration

This program is hosted by our dear friend and colleague in Switzerland:
Viola Stollenmaier 
  You may speak to her or our offices to answer all questions on cost, registration, and details on the travel of the program.
Our tour guides in Egypt are the highly respected Guardian Travel.

As of 9.19.10, the Cost for new registrants is $5125.US,
all inclusive** in Egypt
based on double occupancy
    ** (does not include airfare to/from Egypt.)
    Does INCLUDE:  from landing at the Cairo airport, until departing, program includes:
     all transfers, lodging, cruises, air fare in Egypt,
    admissions, and meals (except for final day, 1 private lunch time.)
    There may, at this time, be an additional fee if you request Pyramid facing hotel rooms,
     and for private room (single occupancy.)

    Our Guardian Travel hosts will, with great care, respect, and efficiency, guide us through Customs with ease, and, to each destination, they insure safe passage of ourselves, and all baggage, and affect a pleasant and joyous excursion through all physical aspects of the tour.  Their personal friendships extend into the keepers of the finest local cuisines and hidden treasure shops, etc.

    Deutsch Interpretor: 
    This program will not have Deutsch Interpretation, but fully offered in English.

    Ananda Marker has been talking to Stones and other Living Beings since childhood.
    She is an established practitioner in the shamanic and healing arts in her own right, and has been interpreting
    Zacciah's work for over 7 years in her beloved Motherland. 
    Published author, artist, vocalist, sound therapist, esoteric practitioner,
    she brings rich insight and direct understanding into the work,
    flavoring it with her unique heartfelt joy and humor.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    These women bring a rich diversity, joyous community, and healing hearts and hands
    to this already golden practice.
    In deep gratitude, we honor what they offer, as well.
    They will both deepen this experience, in bringing the group alive,
     insuring all personal needs are met, all voices heard,
    and assisting in creating a collaborative community of souls to honor and cherish each other,
    and the depth of intent we pursue.
    Our Program Host:
    Contact & Registration
    for registration in N. America, contact our offices:
    Julie Jones, Office Manager

    for information in Deutsch, for cost, registration in Europe and elsewhere, or questions on program details, please contact our host.  Viola speaks FLUENT ENGLISH, so our English speaking participants can easily register, with her, also!

       Viola Stollenmaier 
    +41 52 763 11 02
    Her website:
    Information in Deutsch on this and
    other programs Zacciah offers in Europe,
    throughout the year, are here:

    In 2007,  I created an entity called „HOUSE TATATONGA“. It is an open house for all people who are on their personal way. There are no spiritual limitations here, all souls are welcome by my heart.

    The word „TATATONGA“ is a Mongolian word and means "to be in connection or communication with somebody, not speaking the language of this person."

     „HOUSE TATATONGA“ is a space for people to be on their path by heart.

     In this soul-port I am supprting people with shamanic ceremonies, wisdom and knowing, also with energetic work.

    For 15 years, I am offering ceremonial journeys to power spots around the world. The base of this journeys is „ back to nature, reconnecting to the four elements, back to the roots of simplicity."  Our programs are offered mostly in the Tunisian Sahara, Egypt and the Sinai, Mongolia and Ecuador.

    I am inviting people with special gifts and talents from other countries and continents to share their wisdom and knowing with the European people.

    Zacciah is a welcome part of our tradition!






      General Information on the program   *   Itinerary   *
      Cost, Details
    on the program *    Contact for Registration

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