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Join Zacciah Blackburn & Dorothy Stone Zacciah BlackburnDorothy Stone
in these powerful transformative programs
in evolutionary consciousness and
World Healing Service
This Program is offered in the beautiful
SpiritFire Retreat Center
Leyden, MA
IMBOLC                            .

Friday - Sunday,
February 3-5, 2017
with an optional 4th day, Monday, Feb 6
All meals and housing included  
 Prior Experience w/ Zacciah is Mandatory
General Information Logistics  *  Cost and Registration  *   Location & Directions 

Heaven and Earth: 
Remembering the Tone
The Voices
Our Origins and Destiny

ced Studies with the Sidhe
our Allies of the Earth Realms,
and those of the Subtle
Star & Sky Realms
Wirococca, Peru
Where are we truly from
Why are we truly here

Please read carefully, mindfully.
The words are precise.

 Clarifying the self as a vehicle and transport of Light,
we shall access pure states of the Heavenly Realms
through the Wisdom Template embedded in our Consciousness.
We shall use this to align with the Pure Matrix of Heaven on Earth,
 implementing, integrating, embodying the Principles of Light,
in our physical, mental, emotional, and luminous spiritual being.
Access and Integration are the two sides of the Wisdom Path we embody,
activating Male and Female principles of Consciousness,
which are beneficial to our well being, and in determining our path as we walk.
View and Conduct.
We then establish a fluid yet dynamic connection to the Earth,
the Earth grid, & the the Matrix of Life,
through Her embodiment,
to do our work, what we have come here to do,
Infusing the Highest Principles of Light into our field, and into the Matrix,
we utilize the principles of the Crystalline Matrix within this work,
to amplify our pristine, Crystalline connection with All Life.
By activating the Principle of Light, and Life,
we enter right view, which determines right action or conduct,
which then turns the cycle again to right view.
And, on the wheel turns in balance and harmonic implementation.

Breathe this in, then prepare to enhance the Earth.

Earth, crystal grid

World Service
Once we have established integration of the pristine nature of Light and Life
within our field,
we enter World Service.
Our intent and focus is to
connect, commune, draw, invoke, invite,
as we immerse and embody
the Light Principle into the Crystalline Matrix of Earth,
infusing ever greater Hope for Humanity, into the crystalline essence of Earth.
With Grace, Sanctity, and Trust, we enter the next evolutionary stage of this work.
The focal point will be not unlike the connective principles we have used in our
LionsGate and Tunisian practices,
aligning with, and invoking the Heart of the Crystalline Matrix of the Earth,
to receive our prayers in alignment with the Highest Templates of
Pure Conscisousness of the subtle sky and star realms.
These may appear as the Worlds above and below, and yet they are
templates of Consciousness residing within us.
Those whom have participated in this work,
are some of our most advanced practitioners,
whom understand and experience each practice as a higher evolution of the last.
Each participant whom has experienced this work in the past, will assist all others in anchoring and support of this evolutionary work in this key fragmented time, to re-create stability,
harmony, and focus in the Earth Matrix,
for all of us to do our work.

Dorothy and I are in the process of entering relationship for ceremony
with the elders of Teotihuacan & Maya,
and may well be travelling there immediately after this practice to
the Crystalline Template of Harmony for All Humanity, created by our Star Ancestors in pre-historic times, in Teotihuacan.
This will be a catalyst in service to that.
And drawing upon that Template within our own work here, may be paramount to that continuity.
Those whom are called and compelled to come to this work now,
will discover the inherent quality
of Light within, empowered to step forward within our own template of Knowing and Power,
to accelerate these Principles of Light within, but within the Crystalline Matrix itself.

Let us begin.

Coming prepared to enter our essence,
integration of the Principles of Light into our everyday living patterns
will be accelerated as a primary focus in the first stages of the practice.
Through these practices, having established keen relationship with the
Celestial Guardians and Keepers of Knowledge and Wisdom,
within the Alliances of Earth and Sky realms,
and Allying with those of the Earth Kingdoms,
we bring our own complex of informed Wisdom and Intent
to fuse and infuse these Principles within the Temple Sanctuary of the Earth,
for the benefit of all residing here,
heightening our own awareness and receptiviity, even within our own bodies.
It is time.

This is a 3 day retreat,
we begin Friday at lunch,
We start the practice at 2 pm;
we continue until Sunday 4 pm

We offer an optional 4th day, for those whom want to go deeper,
giving valuable time for greater integration and reflection.
This will include time with Zacciah and Dorothy
for processing the experience, individually, within the group,
as well as group contemplation, and further unity service.
We expect to offer at least two more
integrative and world healing practices;
We will continue through Monday lunch, and end approximately 3 PM Monday.

General Information Logistics  *  Cost and Registration  *   Location & Directions

In Preparation for the practice, please contemplate:

What are the nature and essence of those realms?
How do we access them?
What stands in our way?
New approach, same essential truths.
What guides and teachers are ready to assist us,
known and unknown.
Be ready for something life altering.

Collaboration with and commitment to establish these channels to assist us
in our growth and evolution
 is paramount to this practice.

Advanced Level Studies,
Fri, Sat, Sun,
Feb 3-5, 2017
With an optional 4th day,
through Mon, Feb 6
for deeper penetration and integration.

We invite you to our next level of Advanced Studies, Feb 3-5, 2017 (Friday through Sunday,) with an option for one additional day through Monday, Feb 6.

This is a private invitation, and a private page not available to the public.

The Advanced Level Studies have been a remarkable vehicle of accelerated learning and being, for those participating, as the group is composed of hand selected participants who have shown themselves adept at entering this work.  The 'group mind' that occurs through common focus creates an accelerated field to enter heightened states.

We welcome you into our next program.
There is no commitment to additional programs in order to attend this one.

Feb 3-5, 2017 (Friday through Sunday,)
            with an optional additional day through Monday, Feb 6.

Program times:  12:30 Lunch on Friday through 4 PM on Sunday.
                              Optional day through 3 PM on Monday

Very limited attendance.
Response requested by December 1.

All meals, snacks, and lodging included in cost.
Steve and Tim at SpiritFire are highly revered for their incredibly nourishing and aesthetic meals, tailored to your special needs.

Program cost
Housing with meals: $695.   Friday lunch through Sunday 4 PM.
    double occupancy, single not available
Commuter rates, $620., with 3 meals a day included.
Monday $230 with full accommodations, from 6 PM Sunday until 3 PM Monday
               $195 commuting

A $300 non-refundable deposit will hold your space, with payment in full by Jan 5.
Registration is a commitment to attend and no refunds are granted.
There is very limited enrollment in this program.


Deposit Only $300.
  PayPal Payment, w/ Housing & meals    Commuter PayPal Payment, no housing but with all meals
Balance due Jan 5

Pay deposit now, contact us for payment completion later
Advanced Retreat with Housing and Meals
click below for 3 or 4 day options
Advanced Retreat Commuting
with meals
click below for 3 or 4 day options

  • ONLINE:  You may either follow the Paypal link to register, or you may register via this link for secure on line registration,
    • (this link may change with our new web site opening in Novermber, contact us if an issue.)
  • MAIL OR FAX:  you may print and mail or fax in this form with appropriate check or credit card information.  
      • Fax  802.674.9586
  • EMAIL:  You may contact us by email with you contact information, and we will contact you for registration.
  • PHONE:  You may call our offices Mon-Fri 11:30 am til 4 PM ET to register with credit card.   802.674.9585
We are a registered Adult Continuing Education Provider with the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC).    VSAC adult ed. funding may be available for qualified residents of Vermont.
Similar funds may be available to residents in other states.
***Finalized Arrangements with VSAC are accepted as payment for services.  

***Registration, once payment is accepted, is a commitment to attend, and Follow All Guidelines
Registration and Cancellation policies listed do apply.

Location and Logistics
The 95 pristine acres and retreat center complex of the SpiritFire Retreat Center
407 West Leyden Road
Leyden, Massachusetts 01337

We HIGHLY recommend using the SpiritFire directions vs. GPS, which take you out of the way!

The Center is near Greenfield MA & Brattleboro, VT

--bus, trains available to Greenfield/Deerfield, MA, or Brattleboro, VT
Closest major airport is Hartford, CT (Bradlee/BDL), though Manchester, NH, Boston, MA, Albany NY, and Burlington VT are also good choices.
For internationsl travel, there is good train & bus service to the region from NYC, and Boston, MA airports.

YOU MAY COME EARLY OR STAY LATE for an additional fee.  
SpiritFire will assist with transportation from Greenfield, MA, Brattleboro, VT, and when possible, Springfield MA or Hartford CT Bradlee Airport.  A fee may apply.

spirit fire conference center
Luxurious Natural and organically oriented meals are included.
Please let us know of you have any food allergies or senstivities at the time of registraion.

Housing is part of the program cost, in new dormitories, which are arranged  as doubles (two twin beds per room,) shared private bathrooms, which are arranged to share 2-4 per bathroom.


For further information & additional workshops contact
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light
PO Box 389, Hidden Glen Road               
Ascutney, VT 05030 USA
Phone: 802
-674-9585;  Fax: 802-674-95856
E-mail:  admin@sunreed.com

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